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Towards new variety ideotypes of pea and faba bean for agroecological cropping systems: Traits related to nitrogen acquisition and seed composition

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10 September 2013, 11am: Free
at the James Hutton Institute, Dundee DD2 5DA
for scientists, breeders, advisers, students and other interested parties
Faba beans

This seminar given by Gerard Duc and Pascal Marget of INRA, France at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee, will mostly addressing plant breeding and agronomy for an audience of scientists, breeders or advisers. It will be broadcast live to the Aberdeen site.


This seminar to be given jointly by Gérard Duc and Pascal Marget addresses issues which relate to plant breeding and agronomy of grain legumes, and for an audience of scientists and advisers to the agricultural extension services.

They will present data on the genetic variability in pea and faba bean in relation to root symbioses, N acquisition and seed composition. The available genetic resources will also be explored in relation to plant protection from biotic or abiotic stresses.

Their findings will be discussed in relation to future designs for agroecological based systems.


Gérard Duc is Director of Research at INRA with more than 35 years of experience on genetics and breeding of grain legumes (pea, faba bean, barrel medic). He is also Coordinator of the interdiciplinary ‘Grain Legume Group’, President of Scientific Council at UNIP, a national and interdisciplinary union of professionals working on high protein crops and of the CTPS, a national committee for selection of new plant varieties (protein crop section). He is also a founding member of the International Legume Society.

Pascal Marget is Ingenior at INRA with training on plant breeding. He is responsible for the breeding programme of Vicia faba and for its relations to interprofession UNIP and to the network of private companies. Research interests include seed composition and bruchus tolerance. He is also Director of the Experimental Farm Unit of INRA Domaine d’Epoisses, Dijon.

The seminar is being hosted by Dr Pete Iannetta.

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