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Photograph of school pupils visiting the Institute
Staff of The James Hutton Institute are committed to raising awareness and understanding of science

Resources for Schools

Introduction to Soils

Introduction to Soils is a series of poster resources for senior school pupils to help explain soil knowledge. They were developed with assistance from Geography teachers.

Soils of the Crofts

Soils of the Crofts is a valuable resource for teachers and pupils in Crofting Connections schools which will help them deepen their knowledge of the soil through practical tasks like making wormeries and compost heaps or recreating lazy-beds, as well as through science experiments, creative activities and social studies. But most of all, it is an invitation to get to know and treasure the soils beneath their feet. Explore the Soils of the Crofts.


We have produced a wide range of resources connected to the Geography curriculum for both Primary and Secondary pupils including CD-Roms, posters and online resources. CDs include: Dr Miller’s Countryside Change Toolkit; The Machair; The Biosphere: Soils and Succession. Our geography resources can be found here or you can email our events staff.


You Choose the News
You Choose the News is a computer game that lets you create your own news report about changing EU chemical pesticide rules. The concept of the game was originally designed by staff at the Glasgow Science Centre. Play the game here.

The Living Field Projects
The Living Field Community Garden in Dundee is a crop and habitat demonstration garden which contains information about arable wildflowers, the environment, habitats, plant care and crop experiments. The garden is part of The James Hutton Institute’s Science Stroll and is freely open to the public during daylight hours.

The Living Field CD- Rom
The Living Field CD-Rom is a free educational resource containing more than 300 pages of high quality images, sound, games and activity sheets linked to science and the environment in a stimulating, interactive and challenging manner. The CD-Rom reinforces science learning in Primary and early Secondary schools.

Find more information on The Living Field website.

Learning & Resources

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