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Small scale schemes (Research Page)

Small scale run-of-river HEP schemes: governance, regulation and economics The methods and understanding developed in the earlier objectives will be applied to a real-world HEP development case study. In this objective, we aim t ... Read more

Resilience of Scotland’s hydropower (Research Page)

Establish the resilience of Scotland’s hydro resource to future water availability Within this objective, we aim to establish the resilience of Scotland’s hydropower resource to future water availability. 2020 Renewa ... Read more

Sensitive areas (Research Page)

Establish areas potential sensitive to future HEP developments There is significant potential for cumulative impacts to occur where HEP developments are clustered within a catchment. It is valuable to assess the potential areas ... Read more

Reducing ligation bias during small RNA library generation for next generation sequencing (Event)

Professor Tamas Dalmay, University of East Anglia, will give this seminar titled "Reducing ligation bias during small RNA library generation for next generation sequencing" at the James Hutton Institute Dundee. This semi ... Read more

Environmental impacts (Research Page)

Determine the environmental impacts of HEP impoundment schemes In regulated rivers, high and low flows are conditions under which in-stream habitats are under the most stress. Information required to underpin ecologically sustai ... Read more

Marine and Seascape Visualization (Page)

Pressures for change in coastal areas creates a demand for raising the awareness of public and professional audiences of potential impacts on the environment and communities, Visualizations help to communicate the nature of change ... Read more

From the grave to the cradle – soil formation from urban waste materials (Event)

Dr Thomas Nehls from Technische Universitaet Berlin will give this seminar "From the grave to the cradle – soil formation from urban waste materials" at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. This seminar will als ... Read more

Nitrogen fixing nodules in angiosperms: how and when did they evolve and can nodulation be extended? (Event)

Professor Janet Sprent OBE, DSc, FRSE, Emeritus Professor of Plant Biology at the University of Dundee and Honorary Research Fellow at the James Hutton Institute, will give this seminar titled "Nitrogen fixing nodules in angi ... Read more

Honeybee mites: using lethal RNAi gene knockdown to control pests (Event)

Dr Ewan Campbell of the University of Aberdeen will give a seminar at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee entitled "Honeybee mites: using lethal RNAi gene knockdown to control pests" or "Honeybee health: a mitey pr ... Read more

Young scientist wins prestigious research accolade (News)

A young scientist whose research focusses on pathogens in the environment has been awarded the prestigious Peter Massalski Prize for meritorious research. Dr Fiona Brennan, research scientist with the Ecological Sciences group at ... Read more

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