Innovation centres

Our innovation centres stand as beacons of hope in addressing pressing global challenges. With an unwavering dedication to meeting the escalating demands for food, energy and water within the constraints of finite natural resources.

Our centres are at the forefront of pioneering solutions. Focused on the vital aspects of water management, barley cultivation, advancements in green energy and the relentless pursuit of technological innovations, these centres serve as crucibles for ground-breaking ideas and practical applications.

Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC)

World-leading plant science delivering innovative solutions for food and environmental sustainability.

The APGC is a project championed by The James Hutton Institute alongside industry and academic partners. As part of the Tay Cities Region Deal funding, the APGC received an overall investment package of £27 million to develop two institute-led innovation centre projects.


Home of our Climate-Positive Farming Initiative, tackling the climate and biodiversity crises with transformative farming and technological innovations.

Our research farm at Glensaugh in Aberdeenshire is at the centre of ground-breaking work to help make agriculture more sustainable and environmentally-friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, supporting biodiversity and helping farms become self-sufficient in renewable energy.

Hydro Nation International Centre (HNIC)

Brings together a critical mass of the Scottish water research community to focus on developing talent, promoting innovation, supporting expertise and maximising outcomes that can be applied in any global context.

It contributes to Scotland’s continued efforts to become the world’s first Hydro Nation – one that manages its water environment to the best advantage and uses its expertise at home and internationally.

International Barley Hub (IBH)

A platform to promote excellence in barley science and promote collaboration across the scientific, industrial and commercial sectors.

The impact of the IBH will see new discoveries in barley and their effective translation into wider economic, social and commercial benefits, ensuring this economically important industry minimises its environmental footprint and diversifies for environmental and social benefit.

International Land Use Study Centre (ILUSC)

Enabling land-based science that makes a difference.

ILUSC is advancing transdisciplinary research into land use, through the development and promotion of collaborative methodological approaches. Home to the Institute’s new Immersive Nature-Based Solutions Space, ILUSC is a centre of excellence for immersive and visual methods research, with a strong emphasis on capacity building and enabling effective working across the science/policy interface”.

National Potato Innovation Centre (NPIC)

We are proposing to establish and manage a National Potato Innovation Centre (NPIC). We are internationally renowned for potato science and the UK’s biggest research and development centre for potatoes.

The NPIC will work with the whole sector to deliver solutions to industry and will comprise a state-of-the-art innovation centre that will work in partnership with all stakeholders – academia, industry and government.