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MycoNourish announced as finalist of Converge Challenge 2018

MycoNourish, a product designed by Hutton scientist Peter Orrell, has been announced as finalist of the Converge Challenge 2018, Scotland's leading higher education company creation programme.

Scottish rivers are warming, Hutton research shows

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute have found that waters in Scottish rivers are reaching record-breaking warm temperatures, which may have implications for rural economies across the country.

By comparing historical records kept by the Tulchan Estate with hydroclimatic datasets, Dr Rachel Helliwell and Dr Ina Pohle were able to spot an increase of 2-3°C in the water temperature of the river Spey over the last 105 years.

James Hutton Group welcomes UK-China seed potato deal

The James Hutton Institute and its commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited, have welcomed a deal which will allow the UK to export seed potato to China.

The agreement, signed by International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox during a recent visit to the country, is expected to bring major benefits to Scotland, with around 70% of the 100,000 tonnes of seed potatoes exported annually from the UK coming from Scottish farms.

The seed potato export market is already worth an annual £90 million to the UK, with some varieties fetching up to £900 per tonne.

Views sought on attitudes towards future of dairy farming in UK and Ireland

There has been public controversy in recent years about indoor dairy farming. Research has found that the public are concerned about environmental and welfare implications of a move away from pasture-based systems towards more year-round housing. However, no research has been carried out about farmers’ attitudes towards pasture-based and indoor systems.

Scottish hops a viable commercial crop, Hutton research finds

After a four-year trial which saw the first harvest of Scottish hops in recent decades, scientists from the James Hutton Institute have created a practical guide booklet for farmers interested in growing the crop, which highlights its commercial potential in Scotland.

The publication includes recommendations covering infrastructure, agronomic requirements, disease and pest threats, harvest and post-harvest handling.

Scotland's first vertical indoor farm unveiled at Hutton Dundee site

Scottish-based agritech business Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd has unveiled its first indoor vertical farming demonstration building at the James Hutton Institute near Dundee. The facility, formally opened by John Swinney, MSP for Perthshire North and Deputy First Minister of Scotland, is arguably the world's most technically advanced indoor farm.

Research to improve flavour of UK raspberries

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute are investigating the development of resilient flavour characteristics in UK raspberries, as part of Innovate UK-funded research into new fruit breeding models and decision support tools.

Hutton team declared best in the world in clay mineralogy

Researchers from the James Hutton Institute were named winners in a contest which is considered by some as the world championship in mineralogy. The results and the winners of the 2018 Reynolds Cup edition were presented at the Annual Clay Minerals Society meeting in Urbana-Champaign.

Corporate culture can impact the benefits of workplace sharing

Researchers from the James Hutton Institute have discovered the apparent benefits of workplace sharing with regards to reducing commuting times and CO2 emissions can be negated by corporate culture and organisational structure.

Using an agent-based model, a research method that simulates a diverse range of individual interactions in a computational environment, Hutton researchers explored this subject in greater detail.

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