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Potatoes lying on soil (c) James Hutton Institute

SSCR Potato Winter Meeting 7 March 2019

for SSCR Members, the potato industry and interested parties

7 March 2019, 11am: Free or £15

The winter meeting of the Potato Sub-committee of the Scottish Society for Crop Research (SSCR) will be held at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee.

Pond mud snails (c) Scott Shanks

Aberdeen Entomological Club: Marvellous Mud Snails

for scientists, researchers and other interested parties

14 November 2018, 4pm

In this Aberdeen Entomological Club seminar, Alasdair Lemon will discuss efforts to secure the future of the pond mud snail in Scotland.

Indo-UK workshop on monitoring and analysis strategies for anthropogenic polluta

Indo-UK workshop on monitoring and analysis strategies for anthropogenic pollutants in environmental and waste waters

for water professionals

12-15 November 2018

Under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council, in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry, will be holding a four day workshop on the above theme at the Royal Orchid Convention Centre, Bangalore, India on 12-15 November 2018.

Hutton Seminar Series 2018 badge

Hutton Seminar Series: An ecologist's view on cropping systems

for scientists, students, researchers and anyone interested

29 October 2018, 10:30am

In this Hutton Seminar Series event, Professor Christian Schöb (ETH Zurich) will put ecological understanding into the context of cropping systems, describing lessons that can be learned from ecology when designing agricultural production systems.

Hutton Seminar Series 2018 badge

Hutton Seminar Series: Planetary change and the future of human health, Professor Howard Frumkin

for scientists, students, researchers and anyone interested

24 October 2018, 3:30pm

In this Hutton Seminar Series event, Professor Howard Frumkin (Wellcome Trust) will describe pathways from various planetary changes to human health, and propose approaches that may point the way to sustainable solutions.

Baling wheat and bean plant team on a farm (c) James Hutton Institute

Field Lab: Plant Teams

for farmers and land managers

23 October 2018, 10:30am to 4pm

Calling on farmers and land managers: help plant scientists study the potential of crop species mixtures to improve Scottish yield stability, soil fertility, reduce pest and disease damage, and increase resilience to climate stress.

Clay suspension (c) James Hutton Institute

Clay mineralogy and its application to the oil industry

for oil and gas professionals or anyone interested in clays

16 to 19 October 2018, 9am to 5pm

A training course offered by our commercial subsidiary James Hutton Limited, aimed at helping the oil industry understand the nature, properties, behaviour and occurrence of clays in the context of hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Professor Jacqueline McGlade (courtesy)

41st T.B. Macaulay Lecture - The Challenge of Sustainable Development: From global UN policy to local community survival in the face of climate change

for directors, policymakers, researchers, elected representatives and anyone interested in sustainable development issues

3 October 2018, 5.30 to 9.30pm

Professor Jacqueline McGlade, former UN Chief Scientist and Director of the UN Environmental Programme, will deliver the annual Macaulay Lecture at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

Craigiebuckler Autumnwatch

Craigiebuckler Autumnwatch

For any member of staff or the general public.

Monday 24th September 2018

Join the staff at the James Hutton Institute as they bring to life the activities of the creatures great and small that make their home within the grounds of Craigiebuckler.

James Hutton Institute logo

Delivery of outcomes from the Scottish Government Strategic Research Programme

for policy teams and research stakeholders

21 September 2018

This workshop held at SASA in Edinburgh showcased the outcomes of Scottish Government funded crop science research.

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