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Internal components of AB3730
Capillaries of an AB3730 sequencer

Determination of nucleotide sequences remains an integral component of fundamental genetics and genomics-based research. Small-scale Sanger sequencing has been offered as a service at the site of the James Hutton Institute for over 30 years and continues to be used for routine validation of DNA cloning procedures.

Sanger sequencing

DNA sequencing using Sanger technology and also low-throughput genotyping are available as a service. Fluorescent sequencing and genotyping (SSRs) are analysed using a capillary-based Applied Biosystems AB3730 machine. The facility routinely processes around 50,000 samples per annum and provides a full template-to-sequence service to both Institute users and external customers.

Please contact Clare Macaulay for further information, including template requirements and pricing.



Areas of Interest

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