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The Water Between Us - Scott Herrett on discovering deliberation

Scott Herrett

'Paying attention' from Eabhal - Uibhist a Tuath by Scott Herrett Deliberation is the long and careful consideration of a subject. - In this house nothing is there by chance: it is always the result of great deliberation. Collins Dictionary Have you heard of...

The challenge of a ghastly future

Rob Brooker

What we don’t know can be surprising

Rob Brooker

You could have it so much better…

Rob Brooker

Seminar on race within academia and the Hutton

Orla Shortall

Orla Shortall, Carla Barlagne, Scott Herrett

New research flavour combinations needed: marmite peanut butter, anyone?

Rob Brooker

I’ve always been something of a generalist, interested in topics including plant ecophysiology, landscape scale conservation management, and global biodiversity policy. What I enjoy is bringing some of these topics together to see whether this can spark new ideas. There is often something...

What is it like to attend a ‘virtual’ conference? Reflections on IAPS 2020

Alice Hague

By Alice Hague, Christina Noble, Nazli Koseoglu, Kathryn Colley, Liz Dinnie, Tony Craig. Academic conferences are an important part of an academic career, as key places for sharing ideas and engaging with others. With the global impacts of Covid-19 many conferences have been cancelled or...

Climate change and Covid 19 – making the connection

Alice Hague

Written by Dr Alice Hague

Will the meadow maker work its magic?

Rob Brooker

Remembering to nurture nature

Rob Brooker


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