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Institute Seminar: Biology and Ecology of the New Zealand Flatworm

11 November 2014, 4pm : Free
Macaulay B suite, Aberdeen
for scientists, students and other interested parties

Dr Roy Neilson will deliver this Aberdeen Entomological Club seminar entitled "Biology and Ecology of the New Zealand Flatworm"


Arthurdendyus triangulatus is a terrestrial planarian species native to New Zealand, which has become established in the United Kingdom and the Faroe Islands during the last 60 years. In particular, the species known commonly as the New Zealand flatworm, has become prevalent and widely established in Scotland mediated by human activity mostly through the exchange of plants and associated soil. As a putative predator of indigenous earthworms, concerns regarding both the direct impact on earthworm abundance and diversity and the indirect impact on those birds and mammals that have earthworms as a primary dietary component led to A. triangulatus being subject of both national and EU regulation. The biology and ecology of this invasive species is fascinating such as its ability to re-absorb its tissue in the absence of prey. The talk will cover many aspects of research on the NZ flatworm in Scotland and comment on the threat to biodiversity of invasive flatworms in general within Europe.


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