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Climate Change

Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns and average temperatures. Earth has had tropical climates and ice ages many times in its 4.5 billion years. Source: MetOffice

Research team aim to ensure maize crop stability in southern Africa (News)

Maize is the most important cereal crop in southern Africa but without new management practices and with the increased risk of drought, yields which are already low are predicted to further decline. It is therefore critical that n ... Read more

Orskov Foundation to support African students in fight against changes in food security and climate change (News)

The Orskov Foundation, created to support students from developing countries to further their education in subjects related to agriculture, land use or the environment, has announced its grant awards for 2019. They include support ... Read more

Focus on Ethiopian barley for improved livelihoods (News)

Food security and livelihoods for a majority of Ethiopians depends on smallholder farming, and barley is an important crop grown by over 4 million smallholder farmers for multiple uses as food, feed and as a cash crop for an emerg ... Read more

Arable Conversations: a chance to speak your mind at Arable Scotland (News)

Do you have any burning questions about key issues influencing Scotland’s arable industry? Come to Arable Scotland (Balruddery Farm near Dundee, 2 July 2019), the newly launched event focussing on the innovations that will d ... Read more

Tay Cities Deal success celebrated at Royal Highland Show 2019 (News)

The James Hutton Institute celebrated its Tay Cities Deal success at this year's Royal Highland Show alongside industry guests and stakeholders, with the support of the Rt Hon David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland. ... Read more

Human activity means UK peatlands contribute to climate change (News)

The UK’s peatlands are making a significant contribution to our greenhouse gas emissions because of the way they are managed, a major new study has shown. Peatlands occupy 12% of the UK’s land area and store vast qua ... Read more

James Hutton Institute outlines plans for open science campuses (News)

Ambitious plans for the establishment of two open science campuses at the James Hutton Institute’s sites in Dundee and Aberdeen were outlined by the Institute’s Chief Executive, Professor Colin Campbell, at the Scottis ... Read more

Hutton expertise contributes to proposed climate change Scottish legislation (News)

Ways to achieve the ambitious greenhouse emission targets, as described in the proposed Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill, were at the centre of discussions during a session of the Environment, Climate C ... Read more

How to get a competitive edge through good environmental practices: VIBES Awards (Event)

Many businesses are trying to distinguish themselves from their competitors, attract new clients and win new markets. Getting recognition for good environmental practices through VIBES – Scottish Environment Business Awards ... Read more

Scotland’s agriculture needs to improve its resilience, Hutton climate change researcher says (News)

Scotland’s agricultural landscape will need to adapt to new levels of variation in climate, policy and local and global markets if it is to successfully tackle the growing trend of climate change; that was one of the key mes ... Read more

Film screening: Queen of the Sun - What are the Bees telling us? (Event)

We are pleased to invite you to a free screening of the ‘Queen of the Sun – What are the Bees telling us?’ which is an alternative look at the global bee crisis from Taggart Siegel. Doors open 6.30pm, film begins ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - The Science of Climate Change (Research Page)

The fundamental factors and processes causing climate change in the Earth’s atmosphere are physical and chemical in nature and are well understood. The reasons behind the increases in greenhouse gases that drive climate chan ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change and Scotland's Role (Research Page)

Scotland stores more carbon per unit area of land than most countries in the world, having over four times the global average soil carbon per square metre. We also have a strong renewables industry and a national population that i ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change, Policy and Society (Research Page)

Scottish and UK Government policy covers several areas relevant to climate change. The James Hutton Institute is in a strong position to inform policy development, by providing strong scientific evidence relating to specific mitig ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change and Agriculture (Research Page)

Agriculture is inescapably entwined with Scotland’s landscape, and so any changes to our climate will impact on the types of crop we can grow and how much food they produce. At the James Hutton Institute, we are working on s ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change and Education (Research Page)

The James Hutton Institute carries out workshops and other activities with stakeholders across multiple sectors, looking at how climate change is affecting them and how it will continue to do so. Many of our staff engage with loca ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change, Economy and Industry (Research Page)

A simplistic view of climate change and the economy is often taken, that there is direct conflict between economic development and preventing further climate change and environmental damage. This ignores the potential of the &lsqu ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change and The Environment (Research Page)

Scotland’s environment has developed over thousands of years, shaped by human and natural processes into a complex and interconnected set of systems. Climate change is fundamentally altering some of these systems, and the ef ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton - Climate Change, Forestry and Woodland (Research Page)

Scotland’s forests store large quantities of carbon in their wood and in the soil beneath them. However, their planting needs to be carefully considered in the context of other environmental and human factors. Peaty soils fo ... Read more

ClimateChange@Hutton (Research Page)

Welcome to ClimateChange@Hutton ... Read more

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.