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Are machinery rings a form of social enterprise? Ideas from Japan

Sharon Flanigan

A couple of months ago, I was excited to receive an email from Takahisa Hinata, a researcher from the Hokkaido Research Institute in Japan.  He had read reports I produced as part of the FarmPath project, looking at the development of machinery rings in Scotland, and was keen to find out...

How important are regional income disparities in Scotland?

Patricia Melo

In this blog post I want to discuss some ongoing analysis into income inequality in Scotland. It might seem intuitive to assume that location plays an important role on people’s incomes: however, some of our ongoing work is - perhaps surprisingly - suggesting other factors matter more.

Hill Land Use and Ecology Discussion Group

Katrin Prager

I'd like to reflect on a experience back in spring this year, to ponder why some groups are dismissed as mere 'talking shops' whilst other apparently similar groups persist and are valued.

Introduction to SEGS

Kerry Waylen

It's my pleasure to introduce the 'SEGS blog'.  SEGS is the acronym for the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group at the James Hutton Institute.   We hope reading this 'SEGS' blog help give readers some sense of the vibrant ideas and diverse...

Late summer maintenance

Donald Barrie

Late summer is the time for maintenance as we get things in order for winter. Just before Christmas 2012 we had a huge flood which swept away the watergate in one of our new forestry plantations. Trying to make a burn crossing roe deer and rabbit proof is a technical challenge which we overcame...


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