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Hrynkiewicz, K., Toljander Y.K., Baum C., Fransson P.M.A., Taylor A.F.S. & Weih M.  2012,  Correspondence of ectomycorrhizal diversity and colonisation of willows (Salix spp.) grown in short rotation coppice on arable sites and adjacent natural stands Mycorrhiza. Published online..
Balana, B.B., Muys B., Haregeweyn N., Descheemaeker K., Deckers J., Poesen J., Nyssen J. & Mathijs E.  2012,  Cost-benefit analysis of soil and water conservation measures: The case of exclosures in northern Ethiopia Forest Policy and Economics. 15:27-36.
Pocar, P., Fiandanese N., Secchi C., Berrini A., Fischer B., Schmidt J.S., Schaedlich K., Rhind S.M., Zhang Z. & Borromeo V.  2012,  Effects of polychlorinated biphenyls in CD-1 mice: reproductive toxicity and intergenerational transmission Toxicological Sciences. 123:213-226.
Picon-Cochard, C., Pilon R., Tarroux E., Pages L., Robertson J. & Dawson L.A.  2012,  Effects of species, root branching order and season on the root traits of 13 perennial grass species Plant and Soil. 353:47-57.
Ferreira, L.M.M., Celaya R., Santos A.S., Guedes C.M.V., Rodrigues M.A.M., Mayes R.W. & Osoro K.  2012,  Evaluation of long-chain alcohols as diet composition markers in goats grazing heathland areas Animal. 6:683-0692.
Meharg, A.A., Edwards K.J., Schofield J.E., Raab A., Feldmann J., Moran A., Bryant C.L., Thornton B. & Dawson J.J.C.  2012,  First comprehensive peat depositional records for tin, lead and copper associated with the antiquity of Europe’s largest cassiterite deposits Journal of Archaeological Science. 39:717-727.
Evans, D.M., Barnard P., Koh L.P., Chapman C.A., Altwegg R., Garner T.W.J., Gompper M.E., Gordon I.J. & Katzner Pettorell T.E.N.  2012,  Funding nature conservation: who pays? Animal Conservation, Published online.
Bjorgsen Gurung, A., Wymann von Dach S., Price M.F., Aspinall R., Balsiger J., Baron J.S., Sharma E., Greenwood G. & Kohler T.  2012,  Global change and the world's mountains: research needs and emerging themes for sustainable development. A synthesis from the 2010 Perth II conference Mountain Research and Development. 32:S47-S54.
Littlewood, N.A., Pakeman R.J. & Pozsgai G.  2012,  Grazing impacts on Auchenorrhyncha diversity and abundance on a Scottish upland estate Insect Conservation and Diversity. 5:67-74.
Fowler, P.A., Bellingham M., Sinclair K.D., Evans N.P., Pocar P., Fischer B., Schaedlich K., Schmidt J.S., Amazegal M.R., Bhattacharya S., Rhind S.M. & O'Shaughnessy P.J.  2012,  Impact of endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs) on female reproductive health Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology. 355:231-239.
Phoenix, G.K., Emmett Britton B.A.A.J., Caporn S.J.M., Dise N.B., Helliwell R.C., Jones L., Leake J.R., Leith I.D., Sheppard L.J., Sowerby A., Pilkington M.G., Ashmorek M.R. & Power S.A.  2012,  Impacts of atmospheric nitrogen deposition: responses of multiple plant and soil parameters across contrasting ecosystems in long-term field experiments Global Change Biology. 18:1197-1215.
Beale, C.M. & Lennon J.J.  2012,  Incorporating uncertainty in predictive species distribution modelling Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. 367:247-258.
Leonardi, G., Vahter M., Clemens F., Goessler W., Gurzau E., Hemminiki K., Hough R.L., Koppova K., Kumar R., Rudnai P., Surdu S. & Fletcher T.  2012,  Inorganic arsenic and basal eell carcinoma in areas of Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia: A case-control study Environmental Health Perspectives. 120:721-726.
Balana, B.B., Lago M., Baggaley N., Castellazzi M., Sample J., Stutter M., Slee B. & Vinten A.J.A.  2012,  Integrating economic and biophysical data in assessing cost-effectiveness of buffer strip placement Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:380-388.
Stockan, J.A., Langan S.J. & Young M.R.  2012,  Investigating riparian margins for vegetation patterns and plant-environment relationships in northeast Scotland Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:364-372.
Rhee, Y.J., Hillier S. & Gadd G.M.  2012,  Lead transformation to pyromorphite by fungi Current Biology. 22:237-241.
Blackstock, K.L., Waylen K.A., Dunglinson J. & Marshall K.M.  2012,  Linking process to outcomes - internal and external criteria for a stakeholder involvement in River Basin Management Planning Ecological Economics. Published online.
Shibu, M.E., van Keulen H. & Leffelaar P.A.  2012,  Long-term dynamics of soil C and N in intensive rice-based cropping systems of the Indo-Gangetic Plains (IGP): A modelling approach Ecological Modelling. 232:40-63.
Gilbert, L., Williamson K.A. & Graves J.A.  2012,  Male attractiveness regulates daughter fecundity non-genetically via maternal investment Proceedings Royal Society of London, B.. 279:523-528.
Pariser, E.C., Gilbert L., Hazon N., Arnold K.E. & Graves J.A.  2012,  Mind the gap: the ration of yolk androgens and antioxidants varies between sons and daughters dependent on paternal attractiveness Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 66:519-527.
Iavazzo, P., Adamo P., Boni M., Hillier S. & Zampella M.  2012,  Mineralogy and chemical forms of lead and zinc in abandoned mine wastes and soils: an example from Morocco Journal of Geochemical Exploration. 113:56-67.
Grundy, K.C., Woodward S., Genney D.R. & Taylor A.F.S.  2012,  A molecular approach to explore the extent of the threatened fungus Hypocreopsisrhododendri within wood Fungal Biology. 116:354-362.
Soloviy, I., Nijnik M. & Ilkiv K.  2012,  Mountain forestry policy and strategies in response to climate change challenges: the case of the Ukrainian Carpathians Journal of Economy and Ecology..
Armitage, H.F., Britton A.J., van der Wal R., Pearce S., Thompson D.B.A. & Woodin S.J.  2012,  Nitrogen deposition enhances moss growth but leads to overall decline in habitat condition in mountain moss-edge heath Global Change Biology. 18:290-300.
Old, G.H., Naden P.S., Granger S.J., Bilotta G.S., Brazier R.E., Macleod C.J.A., Krueger T., Bol R., Hawkins J.M.B., Haygarth P. & Freer J.  2012,  A novel application of natural fluorescence to understand the sources and transport pathways of pollutants from livestock farming in small headwater catchments Science of the Total Environment. 417:169-182.
Roberts, W.M., Stutter M.I. & Haygarth P.M.  2012,  Phosphorus retention and remobilization in vegetated buffer strips: a review Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:389-399.
Nielsen, U.N., Osler G.H.R., Campbell C.D., Burslem D.F.R.P. & van der Wal R.  2012,  Predictors of fine-scale spatial variation in soil mite and microbe community composition differ between biotic groups and habitats Pedobiologia. 55:83-91.
Lloyd, L.J., Foster T., Rhodes P., Rhind S.M. & Gardner D.S.  2012,  Protein energy malnutrition during early gestation in sheep blunts fetal renal vascular and nephron development and compromises adult renal function Journal of Physiology. 590:377-393.
Stutter, M.I., Shand C.A., George T.S., Blackwell M.S.A., Bol R., Mackay R.L., Richardson A.E., Condron L.M., Turner B.L. & Haygrath P.M.  2012,  Recovering phosphorus from soil - A root solution? Environmnetal Science and Technology. 46:1977-1978.
Dunn, S.M., Brown I., Sample J. & Post H.  2012,  Relationships between climate, water resources, land use and diffuse pollution and the significance of uncertainty in climate change Journal of Hydrology. 434:19-35.
Haregeweyn, N., Melese B., Tsunekawa A., Tsubo M., Meshesha D. & Balana B.  2012,  Reservoir sedimentation and its mitigating strategies: a case study of Angereb reservoir (NW Ethiopia) Journal of Soil and Sediments. 12:291-305.
Stutter, M.I., Chardon W.J. & Kronvang B.  2012,  Riparian buffer strips as a multifunctional management tool in agricultural landscapes: introduction Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:297-303.
Hough, R.L., Booth P., Avery L.M., Rhind S.M., Crews C., Bacon J., Campbell C.D. & Tompkins D.  2012,  Risk assessment of the use of PAS100 green composts in sheep and cattle production in Scotland Waste Management. 32:117-130.
Ibarra, J.T., Galvez N., Gimona A., Altamirano T.A., Rojas I., Hester A.J., Laker A.J. & Bonacic C.  2012,  Rufous-legged owl (Strix rufipes) and Austral pygmy owl (Glaucidium nanum) stand use in a gradient of disrupted and old growth Andean temperate forests, Chile Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment, Published online..
Littlewood, N.A., Stewart A.J.A. & Woodcock B.A.  2012,  Science into practice - how can fundamental science contribute to better management of grasslands for invertebrates? Insect Conservation and Diversity. 5:1-8.
Busby, J. & Duckett D.  2012,  Social risk amplification as an attribution: the case of zoonotic disease outbreaks Journal of Risk Research. Published online. :1-26.
Smith, P., Albanito F., Bell M., Bellarby J., Blagodatskiy S., Datta A., Dondini M., Fitton N., Flynn H., Hastings A., Hillier J., Jones E.O., Kuhnert M., Nayak D.R., Pogson M., Richards M., Sozanska-Stanton G., Wang S., Yeluripati J.B., Bottoms E., Brown C., Farmer J., Feliciano D., Hao C., Robertson A., Vetter S., Man Wong H. & Smith J.  2012,  Systems approaches in global change and biogeochemistry research Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Series B. Biological Sciences.. 367:311-321.
Bergfur, J., Demars B.O.L., Stutter M.I., Langan S.J. & Friberg N.  2012,  The Tarland Catchment Initiative and its effect on stream water quality and macroinvertebrate indices Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:314-321.
Aitkenhead, M.J., Owen M. & Chambers D.M.  2012,  Use of artificial neural networks in measuring characteristics of shielded radioactive plutonium for arms control Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry.. 27:432-439.
Meier-Augenstein, W., Chartrand M.M.G., Kemp H.F. & St-Jean G.  2011,  An inter-laboratory comparative study into sample preparation for both reproducible and repeatable forensic 2H isotope analysis of human hair by continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 25:3331-3338.
Kerchev, P.I., Pellny T.K., Vivancos P.D., Kiddle G., Hedden P., Driscoll S., Vanacker H., Verrier P., Hancock R.D. & Foyer C.H.  2011,  The transcription factor ABI4 is required for the ascorbic acid-dependant regulation of growth and regulation of Jasmonate-dependant defense signalling pathways in Arabidopis Plant Cell. 23:3319-3334.
Bouwman, F.G., de Roos B., Rubio-Aliaga I., Crosley L.K., Duthie S.J., Mayer C.D., Horgan G.W., Polley A.C., Heim C., Coort S.L., Evelo C.T., Mulholland F., Johnson I.T., Elliott R.M., Daniel H. & Mariman E.C.  2011,  2D-electrophoresis and multiplex immunoassay proteomic analysis of different body fluids and cellular components reveal known and novel markers for extended fasting BMC Medical Genomics. 4:-Article24.
Holobinko, A., Meier-Augenstein W., Kemp H.F., Prowse T. & Ford S.M.  2011,  2H stable isotope composition of human tooth enamel: a new tool for forensic human provenancing? Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 25:910-916.
Hill, P.W., Quilliam R.S., DeLuca T.H., Farrar J., Farrell M., Roberts P., Newsham K.K., Hopkins D.W., Bardgett R.D. & Jones D.L.  2011,  Acquisition and assimilation of nitrogen as peptide-bound and D-enantiomers of amino acids by wheat PLoS One. 6:-e19220.
Sun, X.L., Gilroy E.M., Chini A., Nurmberg P.L., Hein I., Lacomme C., Birch P.R.J., Hussain A., Yun B.W. & Loake G.J.  2011,  ADS1 encodes a MATE-transporter that negatively regulates plant disease resistance New Phytologist. 192:471-482.

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