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Bumblebee talk and walk

Public event
3 June 2012, 2pm
at Lochinch Farm, Redmoss Road, Aberdeen AB12 3LL
for the general public
Photograph of a bumblebee (courtesy of Jenni Stockan)

Insect ecologist Jenni Stockan, of the James Hutton Institute, will join Aberdeen City Council's Countryside Rangers for a public talk and walk all about bumblebees, which are important pollinators for many plants including agricultural crops.

She will give a short talk on the insects and explain how to identify the various species. In the UK there are 24 species of bumblebee of which eight are commonly found so there are not too many different kinds to get to grips with.

Jenni said: "All British species of bumblebees have had a sharp decline in recent years with two species becoming extinct.

"There are things we all can do to help bumblebees, for example planting a mix of pollen rich plants in our gardens or window boxes which flower from early spring right through to the autumn so they have a ready food source throughout the year."

The public are invited to attend the event at Lochinch Farm from 2pm-4pm on Sunday 3 June and the talk will be followed by a walk around the farm to look for bumblebees.

You can book your place at this event by phoning 01224 897400.

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