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RD 1.2.4 Effectiveness of water management

RD 1.2.4 Effectiveness of water management

This project contains several strands of research that focus on how can enable and implement improvements in water management.  It draws on a mixture of disciplinary skills and expertises, particularly the social sciences.  Contact Kerry Waylen for more information about this work.

There are currently three ongoing projects:

One project has already completed:

  • Analysing the efficacy of farmer visits  This project assessed the efficacy of farmer visits in changing behaviour in priority catchments, based on SEPA's data collected during past visits. This project completed in mid 2017.

In addition we have strong links with the following projects:

Project Information
Project Type: 
Active Project
SEFARI – Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research InstitutesSEFARI is the collective of six Scottish world-leading Research Institutes working across the spectrum of environment, land, food, agriculture and communities – all topics which affect how we live our lives, in Scotland and beyond.


Areas of Interest

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