Our impact

Our science is supporting and finding solutions for the national and international commitment goals to zero hunger, sustainable land and natural resources management, climate change, plant diversity, clean water, energy, biodiversity and the economy.

We collaborate and work in numerous global locations, exchanging knowledge, impact, innovation, skills, learning and experience. An investment in our science is an investment in all of our future.


Gross added value

contributed to the global economy


plant varieties

bred by the James Hutton Institute, its commercial subsidiaries and predecessors.


Years of breeding

experience by the James Hutton Institute, its commercial subsidiaries and predecessors

Explore a selection of recent case studies that spotlight some of our areas of research.

Developing a system capable of rapidly analysing data tracking the presence of the virus in wastewater samples.
Helping potato breeders and growers stay ahead of the constantly-evolving threat of new strains of the late blight pathogen.
Almost half of blackcurrants grown around the world and virtually all British-grown blackcurrants, are from varieties bred by the Institute.

We host a number of important scientific research facilities, collections and resources that are critical to the work that we do.

Soil map

Open science

Our areas of expertise are underpinned by an open science approach that aims to make the knowledge gained from research openly available, to as many as possible, as soon as possible.

It involves the sharing of outputs including publications, data, code, sources, methods, instruments and any other output from which others could benefit.

We make our scientific data information and tools accessible and usable online and virtually. We believe in sharing our knowledge to the benefit of all of society.

Open campus

We encourage people to visit our sites and to co-locate with us. It fosters collaboration and an excellent working environment for creative, solution-focused thinking.

We have various spaces available for hire across our Dundee, Aberdeen and Glensaugh sites.

With brand new facilities and buildings being developed in both Aberdeen and Dundee, we can ensure you will have access to modern spaces with the latest AV and VR technologies.

World-leading plant science delivering innovative solutions for food and environmental sustainability.
Climate-Positive Farming Initiative, tackling the climate and biodiversity crises with transformative farming and technological innovations.
Promoting innovative and transformative research solutions for sustainable water management.
A centre of excellence in barley research, innovation and knowledge exchange