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Manning the gates: receptor-mediated regulation of cell-to-cell communication during pathogen attack

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05 May 2015, 11:00 am, Free
at New Seminar Room, Dundee and streamed live to the Macaulay B Theatre, Aberdeen
for scientists, students and other interested parties
"Arabidopsis petraea sl1" by Stefan.lefnaer - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA

In this seminar, ​hosted by Jens Tilsner from our Cell and Molecular Sciences group, Dr Christine Faulkner (John Innes Centre) will discuss the role of the LysM receptor protein LYM2 in intercellular communication, which is fundamental to the co-ordination of developmental and environmental responses in Arabidopsis.


​Intercellular communication is fundamental to the co-ordination of developmental and environmental responses. In plants, this is in part facilitated by intercellular flux of molecules via plasmodesmata (PD). In Arabidopsis, the PD-located LysM receptor protein LYM2 mediates PD closure and symplastic isolation following chitin perception. Our data suggests that LYM2 signalling occurs via complex formation with LysM receptor kinases and triggers PD closure by callose deposition. LYM2 acts independently of other chitin-triggered responses and differentially regulates SA and JA signalling pathways. Our work is focused on identifying the signalling pathways that ultimately regulate PD aperture, and the contribution this makes to the initiation of defence responses.


  • PhD, University of Sydney, Australia, 2005 [Overall]
  • Postdoc, University of Edinburgh, 2005-2008 [Oparka]
  • Postdoc, John Innes Centre, 2009-2011 [Maule]
  • Postdoc, the Sainsbury Laboratory, 2011-2012 [Robatzek]
  • Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Brookes University, 2012-2013
  • Project Leader, JIC, 2013 - present

More information on Dr Christine Faulkner can be found at her staff page on the John Innes Centre website.

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