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Tales from the riverbank; riparian beetles and land use change

11 March 2014, 4pm: Free
at the James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen AB15 8QH
for scientists, students and other interested parties

Dr Jenni Stockan of the James Hutton Institute will give this talk "Tales from the riverbank; riparian beetles and land use change" to the Aberdeen Entomological Club at the Aberdeen site of the James Hutton Institute.


The banks of our streams and rivers host an abundance of unique and interesting wildlife. All too often these riparian habitats are adversely impacted by agriculture, urbanisation and pollution. This talk will explore the effects of land use change on riparian insects, particularly beetles, including remedial measures such as buffer strips.


Jenni has worked as an insect ecologist at the Institute for 12 years, recently completing her PhD on the impacts of riparian buffer strips on biodiversity.

The talks begin at 4pm with light refreshments available from 3.30pm. For further information contact Jenni Stockan.

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