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Development and molecular characterisation of somatic embryogenesis in potato Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 1.53 MB
The Potato Genome Sequencing Initiative Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 2.78 MB
The Potato Genome Sequencing Initiative Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 3.24 MB
Understanding transport processes at catchment scales Sarah Dunn 284.5 KB
Incorporating a spatially dynamic conceptualization of dominant processes into hydrological models Sarah Dunn 506.65 KB
Assessing the inherent vulnerability of Scotland to nitrate pollution as a function of climate Sarah Dunn 532.02 KB
From perceptual representation to numerical model: quantifying the influence of spatial information carriers in a numerical model Sarah Dunn 640.27 KB
Natal dispersal of mountain hare leverets in Scotland: the effects of harvesting Scott Newey 263.18 KB
Natal dispersal or mountain hare leverets in Scotland: the effects of harvesting Scott Newey 368.87 KB
The use of PIT tag technology to assess individual use of supplementary feed Scott Newey 395.44 KB
Can parasites drive population cycles in mountain hares? Scott Newey 173.09 KB
Deer decomposition tudy Scott Newey 7.44 MB
Effect of Delphinidin and Resveratrol on Oxidative Stress: Impact on Endothelial Cell Survival and Vascular Function Sherine Deakin 739.32 KB
Multifunctional role of Potato mop-top virus movement protein TGB2 Smija Mariam Kurian 1.02 MB
Geometrical Modelling for 3D Laser Microdissection Smija Mariam Kurian 485.81 KB
Ticks and tick-borne diseases in Scotland. Steve Albon 339.56 KB
Effects of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) on terrestrial molluscs Stewart Rhind 237.08 KB
Low-intensity sheep grazing store carbon and conserves upland species Stuart Smith et al 509.29 KB
Malting quality interactions of barley cultivar mixtures from the UK and Poland Stuart Swanston 206.31 KB
A cereal variety mixture - What’s in it? Stuart Swanston 112.76 KB
Do components of barley variety mixtures converge for malting quality attributes? Stuart Swanston 45.64 KB
A Turbidity Test for a Genetic Component of Spirit Yield in Wheat Stuart Swanston 359.57 KB
Hulless Barley Mutants may Improve Alcohol Yields and Reduce Energy Use in Malt Whisky Distilling Stuart Swanston 754.56 KB
Investigating the suitability of blueberry germplasm for UK production and developing tools for long term breeding Susan McCallum 250.84 KB
Plant-mediated effects of drought on predator-prey interactions Tiffany Aslam 821.13 KB
Plant-Pathogen Interactions; Implications for the Plant Metabolome Tim Miller 373.05 KB
Metabolite profiling of cuticular waxes from Solanum species Tom Shepherd 361.53 KB
Technology, gadgets and energy feedback - A research project comparing total household energy feedback with disaggregated (individual appliance) feedback Tony Craig 649 KB
Capsella bursa-pastoris L. Medik. (shepherd’s purse) myxospermous seed mucilage mechanically stabilises clay soil Wenni Deng 3.59 MB
Novel Brassica IPM strategies: Exploiting below-ground host recognition cues William Deasy 547.84 KB
How do cultivar mixtures perform under defined soil tillage regimes? Adrian Newton 411.09 KB
Deployment of disease resistance in barley: theoretical expectations and interactions with cultivation methods Adrian Newton 875.34 KB
Assessing the contribution of component cultivars to malting quality yield and disease in complex cultivar mixtures Adrian Newton 917.88 KB
Adaptation of cropping systems in northern latitudes to environmental change: consequences for food security Adrian Newton 1.67 MB
Barley cultivar mixtures in theory and practice Adrian Newton 56.81 KB
Disease resistance mapping in spring barley Adrian Newton 372.11 KB
The effect of inoculum pressure fertiliser and component number on severity of mildew and scald yield and malting quality in mixtures of barley cultivars Adrian Newton 156.62 KB
Resistance elicitors as crop protectants Adrian Newton 197.19 KB
The effects of spatial scaling in host heterogeneity on epidemics of a plant pathogen Adrian Newton 314.04 KB
Adaping our crop and soil systems to climate change Adrian Newton 755.92 KB
PVY transmission by aphids: implications of the host plant and the virus isolate Ahmad Al-Mrabeh 2.19 MB
Investigations Into Molecular Interactions Between Potato Virus Y and Myzus persicae Ahmad Al-Mrabeh 2.32 MB
Does root morphology and nutrient acquisition explain life history traits in ecotypes of Capsella bursa-pastoris? Alison Karley 175.16 KB
Root responses to low nutrients in Capsella bursa-pastoris and Arabidopsis thaliana Alison Karley 278.02 KB
Investigating factors affecting infection of potato by Spongospora subterranea Alison Lees 737.38 KB
Eucablight – A Late Blight Network for Europe Alison Lees 513.17 KB
Tracking Late Blight in the Field Alison Lees 118.5 KB
Using molecular tools to investigate the role of tuber and soil-borne inoculum of Phytophthora infestans Alison Lees 775.52 KB
Eucablight (QLRT-2000-00971) Alison Lees 922.21 KB
Intercellular Targeting Of A Viral Movement Protein To Plasmodesmata Alison Roberts 1.86 MB

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A Scottish charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland No SC374831.
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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.