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Tay Cities Deal go-ahead for International Barley Hub and Advanced Plant Growth Centre (News)

The International Barley Hub and the Advanced Plant Growth Centre, two flagship innovation projects supported through a transformational capital investment of £45m by the UK Government and £17m by the Scottish Governme ... Read more

James Hutton Institute welcomes Defra gene editing consultation (News)

The James Hutton Institute has welcomed plans unveiled by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to consult on gene editing, a technique which could unlock benefits to nature, the environment and help farme ... Read more

Hutton scientist awarded grant to explore genetic pathway to better barley (News)

Dr Isabelle Colas, a scientist of the International Barley Hub, has been awarded a New Investigator grant worth £400k by UK Research and Innovation to explore a genetic pathway to improved barley crops, with the ultimate aim ... Read more

Barley in the spotlight at iBMW2018 meeting (News)

The use of barley genetic mutant resources to shed light into fundamental aspects of cereal biology was at the centre of discussions at the second International Barley Mutants Workshop 2018 (iBMW2018), held in Dundee with the atte ... Read more

Potato parasite’s 'toolkit’ revealed (News)

Parasitic nematode worms are the 'hidden enemy’ of farmers worldwide, causing billions of pounds worth of crop damage every year. Now an international research collaboration led by the University of Dundee and the Jame ... Read more

Genomics, Gene Discovery and Genome Editing in Crops (Event)

Diverse climatic and geographical zones in Peru are home to a great variety of crops (e.g., potatoes, quinoa, asparagus, and coffee). Recent advances in genomics and biotechnology offer great potential to address biotic and abioti ... Read more

Biotechnology research essential to solve global issues (News)

Following the announcement made by the Scottish Government about a ban on growing genetically modified crops in Scotland, researchers at the James Hutton Institute have said at this year’s Potatoes in Practice event that bio ... Read more

Hutton image wins top prize at competition (News)

An image taken by Dr Isabelle Colas, plant molecular geneticist at the Cell and Molecular Sciences Group of the James Hutton Institute in Dundee, has snapped one of the top prizes at a competition organised by the University of Du ... Read more

Impact of gene on crop development could boost cereal yields (News)

The productivity of major crops such as barley could get a boost in the future thanks to discoveries in the inner workings of genes and how they influence crop development, a new study from the James Hutton Institute and the Unive ... Read more

Imaging Technologies (Research Page)

The Imaging Technologies (ImTech) Group based at the Dundee site, within the Cell and Molecular Sciences group, is involved in a wide variety of research across the James Hutton Institute. ... Read more

Potato Transformation (Research Page)

... Read more

Barley Transformation (Research Page)

... Read more

Functional Genomics (Research Page)

... Read more

High-throughput gene expression (Research Page)

Major investments have been made in the last few years at The James Hutton Institute and by research groups around the world to establish extensive catalogues of genes, as Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) and through whole or partia ... Read more

Genotyping (Research Page)

In order to determine the genetic basis for the phenotypic traits of an organism, it is essential to identify the underlying genotype. Although low throughput assays such as Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs) continue to be used and p ... Read more

Sequencing (Research Page)

Determination of nucleotide sequences remain an integral component of fundamental genetics and genomics-based research. Although Second Generation Sequencing (2GS) clearly surpasses Sanger technology in terms of output, small-scal ... Read more

Genome Technology (Research Page)

Development and exploitation of genomics resources is pivotal to the identification of causal genes underlying key biological targets, which include agronomic traits in crop species, pathogenicity of plant diseases and fundamental ... Read more

Cell and Molecular Sciences (Research Page)

Cell and Molecular Sciences (CMS) is based at the Dundee site and comprises more than 100 plant scientists with research specialisms in cell and molecular biology, genomics, genetics, pathology and physiology. Crop improvement ... Read more

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.