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Ecosystem Approach Working Group

This page is no longer updated. The information presented here formed part of our previous areas of research. This has included research carried out on behalf of our research partners, commerical contracts and also the Scottish Goverment's Strategic research programme during the period 2011 - 2016.

Scottish Goverment LogoWe have left these pages here to provide background information on our previous areas of research. Further details on the RESAS strategic programme of research (2016-21) will be made available.

Further details on why we archive pages can be found on the following page.

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The main role of the Ecosystem Approach Working Group is to facilitate research partnerships, knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The Ecosystem Approach Working Group (EAWG) is part of the Ecosystem Services Theme, which is one of eight themes in the Scottish Government’s two strategic research programmes Environmental Change and Food and Rural Industries (2011-2016).

The Ecosystem Services Theme builds on the recent UK National Ecosystem Assessment and plans to develop cutting edge methods and approaches to understand the structure, function and interactions of Scottish ecosystems and how these deliver human benefits on a national, regional and local scale.

The main role of the EAWG is to facilitate research partnerships, knowledge exchange and collaboration within the two Research Programmes and with government agencies, NGOs and research consortia, as well as policymakers working in the areas of natural resource management and ecosystem services. In doing so, we strive to make our research on ecosystem services and the ecosystem approach up-to-date, responsive and relevant to policy and practice in Scotland.

Who is involved in EAWG?

Scottish Research Institutes


From 2014, the EAWG will hold one workshop per year as well as supporting engagement with policy teams and other events under the EAWG banner. The workshop will be hosted by one of the member organisations, with briefing papers circulated before each one, and a workshop report produced afterwards.

We welcome new members to the EAWG. Please contact us if you would like more information or to attend one of our meetings.


Areas of Interest

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