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Staff in the Chemical and Molecular Ecology group (Research Page)

Dr Rebekka Artz: ecology and ecosystem functions of peatland ecosystems. Focussing on building decision support tools for peatland management, including restoration opportunities and monitoring of restoration succession of the abo ... Read more

Chemical and Molecular Ecology (Research Page)

The Chemical and Molecular Ecology group uses chemical and molecular methods to answers problems in ecology and sustainable resource use and to understand evolution and ecosystem functioning. ... Read more

A new soil carbon app for Scottish farmers (News)

A free, new soil carbon app has been launched to provide farmers with a quick, cost-effective source of information about the organic matter content of their soil. The app, known as SOCiT (Soil Organic Carbon information), provi ... Read more

What kind of conservation do we need for the 21st century? (News)

Are our strategies for the conservation of nature right to cope with future human demands and pressures? That is the question addressed in the 36th T.B. Macaulay Lecture, which will be given by Professor Bill Adams, Moran Professo ... Read more

People (Research Page)

Valuation and governance of natural capital Looking at natural capital inherently requires looking at the relationships between humans and their natural environment. The concept of ‘capital’ implies that components o ... Read more

Land (Research Page)

Landscapes and regions are where many natural processes and human activities interact and potentially conflict in different ways, giving complex challenges for sustainable management. Managing landscapes has to satisfy multiple ... Read more

Soil Capital (Research Page)

Soils underpin a multitude of ecosystem goods and services that are not only vital to peoples’ livelihoods and Society in general, but also to Earth’s regulating systems. ... Read more

Enjoy Open Farm Sunday at the James Hutton Institute (News)

This Sunday, 9 June 2013, the James Hutton Institute will open its doors to the public for Open Farm Sunday, the celebration of farming and nature that gives everyone the opportunity to discover the story behind their food. At t ... Read more

Diverting a disaster – food for thought (Event)

As the world’s population increases, we need to grow more food. A traditional way to grow more food from the same land is to add fertilisers, which are rich in phosphorus. Despite this, there are still low-levels of phosphor ... Read more

Research areas in the Chemical and Molecular Ecology Group (Research Page)

Soil-Microbial-Environmental Interactions Plant-Mutualist Interactions Plant-Animal Interactions Pathogens and Pollution ... Read more

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.