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Potassium Deficiency and JA-dependent Responses to Biotic Stress in Barley Jayne Davis 1.33 MB
Potassium deficiency and defence signalling Jayne Davis 1.72 MB
Potassium Deficiency and JA-dependent Responses to Biotic Stress in Barley Jayne Davis 216.78 KB
Investigations into the biology of C. coccodes Jennie Brierley 224.06 KB
Diagnostic testing for seed- and soil-borne diseases Jennie Brierley 215.92 KB
Black Dot Control Measures Jennie Brierley 122.08 KB
Diagnostics - improving management decisions Jennie Brierley 115.05 KB
Validating predictive diagnostics for soil-borne potato diseases Jennie Brierley 403.39 KB
Can AM Fungi Recolonise Arable Fields from Refugia? Jennifer Kennedy 568.51 KB
An update on the GERMINATE project the database and tools Jennifer Lee 791.72 KB
Germinate: A Database for Plant Genetic Resources Jennifer Lee 1.86 MB
A virus-induced quasi-organelle for ribonucleoprotein complex sorting Jens Tilsner 1.45 MB
Detection of Phytophthora in plants by the Polymerase Chain Reaction JM Duncan 65.8 KB
Relationships Within and Between Phytophthora and Other Oomycetes as Revealed by Two Types of Molecular Markers JM Duncan 244.61 KB
Unprecedented Genetic Diversity of Barley Epiheterodendrin Joanne Russell 94.87 KB
A genetical analysis of resistance to late blight in the foliage and tubers of potato cultivar Stirling John Bradshaw 110.69 KB
Understanding and improving flavour and texture in potatoes John Bradshaw 659.29 KB
Potato cultivar Lady Balfour an example of breeding for organic production John Bradshaw 416 KB
European Alternative Splicing Network John Brown 854.82 KB
Plant Exon and Intron Splicing Enhancers John Brown 280.32 KB
The plant nucleolus functions in mRNA export and NMD John Brown 326.58 KB
The Plant Nucleolus: functions in mRNA export or NMD? John Brown 894.31 KB
European Alternative Splicing Network of Excellence (EURASNET) John Brown 353.89 KB
Metabolite Peak Identification and Data Structure in a Multi-Site Large Scale Metabolomics Experiment John Draper 135.02 KB
Practical benefits of a genome sequence for the white potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida John Jones 150.59 KB
Genomics and interactions betwen PCN and potato John Jones 1.14 MB
Stacking of novel anti-nematode and anti-feeding site factors to obtain resistance against plant parasitic nematodes John Jones 183.05 KB
Isolation and characterisation of genes expressed during the early stages of insect infection by Steinernema carpocapsae John Jones 141.15 KB
Functional Analysis of a Potato Cyst Nematode (Globodera pallida) Effector Protein John Jones 624.06 KB
Genetic Structure and diversity in Hordeum vulgare species Jordi Comadran 387.49 KB
Association Genetics of UK Elite Barley Jordi Comadran 877.79 KB
How does Association Genetics work in barley? Jordi Comadran 200.07 KB
Meta-analysis of multi-environmental trial data reveals major loci controlling yield related traits in barley in Mediterranean environments Jordi Comadran 307.95 KB
Two row-Spring barley Association Panel - A resource for fine-mapping saccharification yield and crop biofuel-related traits Jordi Comadran 1.66 MB
Detection and assessment of genetic factors influencing quality in a cross between European and North American malting quality varieties JS Swanston 647.87 KB
Expression profiles of RXLR motif-containing sequences during Phytophthora infestans-potato interactions Juan Morales 1.4 MB
Screening potato genotypes for responses to RxLR class effector genes from Phytophthora infestans Juan Morales 428.64 KB
The Use Of Genomics Technologies In Contemporary Rubus And Ribes Breeding Programmes Julie Graham 128.67 KB
Declines in wild raspberry populations may limit the genetic resource for future raspberry breeding Julie Graham 801.98 KB
Genetic Resistance To Raspberry Root Rot Reducing Fungicide Usage Julie Graham 127.94 KB
Marker assisted breeding Julie Graham 352.95 KB
Determination of non-steady-state fluxes and kinetic information using stable isotope labelling and metabolite pool size data: theory and application Junli Liu 212.02 KB
What are the implications of variation in root hair length on P-limited yield in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)? Karen Brown 674.12 KB
Comparing Carbon Fixation Between Two Species Of The Marine Diatom Thalassiosira Karen Brown 98.13 KB
Variation in rooting habit of potatoes: potential for improving resource capture Karen Brown 461.1 KB
Pilot study to investigate the variation in rooting habit of potatoes: initial screen and field trial Karen Brown 311.98 KB
Strategies for fine mapping and isolation of resistance QTLs on Linkage Groups IV of Potato Karen McLean 207.52 KB
Mapping resistance to Late Blight in two S.verrucosum populations Karen McLean 290.72 KB
Mapping polygenic Potato Cyst Nematode (PCN) resistance in a tetraploid population of potato Karen McLean 168.9 KB
What are you doing to me? Kathryn Wright 3.7 MB

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.