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The James Hutton Institute often uses video/web conferencing when holding meetings with those outside of the institute.

Videoconferencing facilities

Our Aberdeen and Dundee sites have dedicated video conferencing facilities connected to Webex at, as well as the abililty to join meetings from the desk.

If you want to have a video conference with us, the person who is inviting you from the Hutton will send you a Webex invite which will have details of how you can join, including:

  1. Install the Webex Meetings app on your computer or mobile device. You can install the Webex Meetings app if you are allowed, which allows you to connect quickly to any of our meetings.
  2. Join using your internet browser without installing anything. This is often your easiest option, as you don't install anything, and if you're using Firefox or Chrome as your browser, you can see and share video and content.
  3. Join using your own video conferencing equipment or software. If you have video conferencing equipment or software that you want to use, the invite will include a SIP address (looks a bit like an email address) or an IP address if you use H323. Your video conferencing administrator should be able to help you with which to use if you don't know.
  4. Join from Skype for Business. If you use Skype for Business, an address is provided to connect from there too, although we'd recommend you try using your internet browser on your PC first.
  5. Call in. You can simply call in by telephone. Numbers in most countries around the world are available for you to dial into and join the meeting by phone.

Note: we cannot connect to ISDN-based video conferencing systems.

During a meeting with the Hutton you can choose to let others see you by sending video, and you can see those that have chosen to do the same. You can also see the presenter's desktop or documents if they wish to share them with you, and you can share yours too during a meeting if you need to.

If you have been invited to attend a Webex meeting and intend to join from your computer, you can read our guide on how to take part in a Webex meeting.

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