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Ecological Sciences (Research Page)

Ecological Sciences (ES) is a multi-disciplinary group of over 80 researchers with a unique breadth of scientific expertise, skills and knowledge in the ecology, physiology and systematics of microbes, lichens, fungi, plants, inve ... Read more

Entrepreneurial push for futuristic indoor farming in Scotland (News)

The James Hutton Institute and vertical farming entrepreneurs Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) have agreed on plans to establish a futuristic farming facility at the Institute’s site in Invergowrie near Dundee. It is pre ... Read more

Safeguard our soils to sustain our way of life, Hutton scientists say (News)

Scientists at the James Hutton institute have welcomed the findings of a report published by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on the health of UK soils. Soil is of fundamental importance to society yet remains ... Read more

Water ecosystems reference book now available from UNESCO (News)

The potential of ecosystem services-based approaches for sustainable water resource management has been highlighted in a book co-edited by researchers from the University of Leeds, the James Hutton Institute, the James Cook Univer ... Read more

Building mycological capacity for sustainable resource management in Laos (News)

A research project that aims to develop mycological capacity and promote sustainable resource management in the Lao People's Democratic Republic has made significant progress, with two researchers from the National University ... Read more

Brazil-UK partnership to improve energy and food security through nitrogen fixation (News)

Scientists in Brazil and the UK are joining forces to help solve urgent food and energy security issues in South America's most populous country, by establishing a virtual centre that will investigate how to reduce the use of ... Read more

Feed the world, help the environment and make great beer: beans can really do it all (News)

Imagine a crop that you can use to help secure sufficient food for a growing global population, benefit the environment and brew fantastic beer. There is one – several in fact: pulses. The James Hutton Institute has joined f ... Read more

Scientists investigate potential of plant traits and intercropping to reduce reliance on fertilisers (News)

Ongoing research by the James Hutton Institute, Rothamsted Research and Lancaster University is shedding light into the dark world of roots and soils, by focusing on the potential of plants to harness the phosphorus (P) already pr ... Read more

Working together for better outcomes – guidance notes now available (News)

The organisers of a workshop in which organisations from all across the UK came together to discuss better collaboration when tackling interdisciplinary research have published a body of guidance notes, intended to supply advice a ... Read more

James Hutton Group awarded £22.8m for agriculture, food and environment research (News)

Scotland will remain at the forefront of ground-breaking advances in farming and food production as a result of continued Scottish Government funding for scientific research, Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead has said. Mo ... Read more

LEAF Technical Day for Farmers 9 June 2016 (Page)

The Institute and LEAF will hold a Technical Day for farmers on 9 June 2016 at Balruddery Farm near Dundee. See below for flyer, invite and contacts. Latest ... See LEAF's blog on the event ..... featuring Euan Caldwell ... Read more

Sowing the Seeds of the Next Green Revolution (Event)

How can mankind meet the challenges of achieving food and fuel security in a growing world without destroying the planet? Come and hear emerging ideas on how to use plants to sustainably produce food, fuels and chemicals while mit ... Read more

Sustainability under the spotlight at symposium (News)

Work carried out at the James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee aiming to tackle environmental challenges will be explored at a conference next week. The Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR) w ... Read more

UK-China science to policy dialogue on water security and resources (News)

Leading UK and Chinese environmental scientists are taking part in a Science to Policy Roundtable in Beijing this week to discuss issues surrounding water resources and governance for water security. ... Read more

UK-India link-up to tackle food security challenges through nitrogen fixation (News)

Scientists in India and the UK are joining forces to help solve urgent food security issues in the Asian country by establishing a virtual centre that will investigate how to reduce the use of fertilisers and engineer nitrogen fix ... Read more

UK increasingly 'outsourcing' environmental impacts of its food supply (News)

A new study from researchers at the James Hutton Institute, the University of Aberdeen, the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health and the Alpen-Adria University in Vienna shows that the UK’s food self-sufficiency has decr ... Read more

€8m European funding success for James Hutton Institute (News)

As Scotland’s Year of Innovation approaches, scientists at the James Hutton Institute have demonstrated that they have plenty to shout about on the innovation front, and not just in 2016. This week the Institute has reached ... Read more

Staff and Students (Research Page)

Staff For students, follow the link here: Students ... Read more

From domestication to intensification: a history of agriculture in Scotland (News)

Will intensification continue to degrade soils and even start to drive down output? Is our food supply now too vulnerable to external influence – disruption by global terrorism, variation in world cereal harvests, future pho ... Read more

New Hydro Nation International Fellows Programme launched in India (News)

As part of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation International Programme, which promotes Scotland’s response to key global water challenges, The Scottish Government and The Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) have a ... Read more

Genomics, Gene Discovery and Genome Editing in Crops (Event)

Diverse climatic and geographical zones in Peru are home to a great variety of crops (e.g., potatoes, quinoa, asparagus, and coffee). Recent advances in genomics and biotechnology offer great potential to address biotic and abioti ... Read more

New UK-China research collaboration on food security and agriculture (News)

Two UK research institutes have announced a Centre-Centre research collaboration on food security and agriculture with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The memorandum of agreement involve the UK’s Centre for E ... Read more

International Barley Hub (Page)

Barley is one of Scotland's most important crops and a fundamental component of many key industries, but yet remains a little-known harvest. This is surprising considering how important and influential Scotland's brewing a ... Read more

Outreach (Research Page)

The output of our research is available through a number of outlets from formal scientific peer-reviewed articles, conferences proceedings and governmental reports, radio and TV appearances to brochures and leaflets as well as &ld ... Read more

Our Science (Research Page)

... Read more

Research Facilities (Research Page)

... Read more

Hutton scientists investigate unique flavour of seaweed delicacy (News)

In a collaboration with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS), scientists at the James Hutton Institute are investigating the basis of the peppery flavour of the seaweed pepper dulse (Osmundea pinnatifida). The unique ... Read more

AfricaYam: breeding resilience and productivity into a key African crop (News)

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute are joining forces with colleagues from African research organisations in a drive to enhance the productivity of yam, a staple crop in Western Africa. ... Read more

Dinnet Constructed Wetland Open Day (Event)

The James Hutton Institute will host this one-day seminar on constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment. The morning session will consist of a series of short talks on various aspects of constructed wetlands including overall e ... Read more

Biotechnology research essential to solve global issues (News)

Following the announcement made by the Scottish Government about a ban on growing genetically modified crops in Scotland, researchers at the James Hutton Institute have said at this year’s Potatoes in Practice event that bio ... Read more

Stable isotopes and P cycling in the soil/plant system (Event)

In this seminar, hosted by Courtney Giles and Tim George from our Ecological Sciences group, ​Dr Federica Tamburini (ETH Zurich) will discuss a novel technique that uses oxygen stable isotopes to investigate the P cycle in ... Read more

Togolese delegates take first steps towards developing links with Dundee researchers (News)

Top-level academics from the University of Lomé in Togo and the Togolese Ambassador to the UK visited the James Hutton Institute’s Dundee site this week as part of a four day visit which also included Abertay Universi ... Read more

Scientists launch Dundee Medal Lecture series in plant root research (News)

A group of researchers from the James Hutton Institute in Dundee held the first of a ten-year series of lectures at the cutting edge of science below our feet, to coincide with 2015 as the International Year of Soils. ... Read more

New reference book in water ecosystem services (News)

The potential of ecosystem services-based approaches for sustainable water resource management has been highlighted in a new book co-edited by researchers from the James Hutton Institute and UNESCO. The book is published by Cambri ... Read more

China-UK dialogue on science, policy and food security (News)

In order to ensure food security for its sizeable population, China needs to find ways of overcoming pressing environmental challenges and developing a science to policy interface. That was the key message of the China-UK Summit f ... Read more

Working together for better solutions to natural resource challenges (News)

Organisations from all across the UK are coming together to discuss ways of working together to achieve better outcomes when it comes to land and natural resource challenges, through a workshop organised by the James Hutton Instit ... Read more

‘Waterman of India’ wins 2015 Stockholm Water Prize (News)

Rajendra Singh, the ‘Waterman of India’, has been named the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his innovative river restoration efforts, improving water security in rural India, and for showing extraordinary coura ... Read more

Barley research making the headlines (News)

As the world’s fourth most important cereal crop and the UK’s second largest, grown on about half of Scotland’s arable land, barley is sure to get the attention of researchers, growers and industry. This time it ... Read more

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Samuel Peter Poskitt (Staff Member)

... Read more

Conference Presentations and Posters (Research Page)

The presentations and posters described on this page are either hosted on the conference websites, or are available for direct download (files are in pdf format). ... Read more

Workshops (Research Page)

Scotland’s peat bogs - rural community perceptions on Lewis (PDF File: 5,798KB) ... Read more

Scientific Reviews (Research Page)

Biotic and Biophysical Underpinning (BaBU) of Ecosystem Services in the Scottish Context: A Review The BaBU review was an investigation of the linkages between primary ecological and evolutionary processes, ecosystem function an ... Read more

Climate change will have far reaching effects on UK agriculture (News)

With 2014 reported as the warmest year since records began, continuing a strong trend in recent years, we ignore the implications for agriculture in the UK in the medium to long term at our peril. The issue is not just the rising ... Read more

Pathways towards agricultural sustainability analysed in new book (News)

Increasingly unpredictable global weather, changing consumer perceptions and an ageing workforce make sustainability a core concern for the agricultural industry. A new book co-edited by a James Hutton Institute social scientist a ... Read more

Open Farm Sunday 2015 (Page)

The James Hutton Institute will be holding Open Farm Sunday on 7 June 2015, 10 am to 4 pm, Dundee site. Find us at Directions to the Dundee site. An emphasis this year will be on soil as part of the International Year of the S ... Read more

Young horticultural scientist scoops Business Leader of Tomorrow award (News)

A young horticultural researcher who has implemented changes to fruit growing practices which are already bringing financial benefits as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, has been awarded the Business Leader of Tomorrow pr ... Read more

Interdisciplinary dialogue key to valuing our life support systems (News)

Businesses that ignore nature could have a false impression of their viability and are missing out on long term business productivity, ecologists and economists have said at the Natural Capital Initiative summit – Valuing ou ... Read more

E-CLIC Conference 10 October 2014 (Event)

The James Hutton Institute is organising this conference which is a component of the European project E-CLIC. Delegates from all over the UK will gather to discuss the challenges posed by the European Landscape Convention (ELC) in ... Read more

Fungi: Scotland's forgotten kingdom (Event)

The Dundee Afternoon Lectures present "Fungi: Scotland's forgotten kingdom" at 14:15 on the 15 October 2014 at in the D'Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre, University of Dundee. Admission cost: £2 ... Read more

Diffuse pollution modelling (Research Page)

Data from spatial monitoring of water quality provided parameter sets for validation of catchment scale models. These have been used in a number of externally funded research projects including REFRESH. ... Read more

Phosphorus biogeochemistry in riparian buffer strips (Research Page)

Management to mitigate pollutant swapping Buffer strips are useful for mitigating diffuse pollution. As riparian buffers perform their role in sediment trapping, P accumulates with no loss mechanism (as in wetland denitrificatio ... Read more

Valuing our Life Support Systems - 2014 (Event)

The Natural Capital Initiative will be hosting their second ever Valuing Our Life Support Systems event in London at the British Library on the 6-7 November 2014. ... Read more

Young scientist nominated as Business Leader of Tomorrow (News)

A young horticultural scientist who has implemented changes to growing practices, which are already bringing financial benefits as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, has been nominated for the prestigious Business Leader of ... Read more

Developments on arable crops showcased at Cereals in Practice (News)

How to protect cereal crops from the increased disease pressure caused by the mild winter and spring and early drilling was a key point of interest at this year’s Cereals in Practice event, co-hosted by the James Hutton Inst ... Read more

Understanding Scotland’s hydropower resources (Research Page)

Aim: to establish full understanding of Scotland’s installed hydropower resources and related considerations We have reviewed and synthesised the current information, knowledge and research that are relevant to hydro-elect ... Read more

6. Working with stakeholders (Research Page)

Aim: to maintain active engagement with HEP stakeholders and researchers Our research aims to support sustainable HEP development and therefore needs to be designed and executed in partnership with conservation managers and HEP ... Read more

4. Resilience of Scotland’s hydropower resources (Research Page)

Aim: to establish the resilience of Scotland’s hydropower resources to future water availability The 2020 Renewable Energy Routemap targets for generation could be affected by environmental change impacts on the hydropower ... Read more

3. Areas sensitive to cumulative impacts (Research Page)

Aim: to identify areas sensitive to future HEP developments There is significant potential for cumulative impacts to occur where HEP developments are clustered within a catchment. Our research is identifying the potential areas ... Read more

2. Environmental impacts of impoundment schemes (Research Page)

Aim: to determine the environmental impacts of HEP impoundment schemes In regulated rivers, instream habitats are under the most stress during high and low flows. Our research aims to better understand the impacts of extreme flo ... Read more

From the grave to the cradle – soil formation from urban waste materials (Event)

Dr Thomas Nehls from Technische Universitaet Berlin will give this seminar "From the grave to the cradle – soil formation from urban waste materials" at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. This seminar will als ... Read more

Nitrogen fixing nodules in angiosperms: how and when did they evolve and can nodulation be extended? (Event)

Professor Janet Sprent OBE, DSc, FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Plant Biology at the University of Dundee and Honorary Research Fellow at the James Hutton Institute, will give this seminar titled "Nitrogen fixing nodules in angi ... Read more

LEAF Technical Day for Farmers 3 June 2014 (Page)

The Institute and LEAF held a Technical Day for farmers on 3 June at Balruddery Farm near Dundee. Here we report on the day's events - the demonstrations, the talks, the discussions. ... Read more

Host Identity and Climate as Determinants of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Distribution in Scotland (Research Page)

Background Over 85% of land plants are obligate associated with mycorrhizal fungi illustrating the importance of the symbiosis. Fungi provide water and essential nutrients to their host plants in exchange for carbohydrates deriv ... Read more

'Collaborative roots' could reduce reliance on phosphorus fertilisers (News)

Farmers could improve the efficiency of phosphorus in crop production by coupling plants with complementary traits, which would allow them to harness the ‘phosphorus bank’ already present in soils. ... Read more

Berry useful properties of soft fruit under research (News)

As the world’s population tries to adapt to climate change, many industries are still heavily reliant on fossil fuel resources to make components in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and other sectors – but the plant ... Read more

Hydropower resources research (Research Page)

Hydropower plays a key role in Scotland’s renewable energy contributions and renewables targets for 2015 (50%) and 2020 (100%). Our research is supporting the sustainable planning, development and management of this resource ... Read more

Rising to the challenges conference (Event)

The inaugural 'Rising to the challenges' conference will explore the advances that science and industry are making in providing long term solutions to the pressing global challenges of food security, climate change, sustai ... Read more

Open Farm Sunday 8 June 2014 (Page)

The James Hutton Institute was not open for Open Farm Sunday on 8 June 2014. This year we held a LEAF Technical Day for Farmers on Tuesday 3 June. See the exhibits at Farmers' Technical Day. ... Read more

Exploring low-carbon transitions by means of model integration (Event)

This seminar "Exploring low-carbon transitions by means of model integration" will be given by Associate Professor Alexey Voinov from the University of Twente, the Netherlands, at the James Hutton Institute in Aberd ... Read more

Sustainable Development in Practice Conference (Event)

"Delivering multiple benefits from our land: Sustainable Development in Practice" is the theme for the biennial SRUC-SEPA conference, in association with the James Hutton Institute, Forest Research and Scottish Natural H ... Read more

The Atlantic Maritime Croplands – sustainability and environment (Research Page)

A case study on sustainable agriculture and the environment at the James Hutton Institute ... Read more

LandSFACTS (Research Page)

LANDscape Scale Functional Allocation of Crops Temporally and Spatially ... Read more

Scenarios and land use futures (Research Page)

Environmental, economic and social issues associated with agriculture are often fundamental for rural prosperity and sustainability, with consequent implications for any debate about future land use. A key to supporting the planni ... Read more

Realising Land's Potential stakeholder engagement events (Research Page)

Stakeholder engagement events relating to theme topics Health and wellbeing conferences and workshops Date Title Theme role Venue 25 November 2013 ... Read more

Bacterium named after Scottish scientist could improve fertility of poor soils (News)

A newly discovered species of nitrogen-fixing bacterium named after a James Hutton Institute Honorary Research Fellow is part of a thrust for the development of sustainable agriculture on poor soils. ... Read more

SEGS Archived projects (Research Page)

Below is a list of archived projects the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group have been involved with. ... Read more

SEGS Active projects (Research Page)

The Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group are involved in a wide range of research projects. ... Read more

Agroecology publications (Research Page)

Below if a sample of recent peer reviewed publications by staff working in the Agroecology Group. Please refer to individual staff pages for complete listings. ... Read more

Agroecology funding (Research Page)

... Read more

Students and teaching (Research Page)

... Read more

Integrated pest management - weeds (Research Page)

Expertise and capability at the James Hutton institute, Dundee ... Read more

Scottish researchers keep Malawi links alive (News)

Scotland’s links with Malawi, first forged almost 200 years ago by the explorer and missionary David Livingstone, are being kept alive through environmental projects involving Scottish researchers and communities in the Afri ... Read more

Consultation responses (Page)

The James Hutton Institute often submits formal responses to consultations being conducted by the European Union, UK Government, Scottish Government and other public bodies. You can find consultation responses we have submitted be ... Read more

Fyvie farm in Aberdeenshire has the Best Soil in Show (News)

After closely examining samples from different areas of the country, soil scientists from the James Hutton Institute have awarded the Best Soil in Show at the Royal Highland Show 2013. A sample from Fyvie in Aberdeenshire, submitt ... Read more

Have you got the Best Soil in Show? (News)

Farmers from across Scotland will be pitching the soil from beneath their feet against one another at this year’s Royal Highland Show where the James Hutton Institute will be looking for the Best Soil in Show. ... Read more

Open Farm Sunday 9 June 2013 (Page)

The James Hutton Institute site at Invergowrie, near Dundee took part in Open Farm Sunday on 9 June 2013.  ... Read more

New woodland impact report from Scottish Beaver Trial (News)

The latest report by researchers from the James Hutton Institute examining the effect of beavers on woodland has been published by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) as part of the ongoing monitoring work on the Scottish Beaver Trial ... Read more

Data and Archived Sample Requests (Page)

The core dataset of soil, plant and invertebrate data and samples that are collected every year from the CSC are archived and databased for future research projects on long-term trends and to allow exploration of links between dif ... Read more

UK Plant Sciences conference comes to Dundee (News)

Plant science experts from across the country are gathering in Dundee for the annual UK Plant Sciences Federation conference UK PlantSci 2013. Almost 200 delegates are expected to attend the two day event being held at the Univers ... Read more

Research partnership formed to validate biocontrol solutions (News)

Agricultural, horticultural and environmental technology company Mylnefield Research Services Ltd (MRS), specialist soil fertility and crop nutrition company PenDragon Proactive Nutrition and biological crop inputs company Agrinos ... Read more

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Highlighted publications

  • Munoz-Rojas, J.; Miller, D.R.; Horne, P.; Towers, W.; Morrice, J.; Wang, C.; Stannard, C-A., (2013) Scottish Government consultation on National Planning Framework 3., Public Consultation on National Planning Framework 3.

Recent publications

Chen Wang (Staff Member)

Dr Chen Wang is a Landscape and Visualisation Scientist, who joined the Information and Computational Sciences group at the James Hutton Institute in 2010. ... Read more

Who is your 2013 Nature of Scotland champion? (News)

There is only a short time left to nominate your nature conservation champion for the 2013 Nature of Scotland Awards which close for entries on 15 March 2013. The James Hutton Institute is once again supporting the awards. The N ... Read more

New environmental research links with China (News)

The James Hutton Institute and the Natural Environment Research Council’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Agricultural University have jointly announced a new Centre-Centre researc ... Read more

PhD Studentships 2013 opportunities (News)

Opportunities for PhD projects from the James Hutton Institute's annual competitive joint-studentship programme are now being advertised on All these PhD projects are funded jointly between the Institute and par ... Read more

Andy Goldring seminar (Event)

Andy Goldring is Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association, a national education and research charity based in Leeds. Andy's work over the last 13 years at the Association has focused on building organisational and netwo ... Read more

Sustainable intensification - the challenge for agriculture (News)

Achieving increased levels of productivity using existing land whilst causing minimal environmental damage is one of the greatest challenges of modern agriculture. Sustainable intensification, as the concept is known, will be the ... Read more

Compost Good Practice Meeting (Event)

This meeting aims to introduce delegates to the WRAP Good Practice Guide: Using PAS 100 compost in landscape and regeneration projects, and to provide a forum for scientists and stakeholders to discuss recent developments in compo ... Read more

Dr Cameron Grant and Emeritus Professor Pieter Groenevelt seminar (Event)

Dr Cameron Grant, University of Adelaide, South Australia and Emeritus Professor Pieter Groenevelt, University of Guelph, Canada will deliver this joint seminar entitled "Plant available water: What must happen to make its ac ... Read more

Agricultural habitat usage by wood mice (Research Page)

Background Small mammals, such as the wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus), are a known food source for birds of prey such as barn owls and species of harrier, and rare large mammals such as pine marten, polecats and wildcats. Wood ... Read more

Conference to discuss Roots to the Future (News)

Global experts on one of the last frontiers of agricultural and ecological sciences will congregate in Dundee this week (26-29 June) to discuss how their research could lead to sustainable increases in crop productivity and more e ... Read more

Warning signs on global soils “serious” (News)

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute, joined by distinguished colleagues from around the world, have called for a greater acknowledgement of the importance of soils in climate change mitigation, global food security and main ... Read more

Time to change the strategy in the battle for biodiversity (News)

The Chief Executive of the James Hutton Institute, Professor Iain Gordon, has called for greater support and investment in inter-disciplinary science to tackle rising extinction rates in the plant and animal world. Speaking at th ... Read more

Scottish scientists study a “Planet Under Pressure” (News)

The Chief Executive of the James Hutton Institute, and several senior scientists on his team, are heading to London shortly to take part in the Planet Under Pressure conference which gets underway at the new International Conventi ... Read more

Soil treatments and field site (Research Page)

The LTSE field site at Hartwood is a dedicated site and is fenced off to prevent disturbance by grazing livestock. The topsoil, typical of that found in the agricultural land in Scotland is a medium textured sandy clay loam consis ... Read more

EAWG contacts and membership information (Research Page)

If you would like to be part of the Ecosystem Approach Working Group (EAWG) there are three membership types. ... Read more

ESMART: web tools and apps for the Scottish environment (Research Page)

E-SMART: Environmental Sensing for Monitoring and Advising in Real-Time ... Read more

Clifton Bain, Director of IUCN Peatland Programme (Event)

Clifton Bain, Director of IUCN Peatland Programme will deliver this seminar entitled "A damaged bog is more than a little inconvenient". ... Read more

Professor Jos Milner, Hedmark University College, Norway (Event)

Jos Milner, Faculty of Forestry and Wildlife Management, Hedmark University College, Norway, will deliver this seminar entitled "Supplementary feeding in Norwegian moose populations - wildlife management or sustainable meat p ... Read more

Professor Mark Tester, University of Adelaide (Event)

Professor Mark Tester of the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics at the University of Adelaide will deliver this seminar entitled "Understanding and engineering salinity tolerance in crop plants". Genetics a ... Read more

James Hutton Institute Open Day 2012 (Event)

The first James Hutton Institute Open Day will be held at our Dundee site this summer when we look forward to welcoming visitors of all ages to find out more about our work. There will be a wide range of exhibitions and hands-on ... Read more

Types of analysis done at the LTSE (Research Page)

Measurement type Property of characteristic measured Chemical Total Zn, Cu, Cd, Ni, Pb Extractable Zn, Cu, Cd, Ni, Pb Mineral N Total N Organic C and N Biological ... Read more

People and contacts of the LTSE (Research Page)

For further information about the project partners please contact: ... Read more

Acknowledgements for the LTSE (Research Page)

The LTSE project was undertaken by ADAS, Rothamsted Research and the Water Research Centre (WRc) in England and Wales and, by the James Hutton Institute and Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) (Auchincruive) in Scotland.  The ... Read more

Current projects (Page)

An annual report on all Centre for Sustainable Cropping projects and activities is published in January for the previous calendar year (available on request). ... Read more

Information for new projects (Page)

To avoid duplication of effort or potential interference between projects, we have put in place the following procedure for new projects on the CSC. 1. Discuss your project requirements with the co-ordinator (Cathy Hawes). ... Read more

Overseas projects in virus research (Research Page)

Institute virologists link with China  ... Read more

Publications and further reading (Research Page)

Use the following links to navigate : reports relating to the project, scientific publications, PhD thesis, other reports relating to waste water sludge and external websites ... Read more

Benefits and problems of applying waste water sludge to land (Research Page)

Waste water sludge is a useful source of nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter, and after further processing can be used as a liming material. However, there are limits to what can be applied. For example applications of waste w ... Read more

PhD Studentships 2012 opportunities (News)

PhD projects from The James Hutton Institute's annual competitive Joint-Studentship programme are now being advertised on ... Read more

Background to the Long Term Sludge Experiment (Research Page)

In 1994, three research Institutes along with two private companies set up a number of field experiments at nine field sites across the UK (pdf file). The sites were chosen to reflect the different soil types found in agricultural ... Read more

Soil surveying and monitoring (Research Page)

Soils are very slow to develop and are generally considered to be a non-renewable resource. At the same time, we demand a great deal from our soil; we use it to grow crops, timber, grow grass to feed our cattle and sheep, we build ... Read more

Get involved! (Page)

If you are interested in contributing to the Centre for Sustainable Cropping and would like to make use of this long-term resource, please contact Cathy Hawes in the first instance. For more information please follow the followi ... Read more

Meetings and activities (Page)

Members of the team can access agendas and actions for Centre for Sustainable Cropping meetings here (from within The James Hutton Institute) or here (if accessing from outwith the Institute). ... Read more

Soils and sustainable production (Research Page)

We face a huge challenge. More food, from less land, with fewer resources is essential right now and it will only get worse as the global population grows and finite resources like fuel and potash continue to diminish. Understandi ... Read more

Land capability (Research Page)

Soil is a fundamental part of land and is key in determining what activities can be undertaken and supported on different types of land; how capable is land is sustaining different farming systems, different woodland types, valued ... Read more

People and research groups (Page)

Agroecology Graham Begg: Landscape scale population dynamics of plant, arthropod and mammal taxa; patterns of habitat use and dispersal between them; spatial population dynamic models. Measurements: Plant, arthropod and mammal f ... Read more

Soil as natural capital (Research Page)

Soil’s most widely recognised function is supporting plant growth, whether for crops, trees or native habitats. But, sitting as it does at the interface between the atmosphere, biosphere and underlying rocks, soil is being i ... Read more

Environmental data (Page)

Soil temperature and moisture content are influenced by soil management and affect many system processes including microbial and invertebrate activity, nutrient and water uptake by plants and plant growth. These variables are meas ... Read more

Farm operations (Page)

All farm operations and inputs are recorded for each crop and treatment. Economic sustainability will be assessed through calculations of gross margins based on all input costs (seed, fertiliser, crop protection, tractor time and ... Read more

Crop development, yield and quality (Page)

The primary goal of sustainable arable management is to produce good quality food at high yields and with high long-term yield stability. To achieve this, the environment in which the crop is grown needs to be maintained rather th ... Read more

Soil (Page)

Soil Microbial Diversity ... Read more

Insects (Page)

Pitfall Trapping ... Read more

Margin vegetation (Page)

Perennial vegetation in the field margin is a major contributor to biodiversity in arable landscapes and performs a range of important functions including provision of resources for pollinators and natural enemies that forage with ... Read more

Weeds (Page)

Within-field Weeds Weeds are an essential component of arable biodiversity, respond rapidly to changes in management and influence many system processes including nutrient retention and cycling, pest and natural enemy population ... Read more

Datasets (Page)

The basic minimum dataset to be collected and archived from the Centre for Sustainable Cropping every year is listed below. This will form a long-term, spatially referenced dataset, collected according to standardised sampling pro ... Read more

Crop rotation and varieties (Page)

The Centre for Sustainable Cropping is based on a six course rotation of potato, followed by winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, winter barley, field beans and spring barley (undersown with clover on the sustainable treatments). Th ... Read more

Root-soil interactions (Research Page)

This interdisciplinary research examines below ground interactions between plants and soil, focusing on root growth and the rhizosphere. Research includes root growth processes in relation to environmental stresses, nutrient and w ... Read more

Natural predators and biopesticides help tackle pests (News)

Scientists at The James Hutton Institute are helping find new ways of tackling crop pests and diseases without using conventional pesticides. They are contributing to the SCEPTRE project which aims to address key gaps in crop prot ... Read more

Shortlist announced for Nature of Scotland Awards (News)

A dolphin project in the Moray Firth, a windfarm, a mink eradication initiative in the Cairngorms, a project to reintroduce red squirrels and a bee conservation initiative are just some of the nominations that have made the shortl ... Read more

Agroecology (Research Page)

Latest ...  ... Read more

Dr Tim George, Cafe Science Extra (Event)

'Feeding the world - appliance of science or reliance on nature?' is the topic for Dr Tim George of The James Hutton Institute at this Cafe Science Extra event. Cafe Science Extra is held at Dundee Science Centre's In ... Read more

Feeding beans to fish (News)

An innovative new project at The James Hutton Institute could bring major benefits to Scotland’s fish and agriculture industries while improving the sustainability of UK farming. ... Read more

Research Themes (Research Page)

Our research will deliver outcomes through the following Research Themes. ... Read more

Science Groups (Research Page)

Our research is conducted in the following Science Groups. ... Read more

SEGS research and equipment (Research Page)

Our areas of work Currently SEGS focus on five overarching areas for research, each with several key strands of work:  ... Read more

Hunting for sustainability: ecology, economics and society (Event)

Hunting is a traditional activity practiced around the world either for recreation or for subsistence. In its many different forms, hunting plays important social, cultural and economic roles within society and has both positive a ... Read more

Nominate your Nature of Scotland winner (News)

If you know someone achieving great things in nature conservation there is still time to nominate them for the inaugural Nature of Scotland Awards. These new annual awards recognise and celebrate excellence, innovation and outst ... Read more

Scottish Game Fair 2011 (Event)

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Scottish Game Fair is one of Scotland's biggest rural events. Visitors can enjoy the lively and friendly atmosphere, hunt for bargains in over 300 trade stands, learn more about their c ... Read more

Valuing Ecosystems: policy, economic and management interactions (Event)

This joint SAC-SEPA conference, organised in association with Forest Research, The James Hutton institute and Scottish Natural Heritage, will take place in Edinburgh from 3-4 April 2012. ... Read more

Commonwealth Potato Collection (Page)

The Commonwealth Potato Collection is the UK’s genebank of landrace and wild potatoes held in trust by the James Hutton Institute with the support of the Scottish Government. The collection is one of a network of internation ... Read more

Design and treatments (Page)

Design The Centre for Sustainable Cropping comprises a contiguous block of six fields, totalling 42ha in the south-east of Balruddery Farm. The effects of sustainable (S) versus conventional (C) management are tested using a spl ... Read more

Centre for Sustainable Cropping (CSC) (Page)

For all enquiries on the CSC, contact Dr Cathy Hawes The long-term viability of farming in Scotland depends on the sustainable management of our agricultural habitats. We need to achieve a balance between maximising crop product ... Read more

From garden waste to growing food (News)

The hedge clippings and weeds from your garden could help put food on your table as farmers turn to municipal compost as the answer to increasing restrictions on non-renewable fertilisers. Demand for fertilisers from finite reso ... Read more

Balruddery Research Farm (Page)

Balruddery Research Farm is an 170 ha arable farm located seven miles west of Dundee and between 70 and 124m above sea level on the lower slopes of the Sidlaw Hills. There are 23 fields varying in size from 2.0 ha to 11 ha. The so ... Read more

Games and Resources (Page)

The Living Field CD ... Read more

Exhibits (Page)

Virtual Landscape Theatre The Virtual Landscape Theatre (VLT) is a mobile curved screen projection facility, in which people can be 'immersed' in computer models of their environment to explore landscapes of the past, pr ... Read more

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Highlighted publications

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Recent publications

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David Miller (Staff Member)

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LEAF-related publications (Page)

SCRI LEAF Innovation Centre PDF file: The SCRI LEAF Innovation Centre (869 KB) ... Read more

Integrated Farm Management (Page)

Integrated Farm Management (IFM) involves: ... Read more

Around the LEAF farms (Page)

To help visitors appreciate farmland ... Read more

LEAF Comment (Page)

A series of commentaries and opinions on current topics in food security, sustainable agriculture and environment. A fuller version of some articles will be available as a downloadable file. ... Read more

LEAF News and Views (Page)

GM potato study in AMIGA - at LEAF Technical Day 9 June 2016 AMIGA is a multi-disciplinary EU project on the environmental risk assessment of GM crops.  It comprises 22 partners in 15 countries and ran for 4.5 years ending ... Read more

Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) (Page)

LEAF Linking Environment and Farming promotes environmentally responsible farming. LEAF brings together thousands of individuals and organisations to deliver a shared vision for the future of farming and food. ... Read more

Publications (Page)

Legal framework PDF file: Memorandum and Articles of Association (5.43 MB) Annual reviews PDF file: James Hutton Institute Annual Review 2014-15 (5.40 MB) ... Read more

Research (Page)

Science connecting land and people Across the globe nations are facing growing demands to provide food, energy and water from finite land and natural resources. These challenges are complex, interconnected and ever-changing. Enc ... Read more

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