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It may have felt cold this June, following May and this Spring’s record warm temperatures. In fact it was only the 26th coldest June on record at the James Hutton Institute’s Invergowrie campus since 1954.

As biodiversity hotspots, Scotland’s rainforests are internationally important. The sheer quantity, diversity and rarity of the lichens, mosses and liverworts they are home to is stunning and a joy to experience.

We’ve recorded the warmest May – and the warmest spring overall – on record at our site in Invergowrie, mirroring UK-wide May and spring temperature records.

There’s a new Scottish superfruit in town. It’s described as being like a blueberry, but on steroids. It’s called the honeyberry and if you haven’t heard of it yet it’s likely you will soon, thanks to the efforts of the Scottish Honeyberry Growers cooperative with support from the Hutton.

From the outside, life in a Scottish island might seem like a common experience. Viewing it as such across our diverse islands can be detrimental.