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Adrian Worton

Staff picture: Adrian Worton
Ecological Sciences
Ecological Sciences
PhD Student
+44 (0)1786 467452

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Adrian Worton is a first-year PhD student based at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen and the University of Stirling. I am primarily based at the latter where I also teach various classes in the Mathematics department. I graduated from a BSc (Honours) degree in Mathematics and its Applications at the University of Stirling in 2012.

Current research interests

PhD Studentship

My project aims to predict how changes in factors such as temperature, woodland cover and wildlife numbers across Scotland will affect tick-borne diseases, in particular Louping-ill and Lyme disease. To achieve this I will be using Geographical Information Software (GIS) to implement mathematical models I have designed.

Supervisors: Dr Lucy Gilbert (James Hutton Institute) and Professor Rachel Norman (University of Stirling).

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