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Biotechnology Facility

GM technology is used to identify the best sources of genes to advance the sustainable production of high yielding crops.

Potato and barley transformation

The Biotechnology facility at the James Hutton Institute is a technical resource helping develop and deploy stable transformation (GM) and gene editing (GE) in crop species. We work collaboratively with research groups of the Hutton and the University of Dundee, Plant Sciences, to help organise and implement GM and GE experiments in potato and barley. These technologies are essential research tools in validating gene functions for important quality and sustainability traits.

Please contact us early in experimental planning and we will discuss all aspects of the process, from vector and experimental design all the way through to screening and validation of the modified plant material.


  • Barley (cv. Golden Promise)
  • Potato (cv. Desiree, ADG7540, Hermes – and more)


We are not providing on-site construct building, but can offer advice. Either make your own or use the Dundee University cloning service: contact Rachel Toth


We are happy to provide tissue culture training

Please contact us for more information

Species and Contstructs Workflow Mechanisims


Areas of Interest

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