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Robbie Waugh

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Recent publications

Staff picture: Robbie Waugh
Cell and Molecular Sciences
+44 (0)844 928 5428 (*)

The James Hutton Institute
Dundee DD2 5DA
Scotland UK

Current positions

  • Grade 2 IMP (Individual Scientific Merit Promotion), Cell and Molecular Sciences, James Hutton Institute
  • Personal Chair in Crop Genomics, Division of Plant Sciences, University of Dundee
  • Member of Board of Trustees, The Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich
  • Member of Board, ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls, Adelaide


Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2013


  • BSc from Strathclyde University
  • PhD from University of Dundee

Current research interests 

My research focuses on developing and applying the resources necessary to enable genetic analysis to single gene resolution in cultivated barley. I have concentrated on three major research elements:

  • assembling and utilising germplasm suited to high resolution genetic analysis
  • developing molecular tools and approaches that facilitate gene identification and validation
  • contributing to international efforts to derive a reference barley genome sequence.

I explore areas of biology that are both academically and practically interesting and that have resulted in either historical advances during the process of domestication, cultivation, and breeding and/or offer further potential for improvement in the future. I am particularly interested by the translational potential of genetics/genomics in crop improvement.


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  • Wang, M.H., Jiang, N., Jia, T.Y., Leach, L., Cockram, J., Waugh, R., Ramsay, L., Thomas, B., Luo, Z.W. 2012. Genome-wide association mapping of agronomic and morphologic traits in highly structured populations of barley cultivars. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124, 233-246.
  • Shahinnia, F., Druka, A., Frankowiak, J., Morgante, M., Waugh, R. and Stein, N. 2012. High resolution mapping of dense spike-ar ( to the genetic centromere of barley chromosome 7H. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124, 373-384.
  • Higgins, J.D., Perry, R.M., Barakate, A., Ramsay, L., Waugh, R., Halpin, C., Armstrong, S.J. and Franklin, F. C.H. 2012. Spatiotemporal asymmetry of recombination initiation and prophase I progression underlies the predominantly distal distribution of meiotic crossovers in Barley. The Plant Cell 24, 4096-4109.
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  • Russell, J., Dawson, I.K., Flavell, A.J., Steffenson, B., Weltzien, E., Booth, A., Ceccarelli, S., Grando, S., and Waugh R. 2011.)Genome- and chromosome-level evaluation of SNP diversity in geographically-matched samples of landraces and wild barleys from the Fertile Crescent: lessons for evolution and domestication. New Phytologist 191, 564–578.
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Scientific posters/conferences

File An update on the GERMINATE project the database and tools 791.72 KB
File The Genotype Visualisation Tool (GVT) 1.07 MB
File The Plant Genomics Database Infrastructure at the Scottish Crop Research Institute 424.92 KB
File Barley SNP Databases and GVT 2.05 MB
File The Visualization and Analysis of Barley SNPs 817.23 KB
File Barley Mutant and SNP Databases at SCRI 993.59 KB
File Germinate 2 A Platform for Storage and Analysis of Experimental Plant Data 4.72 MB
File Bioinformatics Resources at the Scottish Crop Research Institute 1.58 MB
File Germinate 2: Storage Visualization and Analysis of High Volume Genotypic Phenotypic and Pedigree Data 992.31 KB
File Levels of intra-specific AFLP diversity in tuber bearing potato species with different breeding systems and ploidy levels 275.19 KB
File Single nucleotide polymorphism discovery and mapping in barley 4.01 MB
File Allele-Specific Differential Gene Expression in Two Barley Cultivars and Reciprocal F1 Hybrids 2.87 MB
File Genome-wide SNP discovery and linkage analysis in barley based on genes responsive to abiotic stress 4.63 MB
File Barley Nec1 gene is a homologue of the Arabidopsis Hlm1 encoding the cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel 4 4.27 MB
File Association Genetics of UK Elite Barley 877.79 KB
File Steptoe x Morex - the weakest link? 1.11 MB
File Association Genetics of UK Elite Barley (AGOUEB) 348.03 KB
File Two row-Spring barley Association Panel - A resource for fine-mapping saccharification yield and crop biofuel-related traits 1.66 MB
File Genetic dissection of barley morphology and development 6.63 MB
File Transcript-Level Variation in Barley Seedling Leaves Challenged with Puccinia hordei and the Molecular Basis of Partial Resistance to Leaf Rust 1.16 MB
File Manipulating meiosis: crossovers from Arabidopsis to crops 772.81 KB
File Control of Meiotic Recombination in Barley 894.59 KB
File Meiotic Recombination in Barley
881.97 KB

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