Research projects

Our research has impact. Not only in Scotland but across the rest of the world.

We look at the physical elements of landscapes such as mountains, hills and water bodies. We consider living elements such as soil and vegetation. And we research different geographic characteristics and activities such as human land uses and the impact of climate change and the nature crisis on it all.

Our science is carried out in laboratories and glasshouses, field plots and farms, in villages and towns, in Scotland and abroad, often in collaboration with others.

Find out more about our pioneering research below:

Edward Vinson Ltd are working with our soft fruit group to streamline both their crop phenotyping and selection processes.
Improving household health and food security by promoting agroecological community-based food production.
Analysing current varieties of barley to determine how these can be enhanced to improve yield.
Finding new ways to tackle complex policy issues at the nexus between water, energy and food resources
Making genetically diverse crops more competitive to support EU strategies for sustainable agrifood chains.
Producing potato varieties that are heat-tolerant, early maturing, resistant to late blight, viral diseases and high yielding.