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Introduction to Soils

Introduction to Soils is a series of poster resources for senior school pupils to help explain soil knowledge. They were developed with assistance from Geography teachers.

Soils of the Crofts

Soils of the Crofts is a valuable resource for teachers and pupils in Crofting Connections schools which will help them deepen their knowledge of the soil through practical tasks like making wormeries and compost heaps or recreating lazy-beds, as well as through science experiments, creative activities and social studies. But most of all, it is an invitation to get to know and treasure the soils beneath their feet. Explore the Soils of the Crofts.

The Living Field 

Image of The Living Field interactive educational resourceThe Living Field interactive educational resource has more than 300 pages of high-quality images, sounds, games, and activity sheets designed to enhance and enrich pupils’ knowledge and interest. You can download it here.

Play the Living Field online here.

Wood Ant Activity Pack

Front cover of the Wood Ant Activity PackThis activity pack is a resource for teachers, wildlife group leaders or countryside rangers. It contains a collection of games and activities that can be incorporated into a guided walk or used as stand-alone games at an event or a nature club. The games and activities are based around the everyday lives of wood ants and illustrate nest building, team working, feeding, colony defence and the special relationships wood ants have with other forest dwellers.

Learning & Resources

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