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Justin Irvine

Staff picture: Justin Irvine
Ecological Sciences
+44 (0)844 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK

My research has focused on understanding the mechanisms governing the population regulation in free ranging herbivores with an emphasis on the role that disease plays in the dynamics of these ecosystems. Current work focuses on the relative impacts of wild and domestic herbivores on the biodiversity and conservation of upland in the light of climate and land-use change.

I am developing an interdisciplinary approach to link the above work on grazing ecology with social and economic scientists in order to tackle the management of natural resources using hunting as a lens. This has lead to a RELU funded project entitled Collaborative frameworks in land management: A case study on integrated deer management to address conflicts over land-use objectives. Further to this, I coordinate an EU FP7 project looking at the role of hunting for the conservation of biodiversity in Europe and Africa and a Defra funded Darwin grant developing community based natural resource management approaches in the Ethiopian highlands.


Justin's highlighted publications

  • Collaborative frameworks in land management: a case study on integrated deer management., Irvine, R.J.; Fiorini, S.; Yearley, S.; McLeod, J.E..; Turner, A.; Armstrong, H.; van der Wal, R.; Macmillan, D.C.; Mayle, B.; O'Brien, L..; White, R.M.; Dandy, N.; Philip, S.; White, P.C.L., (2010) End of Award Report for the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme. Reference Number 224-25-0014. Submitted to Economic and Social Research Council, Swindon.

Justin's most recent publications

  • Development and application of a delayed-release anthelmintic intra-ruminal bolus system for experimental manipulation of nematode worm burdens., Carlsson, A.M.; Wilson, K.; Irvine, J., (2012) Parasitology. Published online
  • Cumbria report - An integrated approach to deer management., Davies, A.; Irvine, R.J., (2011) Report to Deer Initiative.
  • Mapping tools for collaborative deer management., Davies, A.; Irvine, R.J., (2011) Report to Cairngorms Speyside Deer Management Group.
  • Hunting for sustainability., Irvine, R.J.; Fischer, A.; Skogen, K.; Sandstrom, C.; Hanley, N.D.; Arroyo, B.; Milner-Gulland, E.J.; Linnell, J.; Redpath, S.M., (2011) 2nd Periodic Report to European Commission.
  • Building natural resource monitoring capacity in Ethiopia's key Afro-montane ecosystems (CAMP- Community Afromontane Monitoring Project)., Irvine, R.J.; Laurenson, K.; Wakijra, D., (2011) 2nd Annual Report to Darwin.
  • Developing methods to monitor performance and health of deer RP64 final report 2008 - 2010., Brassey, R.; Armstrong, H.; Goddard, P.; Perez-Barberia, J.; Irvine, R.J., (2010) Final report on Project RO 64 to Deer Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage.
  • Developing methodologies for assessing diffuse deer impacts in the wider countryside., Irvine, R.J.; Pearce, I.; van der Wal, R.; Fiorini, S., (2008) SEERAD FF Nick Halfide/Mike Daniels. Final Report to RERAD, including activities in the extension period January - March 2008.

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  • Craigiebuckler Aberdeen AB15 8QH Scotland
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