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Dr Cale Bigelow, Purdue University, Indiana, USA

11am, 6 December 2011
at The James Hutton Institute, Dundee
for scientists, students and other interested parties
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Dr Cale Bigelow, Associate Professor of Agronomy-Turfgrass Science, Purdue University will deliver a seminar entitled "Environmental Research in the United States: The Role of Urban Turfgrass Areas”.

Dr Bigelow is interested in landscape level effects of changing land management practices, for example what happens when you plough up natural areas and turn them into agricultural areas or housing developments. He works in a different system than many people at The  James Hutton Institute but is addressing many of the same questions.

Specifically, he states "The purpose of my research programme is to provide practical information that enables turf managers of all abilities to grow the highest quality turf using the fewest management inputs (for example, mowing, fertilisation, irrigation and pesticides). This is being accomplished by emphasising adapted turfgrass species and cultivar selection, proper establishment methods and employing sound cultural practices with an emphasis on soil fertility and nutrient management related issues."

This seminar will take place at The James Hutton Institute Dundee and will be broadcast live to the Aberdeen site.

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