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Trees: the solution to all our problems or not that simple?

Trees are a great way to soak up carbon emissions, improve nature and biodiversity. Right? Well, not always. We take a dive into why where you plant trees can have hidden, perhaps surprising, implications.

How is Scotland’s climate changing?

Dr Mike Rivington and Dr Mohamed Jabloun A changing climate – past trends and future projections and what they could mean for Scotland. Scotland is well known for its weather. We’re used to rain and snow as well as dry spells. But these weather patterns are changing. What could...

Event to examine water scarcity impacts on North East farmers

Farmers in North East Scotland are being invited to an online event to discuss future water scarcity predictions in the region and what they could mean for their sector. The event, being run by The James Hutton Institute at 7pm on February 20, aims to get a better perspective on what future...

Recognising Scotland’s rural population problem

By Dr Jonathan Hopkins and Dr Ruth Wilson, The James Hutton Institute Population decline in Scotland’s sparsely populated and rural areas, as highlighted in the Herald’s special investigation last week, is a perennial challenge. It’s a topic that we and colleagues have...

2023: our wettest year yet

How wet was 2023 for you? In Invergowrie, it was very wet, according to our full year weather data. We recorded a total of 995.4 mm of rainfall, the most we have ever recorded since records began in 1954. The next wettest year we have on record was 2002, during which we recorded 979.8 mm of...

It’s official, Hutton hosts Aberdeen’s tallest tree

The Sitka Spruce stands at 44 m-tall, making it the tallest tree in Aberdeen, according to the UK Tree Registry. Aberdeen is blessed with many fine trees, but a recent hunch has led to one being measured – and discovered to be the city’s tallest.

Call for small-scale poultry keepers to help develop bird flu advice

Small-scale poultry keepers are being invited by The James Hutton Institute to workshops to discuss poultry care and bird flu. The aim is to share ideas about ways to help keepers of small-scale flocks make informed poultry management decisions to better prevent outbreaks of diseases like bird...

Digital independence or disempowerment for our rural older people?

We all have an older family member who we’ve tried – and failed – to persuade to use aids, from walking sticks to hearing aids, that we think would make their lives easier. When they live further away from us, or more remotely, offering support can be even harder and it...

Can we soften the blows of future flooding events?

By Professor Marc Stutter Major flood events cause significant and long-lasting disruption to lives.

Introducing Scottish scientists using environmental DNA


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