Current research in this area primarily focuses on the interaction between PMTV and its vector Spongospora subterranea, a soil-borne plasmodiophorid, which is itself the cause of powdery scab. Read more about PMTV and powdery scab.

Other work has examined the transmission of Tobacco rattle virus and other tobraviruses by trichodorid nematodes. Expertise in nematode transmission testing has been retained at the James Hutton Institute where, currently, commercial testing of soil samples for virus-vector nematodes is undertaken.

Aphid-transmission of plant viruses is of major importance, and entomologists at the James Hutton Institute are involved in fundamental and applied aspects of aphid biology. Our work on potato viruses (PVY and others) and some raspberry viruses involves transmission testing which is done using a variety of aphid cultures that are provided by entomology colleagues.