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Sampling the Munros: Cairngorms Fungi Study (News)

Would you like to climb a mountain in the Cairngorms this summer in the name of science? The James Hutton Institute have partnered with Plantlifeto discover more about the fungi that lie beneath the surface of the 58 Munros of the ... Read more

Hutton scientists welcome National Food Strategy report (News)

Researchers at the James Hutton Institute have welcomed the publication of a report on the UK’s National Food Strategy, which calls on the UK Government to commit to a landmark package of reforms to build a better food syste ... Read more

Forum Carpaticum discusses sustainability, wellbeing and social innovation in marginalised mountain areas (News)

Scientists from all over the world have come together in the 6th Forum Carpaticum to present their research and discuss the sustainable development of the Carpathian region and mountain areas more generally. The event was organise ... Read more

Dee river partnership seeks public feedback (News)

The partnership tasked with looking after the River Dee catchment has published a summary of its achievements over the last 15 years and is seeking public comment on priorities for future projects. Established in 2003 with the sup ... Read more

High Commissioner of Kenya visits the James Hutton Institute in Dundee (News)

The James Hutton Institute was delighted to welcome a visit by His Excellency Mr Manoah Esipisu, High Commissioner of Kenya to the UK, and his team to our Dundee site. The visit, set up through James Hutton Limited’s membe ... Read more

Arable Scotland's Arable Conversations: Net-Zero - Making Carbon Pay (News)

Scotland has a legally binding commitment of being net-zero by 2045, and a 31% reduction is required in emissions from agriculture by 2032. This topic will be under discussion in the fourth Arable Conversations session on 29th Jun ... Read more

Arable Scotland's Arable Conversations: Sustainable Rotations and Soils, Legumes, Cover Crops and Cash Crops (News)

Join us at Arable Scotland on 29th June for a virtual Arable Conversation with Pete Iannetta (James Hutton Institute), Ed Brown (Hutchinsons), Dick Neale (Hutchinsons), Christine Watson (SRUC) and Paul Hargreaves (SRUC), whic ... Read more

New UK-Europe partnership to exploit barley resources and speed up breeding (News)

International Barley Hub scientists have been awarded a prestigious International Partnership award from BBSRC to strengthen the link between world leading research teams in the UK and Europe. The aim of the grant is to create new ... Read more

Arable Scotland 2021: spotlight on markets, IPM, sustainability and net-zero (News)

Arable Scotland, the premier event for the Scottish arable industry, returns on 29th June 2021. Now in its third year, the event brings together the key players in food production, academia and farming to discuss key issues and pr ... Read more

New Tayside partnership announced as one of seven Climate Beacons for COP26 (News)

The James Hutton Institute is delighted to support one of seven Climate Beacons that are taking shape across Scotland in the run-up to and beyond the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference that’s happening in Glasgow this Novemb ... Read more

Partnership award to advance cereal science (News)

Plant scientists at the James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee have won funding to establish a partnership with world-class researchers in Australia. This will allow the leading research organisations to pool their ex ... Read more

Scientists discover world-first cocktail for a longer life (News)

An international team of scientists including Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) has discovered the perfect cocktail of physical activity that could help live a healthier, longer life. ... Read more

‘Forest gardens’ provide insight into sustainability of Guadeloupe’s agrobiodiversity (News)

The historical ‘forest gardens’ of Guadeloupe, an overseas region of France, have provided the inspiration for a research group studying the feasibility of small-scale production systems in the area. The region is one ... Read more

€10m European funding success for wildfire management project (News)

A new research project involving 39 partners from 19 countries and including James Hutton Institute scientists has received €10 million from the European Union. The Horizon 2020 funded project FireEUrisk, launching this month ... Read more

River partnership shortlisted for environment award (News)

The partnership tasked with looking after the river Dee catchment in north east Scotland is a finalist in the Inspiring Aberdeenshire Awards. Shortlisted for the Beautiful Aberdeenshire Environmental Award, the Dee Catchment Partn ... Read more

‘Smart’ legume decisions raise hopes for more sustainable agriculture (News)

Legume plants can make ‘smart’ management decisions when it comes to interacting with their symbiotic bacterial partners to harness nitrogen from the atmosphere, a research team including a James Hutton Institute scien ... Read more

Sir Paul Grice appointed to James Hutton Institute Board (News)

The James Hutton Institute has announced the appointment of Sir Paul Grice, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen Margaret University, to its Board of Directors as a non-executive director. Sir Paul held the position of Clerk a ... Read more

Fascination of Plants Day: become a plant scientist for a day (News)

From one little seed, planted into soil, many green lives can arise – from small herbs up to big trees, or from ornamental flowers to substantial crops which all animals and humans need to survive on this planet. Plant biolo ... Read more

Blight studies reveal evolution of potato disease in Europe and Asia (News)

Plant scientists at the James Hutton Institute are studying the evolution of late blight in potato by working with industry and research partners to track the distribution and diversity of dominant clones in Europe in 2020, and ha ... Read more

Improved management of farmed peatlands could cut 500m tonnes of CO2 (News)

Substantial cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions could be achieved by raising water levels in agricultural peatlands, according to a new study co-authored by James Hutton Institute scientists and published in the journal Nature ... Read more

Environmental and agricultural research at centre of new Hutton-Utah State University partnership (News)

A partnership agreement has been signed between Utah State University and the James Hutton Institute to promote cooperation in agricultural and environmental research, with emphasis on climate change issues. The agreement was si ... Read more

Views wanted on impact of COVID-19 on UK food and nutrition security (News)

How will food production respond to the effects of COVID-19 in the next 18 months? Which sectors are likely to experience change? These questions are at the heart of research examining how best to protect the UK’s food and n ... Read more

Hutton and Liberty Produce to help advance Singapore’s food sustainability and net-zero goals (News)

An industry team led by agritech specialist Liberty Produce and supported by the James Hutton Institute has won Innovate UK funding to develop innovative hybrid farming and greenhouse technologies to work towards Singapore’s ... Read more

Scottish growers must remain vigilant about stink bug threat (News)

Even if it has not yet been detected north of the border, Scottish growers must take adequate steps to monitor growing areas for the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys), a new potential threat to the UK’s agricult ... Read more

'Rock On Soils' shows potential for better carbon sequestration and soil biodiversity (News)

A research project examining the potential of using crushed basic silicate rocks as a soil input, for enhanced carbon sequestration and soil biodiversity, has reported positive results. ... Read more

COVID-19, Food and Nutrition Security (Project)

"World-leading research to provide government, business and decision makers with the evidence that they need to develop a robust food and nutrition security response to COVID-19." New: The project partners have launche ... Read more

Pioneering soil carbon project launched (News)

First Milk, Nestlé and Agricarbon have announced the launch of a pioneering soil carbon capture project, with scientific guidance from leading soil ecologist and James Hutton Institute Honorary Associate, Dr Helaina Black. ... Read more

Volunteers wanted for innovative Scottish mountain hare survey (News)

Volunteers are wanted for the first on-the-ground national survey to shed light on the distribution and numbers of Scottish mountain hares. The survey, which is launched today and will carry on throughout 2021, is calling on hillw ... Read more

Tay Cities Deal go-ahead for International Barley Hub and Advanced Plant Growth Centre (News)

The International Barley Hub and the Advanced Plant Growth Centre, two flagship innovation projects supported through a transformational capital investment of £45m by the UK Government and £17m by the Scottish Governme ... Read more

Webinar series explores legume-based business network for food security (News)

A series of eight free-to-attend webinars and networking events will explore the many opportunities surrounding legume production and use. The webinars series will take in April and May this year and are being organised by the E ... Read more

Discovery of a gene that controls grain development may help control cereal yields (News)

The productivity of cereal crops could get a boost in the future thanks to the discovery of new roles for a master gene regulator that influences the development of barley florets, furthering the understanding of grain development ... Read more

James Hutton Institute welcomes new UK Plant Science Strategy (News)

The James Hutton Institute has welcomed the publication of the new 10-year UK Plant Science Research Strategy. The document provides a framework for research and skills development to ensure UK plant science can play a strong ro ... Read more

New research highlights interactions of bacteria, fungi and roots for plant nutrition (News)

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute, working alongside partners at China Agriculture University, have discovered novel ways in which arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, bacteria and plant roots interact to influence the transfer of ... Read more

World Water Day 2021: finding the true value of Scotland’s water (News)

What is the true value of water in Scotland and what does it mean to you? On Monday 22nd March, the Hydro Nation International Centre, supported by the Scottish Government and the James Hutton Institute are hosting a free online c ... Read more

Hutton postgraduate research showcased in 2021 student event (News)

The annual Hutton Postgraduate Student Event, which showcases the excellent science being undertaken by postgraduate students at the James Hutton Institute, took place online on 2, 3 and 4 March 2021. This event provides a valua ... Read more

Women and 'Global South' missing from list of top-publishing ecologists (News)

A recent study published in Conservation Letters co-authored by a James Hutton Institute ecologist has investigated the number of women and the geographic distribution among the 1051 top-publishing authors in 13 leading journals i ... Read more

New research to shed light into mechanisms of potato blight infection (News)

Researchers at the James Hutton Institute and partner institutions are set to explore previously undiscovered mechanisms through which the pathogen responsible for late blight in potato, Phytophthora infestans, breaks through cell ... Read more

Flapjack takes global spotlight at Wheat Initiative online training sessions (News)

The advantages of Flapjack, the James Hutton Institute’s multi-platform application providing interactive visualizations of high-throughput genotype data, were demonstrated at a recent workshop organised with the purpose of ... Read more

New appointments to boost flagship innovation initiatives (News)

The James Hutton Institute has announced the appointment of directors for three flagship research and innovation initiatives: the International Barley Hub (IBH) and the Advanced Plant Growth Centre (APGC), both based in Dundee, an ... Read more

‘Perfect storm’ of COVID-19, climate change, biodiversity loss and Brexit affecting UK food security (News)

The COVID-19 pandemic, already a major shock to society in terms of health and economy, is affecting both UK and global food and nutrition security and adding to a ‘perfect storm’ of threats to society from climate cha ... Read more

Growing Beyond Monoculture: final episode in DIVERSify web series goes live (News)

As part of the EU Horizon 2020 research project DIVERSify, researchers of the James Hutton Institute and partner institutions have been working on investigating the viability of species mixture cropping as an alternative to crop m ... Read more

Online Celebration for North East Biodiversity Champions (News)

Recognition of the North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership’s (NESBiP) 2020 Biodiversity Champion Awards has this year gone virtual. The awards acknowledge the efforts of local individuals and projects that have had posi ... Read more

BreedingValue: Developing new breeding strategies for resilient and highly nutritious berries (News)

Increased demand in berries across Europe meets the challenges brought on by climate change, environmental preservation and the need for new cultivation systems as well as high-quality produce. The new research project BreedingVal ... Read more

New research shows increased camouflage mismatch in mountain hares due to climate change (News)

Mountain hares in Scotland show increasing camouflage mismatch due to less snowy winters, according to a new study carried out by an international research team including the James Hutton Institute. Mountain hares are one of mul ... Read more

Scotland’s natural habitats at risk due to intolerable nitrogen levels (News)

Many of Scotland’s iconic landscapes and natural habitats have intolerable nitrogen levels according to a report released by Plantlife Scotland today. Endorsed by the James Hutton Institute and produced using some of its dat ... Read more

HydroGlen: transforming Glensaugh farm into a renewable powerhouse (News)

The James Hutton Institute has been awarded funding from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) to undertake a feasibility study for a green-hydrogen-powered farming community around its Glen ... Read more

Nature of Scotland Award for innovative work to protect biodiversity (News)

A scientific team featuring researchers of the James Hutton Institute and Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) has scooped the Innovation Award at the prestigious RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards 2020. Led by Royal Botanic ... Read more

Barley pan-genome: scientists unravel diversity of domesticated barley (News)

An international research team including scientists from the James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee has reached a milestone on the way to unravelling the species-wide genetic diversity of domesticated barley. With the ... Read more

Breathing new life into the Beltie burn (News)

We hear about ‘climate change’ and ‘biodiversity loss’ all the time these days. We hear considerably less about how to tackle them, so it’s time to shout about a project that does just that. The resto ... Read more

Spotlight on natural capital approaches to support sustainable land management in Scotland (News)

How can we use the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP) to help land managers when considering agricultural land use decisions? How can the NCP contribute to ongoing initiatives to test natural capital approaches in land-based business ... Read more

Environmentally friendly PPE in Scots researchers’ sights (News)

The global use of personal protection equipment (PPE) has skyrocketed due to COVID-19, propelling the industry to revenues of more than £8bn in the UK alone, and although a coronavirus vaccine now seems closer, PPE is likely ... Read more

New research on grouse moors and gamekeepers (News)

Moorland management in Scotland has come under the spotlight in a series of reports assessing the socio-economic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers. ... Read more

Is the grass always greener? New entrant farmers from across Europe to exchange experiences (News)

Supporting the next generation of new and young farmers is critical to the sustainability of agriculture in Scotland and across Europe, but how can we encourage young people to see farming as a future and worthwhile career? This ... Read more

Scottish researchers identify COVID-19 RNA traces through wastewater monitoring (News)

Research supported by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) has successfully pinpointed fragments of coronavirus’ ribonucleic acid (RNA) in local waste water samples across the country. Scientists at the S ... Read more

Preserving UK soil microbial biodiversity for sustainable agriculture (News)

Scientists from the UK’s foremost agricultural research organisations, including the James Hutton Institute, have teamed up to create a new UK Crop Microbiome Cryobank (UK-CMCB) to safeguard future research and facilitate th ... Read more

Germinate platform recognised as a global Hub for plant genetic research (News)

A bioinformatics platform developed at the James Hutton Institute which allows users to import, visualize, explore and share project data for plant genetic resources has been recognised by being named a global ‘Hub Pilot&rsq ... Read more

Hutton and Liberty Produce to transform modern agriculture through collaborative research and tech development (News)

The James Hutton Institute and farming technology company Liberty Produce have been awarded UKRI funding to address the challenges of climate change and the food production yield-gap through an ambitious new project, which seeks t ... Read more

MOVING: spotlight on value chains of mountains in Europe and beyond (News)

Mountains cover 22% of the world's land surface and are home to about 915 million people. In Europe, mountain ranges cover 36% of the European area and play an essential role in the provision of public and private goods. Despi ... Read more

Interdisciplinary collaboration leads to new early sheep scab test (News)

A new diagnostic technique has been developed by Scottish scientists to help in the early detection of sheep scab, marking a significant development towards improved monitoring and control of the parasite. This was made possible t ... Read more

Research shows potential of gene editing to improve understanding of barley quality (News)

International Barley Hub scientists at the James Hutton Institute, working with colleagues in the UK and Australia, have gained further insight into key genes responsible for grain composition, a process facilitated by using CRISP ... Read more

Natural world and humanity at a crossroads: UN Global Biodiversity Outlook report published (News)

Despite encouraging progress in several areas, the health of the natural world is suffering badly and getting worse. Eight transformative changes are, therefore, urgently needed to ensure human wellbeing and save the planet, the U ... Read more

Huge potential of food waste to support circular economies (News)

A new review paper by Hutton PhD student Camilla Negri, working alongside colleagues in Italy and China, shows that food waste has significant potential to replace crops in the production of energy and fertilisers through anaerobi ... Read more

New RISS group members wanted: processing pulses for human consumption in Scotland (News)

Are you involved in growing, processing or selling pulse-based products? A newly launched Rural Innovation Support Service (RISS) group is set to explore the potential of pulse supply chains in Scotland and associated challenges a ... Read more

Climate-positive spirit family grows with Nàdar Vodka (News)

Coinciding with their launch of World Sustainable Spirits Day today (Fri 28th August), Scottish distillery Arbikie has introduced a second addition to their climate-positive spirit range: Nàdar Vodka, crafted from the pea-b ... Read more

New European research into future-proof, resilient potatoes (News)

A group of leading European academic research institutions including the James Hutton Institute have joined forces to launch the ADAPT (Accelerated Development of multiple-stress tolerAnt PoTato) project, which seeks to develop st ... Read more

New digital resources to help farmers realise intercropping potential (News)

Researchers at the James Hutton Institute and partner institutions are developing a suite of digital resources to help farmers harness the potential of crop mixtures to improve the sustainability of their production systems. ... Read more

Hutton support for #BiofilmAware awareness campaign (News)

The James Hutton Institute is pleased to support the National Biofilms Innovation Centre's #BiofilmAware campaign, which aims to raise awareness of biofilms and their importance for our everyday lives. ... Read more

Research to unravel blackleg and nematode interactions in potato crops (News)

Scientists at the James Hutton Institute and partner organisations are working to understand the interactions between pathogen Pectobacterium atrosepticum and an array of soil-microbe-crop interactions in the development ... Read more

New version of Germinate launched (News)

The James Hutton Institute's bioinformatics group within the Department of Information and Computational Sciences has unveiled a new version of Germinate, the Institute's open-source, fully featured plant database infrastr ... Read more

India-UK team tackles antimicrobial resistance spread in waterways (News)

British and Indian experts are joining forces to investigate the impact that releasing antibiotics from antibiotic manufacturing into India’s waterways has on the spread of potentially fatal drug-resistant infections. An e ... Read more

Rock On Soils: soil carbon development for Scottish farmers (News)

The James Hutton Institute is taking part in a project led by the Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA), the UK’s only membership body owning Scottish organic standards, which will examine a new product that could he ... Read more

Groundbreaking research to develop soil carbon sequestration monitoring system (News)

Capturing carbon in soil is a frequent feature of climate change mitigation measures, but the variability in soils and greenhouse gas emissions makes it difficult to evaluate results. A new £1 million research project led by ... Read more

Pick of the bunch: first crop of climate change resilient blackcurrants (News)

This week, UK blackcurrant farmers are harvesting a groundbreaking new crop of berries that have been bred to cope with Britain’s changing climate. Named ‘Ben Lawers’, the new variety is the fruit of a longstandi ... Read more

Tree planting does not always boost ecosystem carbon stocks, study finds (News)

Planting huge numbers of trees to mitigate climate change is “not always the best strategy” – with some experimental sites in Scotland failing to increase carbon stocks, a new study co-authored by Hutton scientis ... Read more

Thousands log in for a digital Arable Scotland (News)

The 2020 edition of Arable Scotland – Scotland’s newest field event focussing on arable crops - took place online on 2nd July and was very well received: hundreds of e-delegates visited the event’s Virtual Field ... Read more

Innovative research to investigate antiviral properties of seaweeds (News)

Natural extracts from brown seaweeds native to the UK have been shown to have antiviral properties that could help stop the spread of viral diseases. Researchers at the James Hutton Institute and AIM-listed partners Byotrol plc ha ... Read more

Online Arable Scotland 2020: expertise and knowledge for the arable industry (News)

Arable Scotland 2020, Scotland's newest field event focussing on arable crops, is taking place online on 2nd July 10:00 am and will major on alternative crops and new markets. Registration for the free event is open at www.ara ... Read more

Wastewater testing trial examines potential to monitor spread of COVID-19 (News)

Research funded by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) is examining the potential of wastewater testing to help monitor the spread of coronavirus in Scotland. ... Read more

IAPS virtual conference looks to more sustainable societies (News)

The International Association for People-environment Studies (IAPS), currently presided by Dr Tony Craig, head of our Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences department, begins its conference today. The conference theme, &ldquo ... Read more

SEFARI collaborative research awarded 2019 3Rs prize (News)

A research paper co-authored by Moredun Research Institute and Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS) scientists has been named as joint winner of the 2019 3Rs prize, a prestigious award which recognises work that has had ... Read more

Arable Scotland 2020: programme announced (News)

The programme for Arable Scotland 2020, Scotland's newest field event focussing on arable crops, has been announced. This year's event is taking place online and will major on alternative crops and new markets. ... Read more

New research to develop climate-resilient blackcurrants (News)

Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) has invested over half a million pounds in a five-year project with the James Hutton Institute to develop new varieties of climate-resilient blackcurrant. LRS, which uses 90 per cent of the blackcur ... Read more

Soil fungi fundamental to diversity of forests (News)

Different groups of soil fungi control the interactions between seedlings and established trees and can play a key role in the development or restoration of forests, new research by James Hutton Institute scientists has found. ... Read more

Supporting Scotland’s green recovery from COVID-19 (News)

A social scientist of the James Hutton Institute has been appointed to the Scottish Government’s Sustainable Renewal Advisory Group, a collective which has been tasked with identifying opportunities to embed sustainability i ... Read more

Hyperspectral imaging for sustainable, more productive food crops (News)

Hyperspectral imaging, a growing area in remote sensing, holds the promise of providing a solution for crop monitoring over large areas, and scientists at the James Hutton Institute are working with partners in industry and academ ... Read more

Is COVID-19 changing our relationship with food? (News)

How have our eating, cooking and food purchasing habits changed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdown measures in the UK, Europe and much of the world? Researchers at the James Hutton Institute are part of an ... Read more

Genetic discovery sheds light on sodium tolerance in barley crops (News)

International Barley Hub scientists at the James Hutton Institute, working with colleagues in the UK, Australia and China, have identified a natural variation in a gene that influences sodium content in barley crops, a finding whi ... Read more

New research on the impacts of COVID-19 on UK food and nutrition security (News)

The diverse and multi-faceted impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on UK and global food nutrition security are at the centre of a multi-disciplinary research initiative led by the James Hutton Institute and funded with a ... Read more

Preserve open science during COVID-19 fight, international scientists say (News)

An international group of scientists who specialise in various kinds of computer modelling is calling on colleagues across the world to maintain open access to knowledge, expertise, tools and technology during the global fight aga ... Read more

Hutton wildflowers for enhanced wellbeing and a better environment (News)

The UK has seen an unprecedented upsurge in gardening during the current lockdown, and as the nation finds itself restricted in time spent outside of their homes, it is only natural to try and make the best of the green areas whic ... Read more

Scottish research institutes helping to tackle coronavirus (News)

Scotland's Environment Secretary has praised Scottish scientific institutions which normally focus on infectious diseases in livestock, environmental security and nutrition for offering support to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19) ... Read more

Plant viruses may provide pipeline for increased vaccine production (News)

Plant viruses can be just as devastating for agricultural crops and the security of food supply as some of the world's most notorious viruses, SARS-CoV-2 among them, have been for the human population.  Plant viruses can ... Read more

Social science, rural Scotland, and COVID-19 (News)

Social science at the James Hutton Institute may provide an insight into how rural Scotland can and will likely respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. These research findings bring into focus the importance of community resilience, dis ... Read more

UK crop scientists benefit from next-generation research computing platform (News)

A High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform that will increase the pace of crop science and climate change research has been established by six leading UK research organisations. ... Read more

Partnership to develop seaweed potential shortlisted for Aquaculture Award (News)

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the James Hutton Institute and Davidsons Animal Feeds aiming to explore seaweed-based feeds, with associated benefits in terms of meat quality and a reduced carbon footprint, has been ... Read more

Targeted conservation key to wading bird recovery (News)

Over the past 25 years wading bird numbers have fallen dramatically in Scotland, with some species numbers being halved over this time period. Researchers from the James Hutton Institute are aiming to combat this decline by identi ... Read more

Biodiversity conservation and COVID-19: remember links between healthy ecosystems and human wellbeing (News)

“Society's priorities must be human health and the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we also need to be thinking ahead to the resumption of conservation practice and education. There is an opportunity here to rem ... Read more

Climate justice the focus of Hutton’s first online screening (News)

The award-winning film Thank You For The Rain was the focus of the James Hutton Institute’s first ever collective 'online' film screening on the 6th of April, highlighting a range of issues including climate justice, ... Read more

A message from our Chief Executive: we are still available and ready to help (News)

In line with the latest COVID-19 guidance from the UK and Scottish governments, most of James Hutton Institute staff members are working remotely. Nevertheless, rest assured we're still available – the big challenges of ... Read more

Delivering food security and health for East Africa through resilient potatoes (News)

Potato is a key food and cash crop contributing both to food security and the local economy in Kenya, Malawi and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. However, crops in the region are frequently affected by low yields and plant pest an ... Read more

Soil health: our most prized asset (News)

“Soil is life. We breathe the air, we drink the water and we eat the crops, we live on the soil. Soil stores twice as much carbon globally as the vegetation above ground and is a universe of microbial life working with plant ... Read more

Social tipping dynamics key to stabilise Earth’s climate by 2050 (News)

Countries around the world must induce ‘social tipping’ dynamics by introducing far-reaching social and technological changes if they are to successfully decarbonise and prevent the devastating consequences of climate ... Read more

PhD research showcased at Hutton 2020 postgraduate event (News)

The annual Hutton Postgraduate Student Event, which showcases the excellent science being undertaken by postgraduate students at the James Hutton Institute, took place at the Birnam Arts and Conference Centre, Birnam, on Thursday ... Read more

Blight map reveals evolution of potato disease in Europe in 2019 (News)

An international consortium including the James Hutton Institute which tracks the European spatial distribution of Phytophthora infestans, the plant pathogen responsible for potato late blight, has updated the distribution of the ... Read more

Professor Lesley Torrance announced as Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (News)

Professor Lesley Torrance, Director of Science at the James Hutton Institute, has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), a body which contributes to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Scotland thro ... Read more

Exploring legume nodulation in the deepest reaches of the Amazon (News)

An international effort to develop maize crops that don’t need fertiliser has taken Hutton scientist Euan James to the deepest reaches of the Amazon River, on a quest for samples of root nodules from legume trees to help und ... Read more

Arable Scotland 2020 to tackle key industry challenges (News)

By Professor Fiona Burnett, Co-chair, Arable Scotland ... Read more

Agricarbon: helping farmers tap into the carbon credits market (News)

An initiative supported by the James Hutton Institute has set its sights on developing methods for measuring soil carbon with a cost-effective commercial tool to help UK farmers tap into the carbon credits market. Agricarbon, le ... Read more

World’s first ‘climate positive’ gin produced from peas (News)

The world’s first “climate-positive” gin has been created by UK scientists — using the humble garden pea. Five years of research at Abertay University and the James Hutton Institute in Scotland, in collabor ... Read more

Consultation Day about new Tay Cities Deal developments in Invergowrie (Event)

The Institute will hold a Consultation Day on Saturday 11th January 2020 to allow local residents and interested parties to examine plans for the International Barley Hub and Advanced Plant Growth Centre developments at the Instit ... Read more

TalentScotland Ambassador roles for Hutton members of staff (News)

The experiences of three Hutton members of staff who have chosen Scotland as a place to live and work have been highlighted by their designation as Talent Ambassadors by TalentScotland, part of Scottish Enterprise, the country&rsq ... Read more

Estimating the impact of climate change on snow cover in the Cairngorms (News)

A report commissioned by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) and ClimateXChange, Scotland’s centre of expertise connecting climate change research and policy, explores potential changes to snow cover caused by clim ... Read more

New appointments strengthen International Barley Hub initiative (News)

The International Barley Hub, a unique platform aiming to translate barley research into commercial benefits with support from the Tay Cities Region Deal, has been reinforced through new appointments within its leadership team. Pr ... Read more

Intercropping in practice: new mini-film launched (News)

Research by agricultural scientists in Scotland and beyond has shown that intercropping, i.e. growing two or more crop species together in ‘plant teams’, can improve agricultural sustainability by stabilising or increa ... Read more

Fact-finding mission to China promotes joint research on sustainable agriculture (News)

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute recently visited China on a fact-finding mission to see how the Institute might collaborate with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) to improve soybean cropping in China thr ... Read more

Collaborative research at centre of new Hutton-ILVO partnership (News)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) and the James Hutton Institute to promote cooperation in research on plant crop and soil science, agr ... Read more

Hutton expertise called upon for Scottish Science Advisory Council (News)

Professor Bob Ferrier, Director of Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters and honorary chair at the University of Dundee's Social Sciences School, and Professor Marian Scott, Professor of Environmental Statistics at t ... Read more

High Commissioner of Namibia visits the James Hutton Institute in Dundee (News)

The James Hutton Institute was delighted to welcome Her Excellency Ms Linda Scott, High Commissioner of Namibia to the UK. The visit to the Hutton Dundee site, set up through James Hutton Limited’s membership of the Scottish ... Read more

New research to trial crop mixtures for improved sustainability (News)

An innovative research project aims to demonstrate the benefits of using crop species mixtures as a sustainable crop production system. The Sustainability in Education and Agriculture using Mixtures (SEAMS) initiative is providing ... Read more

Backing the scientists of the future: funding boost for EASTBIO partnership (News)

The next generation of UK bioscientists has received a £170 million boost from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC, a part of UK Research and Innovation). The investment will fund 1,700 PhD rese ... Read more

New Hutton-SRUC partnership to help students gain real-world experience (News)

A new partnership between the James Hutton Institute and SRUC will put practical skills into the hands of future farmers. Students studying agriculture at national certificate and degree level at SRUC’s Aberdeen campus will ... Read more

Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture launched in Dundee (News)

Agri-tech centre Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and farming technology company Liberty Produce have launched the Innovation Hub for Controlled Environment Agriculture (IHCEA) at the James Hutton Institute’s site in Inverg ... Read more

A new website to improve open access to research data on Scotland’s natural assets (News)

Scientists based at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen have developed a brand-new, web-based portal to improve access to spatial data on Scotland’s natural assets, including soils, land, biodiversity and cultural heritag ... Read more

New insight into bacterium responsible for life-threatening disease in humans (News)

A new study published today in PLOS Pathogens by scientists at the Moredun Research Institute, the University of Edinburgh, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland and international partners, has shown that a specific toxin produce ... Read more

UK and Peruvian crop scientists discuss potential of omic-based technologies (News)

A recent workshop co-organised by the Earlham Institute and the Catholic University of Santa María gathered plant scientists from Peru and the UK to discuss the application of 'omic' technologies for the research of ... Read more

Turning animal feed green: new partnership to develop seaweed potential (News)

A new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) involving the James Hutton Institute and Davidsons Animal Feeds is exploring the possibilities of protein-rich UK seaweeds to replace some currently used ingredients in the production of ... Read more

Islands Revival Declaration points to evidence of population turnaround in Scottish islands (News)

A joint statement issued by research institutes, community groups and public sector organisations points to credible evidence of ‘green shoots’ of population turnaround in the Scottish islands which as yet does not sho ... Read more

Collaboration to boost Hutton chromatography and spectrometry analytical capabilities (News)

The James Hutton Institute is reinforcing its extensive analytical capabilities for research and commercial work through a collaboration with global science and healthcare technology company PerkinElmer, to establish a QSight 420 ... Read more

Green cover trial improves spring barley yield and benefits the environment (News)

A ground-breaking research trial conducted by the James Hutton Institute and Kings Crops, a division of Frontier Agriculture, into the impact of green cover crops in Scotland has demonstrated notable benefits for spring barley yie ... Read more

Arable Scotland 2020 - online event (Event)

Arable Scotland 2 July 2020 Online ... Read more

Promoting crop diversification in European agriculture (News)

Scientists of the James Hutton Institute will meet with European colleagues to discuss all scientific aspects of diversifying agricultural and food systems, on the practical implementation of crop diversification in value chains a ... Read more

Research team aim to ensure maize crop stability in southern Africa (News)

Maize is the most important cereal crop in southern Africa but without new management practices and with the increased risk of drought, yields which are already low are predicted to further decline. It is therefore critical that n ... Read more

Chinese and Scottish researchers establish collaborative links at Potatoes in Practice 2019 (News)

Chinese and Scottish researchers are to work together and explore joint solutions to potato breeding and to pests and diseases that cause major losses to farmers and industry across the world. A Memorandum of Understanding has b ... Read more

A new era for local Biodiversity Partnership (News)

The North East Scotland Biodiversity Partnership (NESBiP) is delighted to announce the appointment of Alex Stuart as their new coordinator. Previously employed by Aberdeen City Council Ranger Service in Duthie Park, Alex will brin ... Read more

Pea gin: how your choice of afternoon tipple could help save the rainforest (News)

It’s the season for a cold afternoon ‘gin & tonic’ on ice. The health impact of one too many is questionable, but what is the environmental footprint of that classically delicious aperitif? An international t ... Read more

International congress of plant scientists focuses on solutions to crop pests and diseases (News)

Projected global population growth requires food production to increase by 70% before 2050 to meet demand. Pests and diseases are a major constraint to providing this food security: between 30-40% of our crops are lost to pathogen ... Read more

James Hutton Institute contributes to Biorefinery Roadmap for Scotland (News)

The James Hutton Institute has contributed to a body of evidence compiled by the Scottish Industrial Biotechnology Development Group to demonstrate Scotland’s global competitiveness in biorefining and attracting inward inves ... Read more

Arable Conversations: a chance to speak your mind at Arable Scotland (News)

Do you have any burning questions about key issues influencing Scotland’s arable industry? Come to Arable Scotland (Balruddery Farm near Dundee, 2 July 2019), the newly launched event focussing on the innovations that will d ... Read more

Tay Cities Deal success celebrated at Royal Highland Show 2019 (News)

The James Hutton Institute celebrated its Tay Cities Deal success at this year's Royal Highland Show alongside industry guests and stakeholders, with the support of the Rt Hon David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland. ... Read more

James Hutton Institute congratulates Intelligent Growth Solutions on achieving £5.4m funding boost (News)

Professor Colin Campbell, Chief Executive of the James Hutton Institute, has congratulated the Scottish-based vertical farm technology business Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd (IGS) on attracting £5.4m Series A funding, led ... Read more

New partnership to tackle potato industry challenges (News)

The seeds have been sown for the creation of a world-leading potato hub in Scotland, designed to give those working in the £200 million-plus industry instant access to expert advice. The country’s three main knowledg ... Read more

Human activity means UK peatlands contribute to climate change (News)

The UK’s peatlands are making a significant contribution to our greenhouse gas emissions because of the way they are managed, a major new study has shown. Peatlands occupy 12% of the UK’s land area and store vast qua ... Read more

Research consortium launches first UK Oat Growth Guide (News)

Oats are an important crop in the UK – even more so due to their increasing popularity as a healthy breakfast choice. Yet unlike other staple cereal crops, such as wheat and barley, R&D investment to improve oat agronomy ... Read more

James Hutton Institute outlines plans for open science campuses (News)

Ambitious plans for the establishment of two open science campuses at the James Hutton Institute’s sites in Dundee and Aberdeen were outlined by the Institute’s Chief Executive, Professor Colin Campbell, at the Scottis ... Read more

World Environment Day: let’s protect our forests and #BeatAirPollution (News)

Did you know 92 per cent of people worldwide do not breathe clean air, and that air pollution costs the global economy US$5 trillion every year in welfare costs? Also, are you familiar with the impact of ground-level ozone polluti ... Read more

Hutton expertise contributes to proposed climate change Scottish legislation (News)

Ways to achieve the ambitious greenhouse emission targets, as described in the proposed Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Bill, were at the centre of discussions during a session of the Environment, Climate C ... Read more

Research to focus on ‘green shoots’ of population turnaround in Scottish islands (News)

The Scottish islands are often regarded as places where population is in decline, with younger islanders leaving for education and employment and older people moving in to retire. However, recent anecdotal evidence suggests that, ... Read more

Awards for innovative CREW water research (News)

Two research projects conducted by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) have been awarded prizes in recognition of excellence and innovation in water research. The project “Surface water flood forecasting f ... Read more

Arable Scotland: a brand new arable event for Scotland (News)

Three industry organisations have joined forces to launch a brand new field-based arable event for Scotland: Arable Scotland, which is jointly organised by AHDB, the James Hutton Institute and Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) ... Read more

Plant Teams Field Lab: heritage grains and crop innovation for crofters (News)

The James Hutton Institute is teaming up with Soil Association Scotland and Scotland's Rural College for a special crofting meeting of the Plant Teams Field Lab event series on the Isle of Lismore, looking at how intercropping ... Read more

Newbie UK Case Studies (Project)

  Case Studies in the UK TEXT     Key contacts Lee-Ann Sutherland    Adam Calo Follow @newbieuk ... Read more

Enhancing the provision of environmental information through machine learning (News)

Public authorities are enabling citizens to be better stewards of the environment through greater access to environmental information, but there is a need to improve online information to meet people’s needs. ... Read more

NEWBIE - New Entrant netWork - Events (Project)

NEWBIE Events At Newbie UK, we're working to be abreast of the ongoing work of farmers, advisory services, and governments to support and research new entrant farming. Any questions about events you see? Send an email to Ada ... Read more

NEWBIE - Background (Project)

In NEWBIE, “new entrants” are defined as anyone who starts a new farm business or becomes involved in an existing farm business. They comprise a wide range of ages, agricultural experience and resource access. Newcomer ... Read more

Aberdeen named European Forest City 2019 (News)

In urbanised European societies, the role of forests in providing commodities, welfare, health and other social benefits is easily forgotten. But not in Aberdeen: the Granite City has been awarded the title of European Forest City ... Read more

‘Why invest in nature?’ short film competition launches for 2019 (News)

Young filmmakers with a passion for nature are being sought for a new competition that aims to encourage businesses to see the benefits of the natural world. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Forum on Natural Capi ... Read more

Don’t close the door on European funding, say organisations across Britain (News)

The James Hutton Institute has endorsed a statement sent to ministers and MPs calling on the UK to remain part of the EU’s cross-border funding programmes after Brexit. The campaign is supported by a wide range of public and ... Read more

Excellence accolade for innovative Hutton-IGS Knowledge Transfer Partnership (News)

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the James Hutton Institute and Scottish-based agritech business Intelligent Growth Solutions Limited (IGS), has been distinguished with the highest grade of “Outstanding” by the ... Read more

'Speak Out' Dundee workshop (Event)

There has never been a more important time to talk with others about farming. Farmers and researchers need to share best practice, show techniques, explain production, reveal trade-offs faced and demonstrate where farming creates ... Read more

Soft fruit growers told about Brexit impact and opportunities (News)

While Brexit can be viewed as a very real threat to the future of Scottish agriculture, it must also now be viewed as an opportunity, albeit not an easy one to grasp. That was one of the main messages of the Soft Fruit Winter Meet ... Read more

Hutton expert contributes to new guidance for assessment of natural capital risk (News)

Professor Alison Hester, a senior research scientist within our Ecological Sciences group, has contributed to the development of new guidance by the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA), aimed at helping financial institutions ... Read more

Crop science at heart of new Scotland-Malaysia research collaboration (News)

The James Hutton Institute and the Malaysia-based Crops for the Future Research Centre (CFFRC) have agreed to cooperate on aspects of global agricultural sustainability, food security and nutrition, with emphasis on underutilised ... Read more

National Lottery funding boost for Cumbernauld environmental research (News)

Creating Natural Connections, a partnership including the James Hutton Institute which seeks to deliver significant improvements to Cumbernauld’s environment over the next four years by building on the success of Cumbernauld ... Read more

Scottish specialists team up to unlock water industry innovation (News)

Water specialists from the James Hutton Institute and Scottish Water are at the forefront of the Water Test Network, an international drive to unlock innovation potential in the global water industry, which also involves experts i ... Read more

Innovative genetic technique to help achieve better barley (News)

On Burns Night, let’s raise a dram to better barley: scientists based at the International Barley Hub in Dundee have developed a genotyping array that allows the detailed genetic characterisation of any individual barley var ... Read more

Hutton chemical analysis contributes to study of pollutants in sheep livers (News)

Researchers based at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen have contributed to a study which has found that pollutants cause ‘worrying’ changes in sheep livers. ... Read more

More fibre in your diet? Hutton science can help (News)

Most of us need to get more fibre into our diets, we now hear, but we’re also told that it’s quite hard to do that. Happily, our scientists have been working on ways to help get past that difficulty, through several st ... Read more

UnderStories - Storying woodland use, management and expansion in the Cairngorms National Park (Project)

  What is the story with woodlands in the Cairngorms National Park? Or should we say, what are the stories, as there are many threads of stories of actual, former or speculative woodlands weaving in and out that make t ... Read more

Reindeer able to maintain circadian rhythm in total light or darkness (News)

Even if it has been dark for months, Rudolph always knows when it is Christmas Eve. In a new paper published in Scientific Reports, an international collaboration of scientists from the James Hutton Institute, the University of ... Read more

Warmer winters threaten UK blackcurrant farming (News)

Warmer winters may not provide sufficient chilling for blackcurrants in the UK, delaying the start of the growing season and resulting in reduced yields and lower fruit quality, researchers have found. Like many fruit crops and ... Read more

Arable Scotland 2019 (Event)

Arable Scotland 2 July 2019 Balruddery Farm, Dundee ... Read more

Fungi’s lost data being found thanks to Species Hypothesis (News)

There is no generally agreed upon, up-to-date system for fungal classification, with several different, partly incompatible classification systems used across many mycological resources. This confusion is partly due to the vast nu ... Read more

James Hutton Institute welcomes Tay Cities Deal funding boost (News)

The James Hutton Institute has today welcomed the signing of the heads of terms of the Tay Cities Deal, which is expected to bring a £700 million investment into Tayside and Angus and create 6,000 direct jobs in the are ... Read more

James Hutton Institute wins VIBES climate change award (News)

The James Hutton Institute has won a VIBES – Scottish Environment Business award in the Adaptation to Climate Change category, on account of the work of Hutton researchers in farm innovations to protect the environment, rene ... Read more

Improved genetic marker for precise and accurate EPH barley screening (News)

Researchers from the James Hutton Institute and the Scotch Whisky Research Institute (SWRI) have completed a ten-month InnovateUK funded project resulting in the development of an improved genetic marker that can be used by barley ... Read more

Field Lab: Plant Teams (Event)

The James Hutton Institute is teaming up with the Soil Association Scotland on a field lab, part of a Europe-wide project, to trial crop mixtures or ‘plant teams’. Researchers want to test the potential that inter-crop ... Read more

Calling on farmers and field managers: join the Plant Teams Field Lab (News)

The James Hutton Institute is teaming with Soil Association Scotland and Scotland's Rural College to work with farmers in a Field Lab to trial crop mixtures or ‘plant teams’. Field Labs are free to attend and open ... Read more

Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences and James Hutton Institute establish collaborative links (News)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China, and the James Hutton Institute, during the 2018 UK-China Potato Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Conference, ... Read more

James Hutton Group welcomes UK-China seed potato deal (News)

The James Hutton Institute and its commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited, have welcomed a deal which will allow the UK to export seed potato to China. The agreement, signed by International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox duri ... Read more

Scotland's first vertical indoor farm unveiled at Hutton Dundee site (News)

Scottish-based agritech business Intelligent Growth Solutions Ltd has unveiled its first indoor vertical farming demonstration building at the James Hutton Institute near Dundee. The facility, formally opened by John Swinney, MSP ... Read more

Barley in the spotlight at iBMW2018 meeting (News)

The use of barley genetic mutant resources to shed light into fundamental aspects of cereal biology was at the centre of discussions at the second International Barley Mutants Workshop 2018 (iBMW2018), held in Dundee with the atte ... Read more

Brazilian plant scientist awarded Massalski research prize (News)

A young Brazilian plant scientist whose research focusses on molecular biology and gene expression has been awarded the prestigious Peter Massalski Prize for Meritorious Research for 2018. Dr Cristiane Calixto is a post-doctoral ... Read more

Understanding agricultural sustainability in the highlands of Borneo (News)

For generations, rice has been a key crop for the Kelabit people who populate the highlands of Malaysian Borneo – so much so that the slow-growing variety grown in the area shares a name with the region and its main town, Ba ... Read more

Quikgro: developing potato varieties suited to sub-Saharan conditions (News)

Potato is a key food and cash crop contributing both to food security and the local economy in Kenya, Malawi and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa. Scientists from the James Hutton Institute in collaboration with the University of S ... Read more

Professor Steve Albon appointed to new lowland deer expert panel (News)

Professor Steve Albon, an Honorary Research Associate of the James Hutton Institute, has been appointed a member of a new expert panel established by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to examine complex issues related to deer manage ... Read more

Precision agriculture research collaboration aims to help Chinese smallholder farmers (News)

China's North Plain is one of the country's most important - and densely populated - agricultural regions, producing crops such as corn, cereals, vegetables and cotton. A research project led by the James Hutton Institute ... Read more

Soil research collaboration findings relevant to landmine clearing and fracking (News)

Blowing up landmines and other undetonated explosives may be safer and more environmentally friendly than physically removing them from contaminated land, according to new research carried out by the University of Dundee, in partn ... Read more

New Director for Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (News)

Dr Mark Brewer has been appointed new Director of Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland (BioSS). BioSS is based within the James Hutton Institute and works collaboratively with the other Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture ... Read more

Chinese-Scottish potato collaboration shortlisted for business award (News)

A potato research partnership between Xisen Group and the James Hutton Institute’s commercial subsidiary, James Hutton Limited, has been shortlisted for a China-Scotland Business Award in the Business-Education Collaboration ... Read more

Professor Alison Hester appointed to new grouse moor management review group (News)

Professor Alison Hester, of our Ecological Sciences group, has been appointed as member of a new independently-led group which aims to ensure grouse moor management practices are not only sustainable but are legally compliant. T ... Read more

Land access a key barrier for new entrants to farming (News)

Scottish farming needs to attract a steady flow of young farmers and new entrants to maintain the vitality of its agricultural sector. The available statistics show that most farmers (54.92%) are over 55 years of age. The proporti ... Read more

Hutton expertise to support 1.2 billion dollar Indian initiative aimed at combating climate change (News)

Research from the James Hutton Institute will be utilised in a new initiative, with a potential spend of 1.2 billion dollars, aimed at tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in India. One of the major ... Read more

Hutton evidence review helps improve flood risk and coastal erosion management (News)

Researchers from the James Hutton Institute and partners have produced an evidence review on river and floodplain management, as part of an Evidence Directory recently launched by the Environment Agency. The Directory aims to prov ... Read more

Advanced Plant Growth Centre (Page)

To meet ever-growing demand, agriculture has had to diversify and adapt at an astonishing rate. Increasingly, research and innovation will play a significant role in supporting the world’s most important industry. Countries ... Read more

Isotopic analysis capabilities boosted by new high-spec instrument (News)

The James Hutton Institute celebrated reinforcing its extensive analytical chemistry capabilities for research and commercial work with a launch evening and ribbon cutting for their new Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer. The &p ... Read more

NEFERTITI: Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration (2018-2021) (Project)

NEFERTITI will establish an EU-wide highly connected network of well-specified demonstration and pilot farms, which is designed to enhance thematic knowledge exchange, cross fertilisation among actors and efficient innovation upta ... Read more

Plans to strengthen China links announced at Potatoes in Practice 2017 (News)

Plans to establish a £3m partnership between China’s Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd and our commercial subsidiary James Hutton Limited were announced at this year’s Potatoes in Practice event. The collaborat ... Read more

Blueberry breeding consortium launched in Dundee (News)

A Blueberry Breeding Consortium including members from three European countries held its inaugural meeting at the James Hutton Institute in Dundee yesterday. The new consortium will fund a blueberry breeding programme which will ... Read more

Scottish and Ukrainian scientists join forces for research on sustainable land management (News)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU) and the James Hutton Institute to promote cooperation in scientific research on sustainability, ecosystem service issues, clim ... Read more

The Birse and Robertson Archive (Research Page)

Introduction ... Read more

Dutch Royal Palace hears about social innovation in Scotland, Europe and beyond (News)

The potential of social innovation to tackle depopulation in rural areas of Europe and beyond was the focus of a presentation offered by James Hutton Institute social scientist Professor Maria Nijnik at the Royal Palace in Amsterd ... Read more

Latest varieties and research on show at Cereals in Practice (News)

Join us at Saphock Farm in Aberdeenshire on Thursday 6th July for the 2017 issue of Cereals in Practice, the annual showcase of variety trials and research organised by us, SRUC (Scotland's Rural College) and the Scottish Soci ... Read more

Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management (MEEM) - Comparing theory and practice across Europe (Project)

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is an essential part of the process of adaptive management, the process of learning from our actions in order to update and improve future ecosystem management.  Across Europe we have a n ... Read more

TRUE food security explored from a legume-based perspective (News)

Legumes are a very special type of crop; they are not only a source of highly nutritious food and feed but legumes require no inorganic nitrogen fertiliser, which means they have major advantages as a more sustainable crop. Despit ... Read more

Come and experience the power of plants on Plant Power Day (News)

The James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee are taking part in the international Fascination of Plants Day on Sunday 21st May with a celebration of the power of plants. The free 'Plant Power’ event set amid ... Read more

SEFARI: leading ideas for better lives (News)

Businesses, charities, communities and policy-makers will benefit from easier access to environmental and agricultural research carried out in Scotland, thanks to a collective launched today. The collective – called Scotti ... Read more

New online service to support management of water quality and ecosystems in the UK (News)

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute have been involved in a three-year community research project to deliver a new online service to help better manage the quality of water and ecosystems in the UK. The service, recently ... Read more

Hutton forensic soil scientist in multi-agency search for Moira Anderson (News)

Professor Lorna Dawson, a forensic soil scientist based at the James Hutton Institute, has joined a team of Police Scotland detectives as they commence a full scientific examination of a site in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire as pa ... Read more

Mapping ecosystem services: science in action (News)

Ecosystem services – the flows of resources such as clean air, water, food, materials and mental restoration generated by the interaction of humans and nature – are the subject of significant research efforts by scient ... Read more

British Meiosis Meeting Dundee 2017 (Event)

The 2017 British Meiosis Meeting, co-organised by Dr Isabelle Colas (James Hutton Institute) and Dr Alexander Lorenz (University of Aberdeen), aims to gather UK researchers with interests in meiosis, with an emphasis on presentati ... Read more

Scottish soils featured in art and science crossover project (News)

Samples from Scotland’s National Soil Archive hosted at the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen have been used for the art/science project Geologic Intimacy (Yu no Hana) by artist Ilana Halperin, which highlights the historic ... Read more

Ecological research key to managing Scotland's natural resources (News)

Scotland’s environment faces many challenges including a changing climate, invasive species, pollution and changes in the way our land and seas are managed, and ecological research is at the heart of solutions to help policy ... Read more

Commonwealth Potato Collection seeds deposited in Global Seed Vault (News)

The Commonwealth Potato Collection (CPC), a unique repository of potato germplasm held in trust by the James Hutton Institute with support from the Scottish Government, has made the first-ever seed deposit by a UK institution into ... Read more

Berries may be beneficial for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity (News)

Consumption of berries may have beneficial effects on health related to type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. The beneficial effects may be due to the presence of protective pol ... Read more

Banned pollutants found in deepest reaches of our oceans (News)

A research collaboration featuring scientists from the James Hutton Institute, Newcastle University and the University of Aberdeen has uncovered evidence that man-made pollutants have now reached the most remote habitats of our pl ... Read more

Tay Cities Deal submission launched (News)

More than £1.8 billion of planned investment will form the basis of the Tay Cities Deal which could create up to 15,000 jobs for the region. Among over 50 projects included in a submission document revealed today at the ... Read more

Scottish honeys ‘exceptional’ in fight against superbugs (News)

Certain Scottish honeys have shown antimicrobial activities equal to that of commercial ‘super-honeys’ and may be useful in the ongoing fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, scientists at the James Hutton Instit ... Read more

Europe-wide network aims to showcase on-farm innovation (News)

Researchers at the James Hutton Institute and collaborators from across Europe have announced the start of a project which aims to increase farmers’ access to demonstrations of best practices and innovation in agriculture. ... Read more

Hutton innovation and excellence recognised at 2016 Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Awards (News)

The inventiveness and effort of staff at the James Hutton Institute were recognised with a score of awards - including the top prize - at the Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Business Star Awards, held at the Crieff Hydro with over ... Read more

Wholly Scottish beer developed by St Andrews Brewery with Hutton hops (News)

St Andrews Brewing Company, a locally-owned Scottish brewery producing craft beer in Fife, has partnered with the James Hutton Institute to develop Harvest Beer, a wholly Scottish beer featuring hops grown at the Institute’s ... Read more

Hutton social scientist to take part in Convention on Biological Diversity science forum (News)

Dr Kerry Waylen, a social scientist based at the James Hutton Institute’s Social, Economic and Geographic Sciences group in Aberdeen, has been invited to speak at a Science Forum preceding the next meeting of the Convention ... Read more

Scottish and Kenyan potato experts strengthen collaborative links (News)

Scientists, plant health officials, representatives from farmers’ organisations and potato growers from Scotland and Kenya participated in a workshop held in Nairobi to discuss findings from BBSRC and Scottish Government fun ... Read more

Publication co-edited by Hutton scientist tops most-read Frontiers list (News)

A publication co-edited by a James Hutton Institute scientist is at the top of the most-read electronic books of 2016, according to influential research network Frontiers. The book, titled Plants as alternative hosts for human a ... Read more

CREW and James Hutton Limited to explore prospects of India-UK collaboration at TECH Summit (News)

Representatives from James Hutton Limited, the James Hutton Institute’s commercial subsidiary, and the Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) are to take part in the TECH Summit 2016, which will see thought leaders, businesse ... Read more

Lord Dunlop: Value of Scottish research and innovation shouldn’t be underestimated (News)

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland, Lord Dunlop, held a roundtable discussion today at the James Hutton Institute's Invergowrie site near Dundee, on the implications of Brexit for research and innovation. ... Read more

Crop research updates presented at BBSRC/KTN conference (News)

Drs Hazel Bull and Lionel Dupuy, from the James Hutton Institute, joined fellow scientists from across the UK in sharing crop research updates at the New Frontiers in Crop Research Conference, organised by the Biotechnology and Bi ... Read more

Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and James Hutton Institute strengthen collaborative links (News)

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), China, and the James Hutton Institute, during a visit of a SAAS delegation to the Institute's Dundee site.  SAAS ... Read more

Payments for Ecosystem Services: Lessons (Project)

Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes are based on voluntary payment arrangements between individual beneficiaries and service providers to establish or increase the supply of an ecosystem service. ... Read more

Maize and wheat informatics for improved livelihoods around the world (News)

Bioinformaticians at the James Hutton Institute are contributing to a major research effort which seeks to deliver better maize and wheat varieties to over 40 countries around the world, with the aim of improving resilience to far ... Read more

Chinese and Scottish potato researchers establish collaborative links (News)

Chinese and Scottish researchers are to work together and explore joint solutions to potato pests and diseases that cause major losses to farmers and industry across the world. Last week, the James Hutton Institute and the Heilo ... Read more

European potato scientists meet in Scotland to discuss crop challenges (News)

More than 100 potato scientists from all across Europe and beyond descended on Dundee to discuss crop pests and diseases that cost millions in annual losses to farmers and industry. The European Association for Potato Research ( ... Read more

Latest research on show at cereals event (News)

Cereals industry representatives, farmers, agronomists and scientists from all over Scotland and beyond are expected to descend on Saphock Farm near Oldmeldrum next week (Tuesday 5th July, 2.30 to 7.30pm) to take part in Cereals i ... Read more

Entrepreneurial push for futuristic indoor farming in Scotland (News)

The James Hutton Institute and vertical farming entrepreneurs Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) have agreed on plans to establish a futuristic farming facility at the Institute’s site in Invergowrie near Dundee. It is pre ... Read more

Chris Law MP visits to find out more about our research and innovation (News)

Mr Chris Law, MP for Dundee West, visited the James Hutton Institute in Invergowrie to learn about exciting and innovative scientific research that is having considerable impact at home and abroad, as well as its commercial potent ... Read more

Hutton expert contributes to parliamentary discussion on water management (News)

The latest research on water suggests that global demand will increase by 55% by the 2050s and the world could suffer a 40% shortfall in 15 years unless dramatic changes are made in water use and managing water resources. However, ... Read more

Come and experience the power of plants on Plant Power Day (News)

The James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee are coming together in the name of ‘Plant Power’. They will be hosting an event on Saturday May 21st at Dundee Botanic Garden to highlight how fascinating plant ... Read more

Brazil-UK partnership to improve energy and food security through nitrogen fixation (News)

Scientists in Brazil and the UK are joining forces to help solve urgent food and energy security issues in South America's most populous country, by establishing a virtual centre that will investigate how to reduce the use of ... Read more

Working together for better outcomes – guidance notes now available (News)

The organisers of a workshop in which organisations from all across the UK came together to discuss better collaboration when tackling interdisciplinary research have published a body of guidance notes, intended to supply advice a ... Read more

Plant scientists in drive to influence tuber shape formation (News)

Crop traits such as consistency, predictability and storability are highly desirable for the agricultural industry, and of particular importance to potato growers. However, do we understand the genetics behind the traits, and more ... Read more

Spotlight on veterinary epidemiology, population health and infectious disease control (News)

The Scottish Government has today announced the re-commissioning of EPIC, the Pan-Scottish Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks. For the next 5 years EPIC will be led from the University of Glasgow by Professor Dominic ... Read more

James Hutton Group awarded £22.8m for agriculture, food and environment research (News)

Scotland will remain at the forefront of ground-breaking advances in farming and food production as a result of continued Scottish Government funding for scientific research, Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead has said. Mo ... Read more

Prospects for North East Scotland’s land-based industries outlined in report (News)

Is the land-based sector in North East Scotland resilient enough to face future challenges? This question, along with many others, is at the centre of a report commissioned by the North East Scotland Agricultural Advisory Group (N ... Read more

International Barley Hub project presented at UK Parliament (News)

Scientists from the James Hutton Institute were yesterday at the Houses of Parliament in London to make the case and win parliamentarians’ support for the International Barley Hub (IBH), a project that aims to create an uniq ... Read more

Sustainability under the spotlight at symposium (News)

Work carried out at the James Hutton Institute and the University of Dundee aiming to tackle environmental challenges will be explored at a conference next week. The Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR) w ... Read more

Understanding Predation project identifies pathways to address conflict (News)

A report from a ground-breaking project identifying ways to resolve conflicts about predation has been launched by Environment Minister, Dr Aileen McLeod. The report analyses the views of a large number of stakeholders in con ... Read more

James Hutton Limited commercial director shortlisted for Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award (News)

Dr Jonathan Snape, Commercial Director of our subsidiary James Hutton Limited, has been shortlisted in the Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange category of the inaugural Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards, organised by I ... Read more

UK-China science to policy dialogue on water security and resources (News)

Leading UK and Chinese environmental scientists are taking part in a Science to Policy Roundtable in Beijing this week to discuss issues surrounding water resources and governance for water security. ... Read more

Saudi academics visit to share ideas about crop, soil and land use research (News)

A group of academics from a leading Saudi Arabian university visited the James Hutton Institute in Dundee and Aberdeen to share ideas about crop, soil and land use research and specialist facilities. The visitors, from Qassim Univ ... Read more

ESCom Series: IPBES and science-policy-practice in Scotland (Event)

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) was established to provide decision makers with scientifically credible and independent information that takes into account the complex relationship bet ... Read more

UK increasingly 'outsourcing' environmental impacts of its food supply (News)

A new study from researchers at the James Hutton Institute, the University of Aberdeen, the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health and the Alpen-Adria University in Vienna shows that the UK’s food self-sufficiency has decr ... Read more

SRUC-SEPA Conference: What Future for our Farming Systems? Environmental Challenges and Integrated Solutions (Event)

Farming systems across Scotland, the UK and Europe can vary markedly from place to place. A range of factors can influence what types of production are practiced in any one place. However, climate and soil type are especially impo ... Read more

New Hydro Nation International Fellows Programme launched in India (News)

As part of the Scottish Government’s Hydro Nation International Programme, which promotes Scotland’s response to key global water challenges, The Scottish Government and The Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) have a ... Read more

New UK-China research collaboration on food security and agriculture (News)

Two UK research institutes have announced a Centre-Centre research collaboration on food security and agriculture with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The memorandum of agreement involve the UK’s Centre for E ... Read more

Mr C’s Pies win institute-sponsored award for Excellence in Food and Drink (News)

At a ceremony held at the Crieff Hydro on 20 November, the James Hutton Institute presented the Perthshire Chamber Business Star Award for Excellence in Food and Drink to Robert Corrigan of Mr C’s Hand-Crafted Pies, a small ... Read more

Our work in the media: blueberries and oats (News)

The science of the James Hutton Institute continues to attract the interest of the media. This time, Dr Julie Graham and Professor Derek Stewart were featured in the latest season of BBC programme Harvest, in which they discussed ... Read more

Hutton scientists investigate unique flavour of seaweed delicacy (News)

In a collaboration with the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS), scientists at the James Hutton Institute are investigating the basis of the peppery flavour of the seaweed pepper dulse (Osmundea pinnatifida). The unique ... Read more

Research uncovers patterns of pest infestation in yard-long beans (News)

Protein dense yard-long beans offer an affordable source of vitamins, particularly in South Asia where the crops thrive. However, the bean pod borer, Maruca vitrata, threatens the production of these vitamin-rich legumes, with pot ... Read more

European Association for Potato Research (EAPR) Pathology and Pests Section Meeting (Event)

The next meeting of the European Association for Potato Research (EAPR), Pathology and Pests Section, will be held in Dundee, Scotland, UK, 7th to 11th August 2016. This meeting covers research into potato pests a ... Read more

Too many businesses unaware of impact of declining natural capital (News)

The Natural Capital Initiative, a partnership between the Society of Biology, British Ecological Society, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the James Hutton Institute, has launched the ‘Valuing our Life S ... Read more

Cereals in Practice moves to NE Scotland (News)

Cereals in Practice, the annual showcase of variety trials and research organised by the James Hutton Institute and Scotland's Rural College (SRUC), is again taking place on 2 July 2015. The event offers a range of advice and ... Read more

James Hutton Institute welcomes Defra’s open data vision (News)

The James Hutton Institute has welcomed the announcement made by Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss that Defra is to release its data reserves to create opportunities for people in the UK making their living from food, farming ... Read more

Let’s celebrate food and soil on Open Farm Sunday (News)

Fancy a great day out in Dundee? Do you want to learn where your food comes from? Then don’t miss Open Farm Sunday on 7 June, 10am to 4pm, when the James Hutton Institute will open its site in Invergowrie to visitors of all ... Read more

Researchers and farmers discuss future of European agriculture (News)

In times of changing political conditions and increasing pressure from markets and citizens, innovation is more important than ever for farmers throughout Europe. This is precisely the focus of a group of social scientists who hav ... Read more

Working together for better solutions to natural resource challenges (News)

Organisations from all across the UK are coming together to discuss ways of working together to achieve better outcomes when it comes to land and natural resource challenges, through a workshop organised by the James Hutton Instit ... Read more

RSA MCICH Festival of Ideas (Event)

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Mexico and UK in joint effort against plant diseases (News)

Plant diseases cost the world enough food to feed at least half a billion people, equivalent to 100 times the population of Scotland, every year. The interaction between plants, microbes and insects is a key battleground in the gl ... Read more

MAJI: More Action for Just Initiatives for Climate Change Adaptation in Southern Africa (Project)

The James Hutton Institute helps to support effective and equitable water management that will be sustainable in the long-term (and in the face of climate change), through its role in supporting a VSO-led project called “&qu ... Read more

MRS director wins award for outstanding contribution to knowledge exchange (News)

Dr Nigel Kerby MBE, Managing Director of Mylnefield Research Services (MRS), a commercial affiliate of the James Hutton Institute, has won the Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange Award in the Interface Excellence Awards ... Read more

Inveralmond Brewery wins institute-sponsored food and drink excellence award (News)

With over 350 guests from around Perthshire in attendance, including the newly installed Deputy First Minister of Scotland John Swinney MSP, the James Hutton Institute presented the Excellence in Food and Drink award to Inveralmon ... Read more

Phosphorus biogeochemistry in riparian buffer strips (Research Page)

Management to mitigate pollutant swapping Buffer strips are useful for mitigating diffuse pollution. As riparian buffers perform their role in sediment trapping, P accumulates with no loss mechanism (as in wetland denitrificatio ... Read more

State of Scotland’s environment outlined in new report (News)

On the whole, Scotland’s environment is of good quality and there have been many significant improvements in recent years. However, the 2014 State of the Environment Report clearly shows that some habitats and species are un ... Read more

Hydropower resources research (Research Page)

Hydropower plays a key role in Scotland’s renewable energy contributions and renewables targets for 2015 (50%) and 2020 (100%). Our research is supporting the sustainable planning, development and management of this resource ... Read more

Vibrant Rural Communities workshop (Research Page)

A workshop was held at Birnam Arts and Conference Centre on 20 November 2013 to provide an update on research being conducted as part of the Vibrant Rural Communities theme of the Food, Land and People Strategic Research programme ... Read more

Towards European Societal Sustainability (TESS) (Project)

The aim of TESS is to investigate the role of community-based transition initiatives in fostering a more low-carbon and sustainable Europe. TESS is a European Union project funded under the Seventh Framework Pr ... Read more

Foodscapes (Project)

Project aim Foodscapes aims to explore how arts intervention and cultural engagement can help address social and economic exclusion, food poverty, and sustainability. It has been funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Counci ... Read more

FarmPath – Farming Transitions: Pathways towards regional sustainability of agriculture in Europe (Project)

The overall goal of FarmPath is to identify and assess future transition pathways towards regional sustainability of agriculture in Europe, and the social and technological innovation needs required to initiate and progress along ... Read more

DICE – Developing an Interdisciplinary Culture of Excellence (Project)

Project aim The primary aim of the DICE project is to improve our understanding of interdisciplinary science within the James Hutton Institute and build capacity to undertake interdisciplinary research. It is funded through the ... Read more

Prospects for Farmers’ Support: Advisory Services in European AKIS (PRO AKIS) (Project)

In times of changing conditions, with strong pressure from markets and citizens to adjust and innovate, farmers need timely access to knowledge and information, to training and education, and to facilitating and supporting service ... Read more

Ecosystem Approach Review (Project)

Project aim This project explored existing examples of the Ecosystem Approach, to identify implications for future equitable and holistic natural resource management.  ... Read more

Bacterial endosymbionts and beneficial insects (Research Page)

A promising area for managing insect pests is through improved understanding of the importance of microbes associated with insects. Many insect species rely on symbiotic bacteria for their survival and these ‘hidden players& ... Read more

The LandscapePartners Project (Project)

This research project aimed to identify, analyse and assess the contribution of multi-stakeholder partnerships to the sustainable management of rural landscapes and to the well-being of communities in three European countries. In ... Read more

Scottish Rivers Handbook (Research Page)

The Scottish Rivers Handbook has been produced by the James Hutton Institute and the University of Stirling for CREW, the Centre of Expertise for Waters. It is an accessible, fully illustrated 36 page book providing an overview ... Read more

URflood: Links (Research Page)

Partners The James Hutton Institute Suomen ympäristökeskus (Finnish Environment Institute) University College Dublin ... Read more

URflood: Partners (Research Page)

The James Hutton Institute ... Read more

HAP-E@Hutton Projects and Outputs (Research Page)

Opportunities PhD opportunity joint with University of Surrey on pathogens, antimicrobial resistance and anaerobic digestion ... Read more

HAPE Core researchers (Research Page)

  ... Read more

Community-based Management of Environmental challenges in Latin America (Research Page)

COMET-LA was a project coordinated by the University of Cordoba and funded under the European Commission Framework Programme 7. The acronym stands for “COmmunity-based Management of EnvironmenTal challenges in Latin America& ... Read more

Agroecology (Research Page)

Latest .... major success so far in EU H2020 bids .... TRUE, DIVERSIFY and TOMRES .... details to follow .... Newton projects begin March 2017 ....  success for doctoral students ... ... Read more

Carbon cycling (Research Page)

We are collaborating with staff at Oceanlab (Aberdeen University) in a number of projects, mainly involved with carbon cycling, covering both estuaries and the deep sea. This work is fundamental as deep sea sediments cover over ha ... Read more

Sand dune survey of Scotland (Research Page)

The NCC Sand Dune Survey of Scotland which took place from 1975-1977 has since been digitised and is currently being used for two projects. ... Read more

East Grampian Coastal Partnership (Research Page)

The East Grampian Coastal Partnership is a group of individuals, with representatives from local authorities, industry, conservation bodies, recreation and tourism groups, local residents and many others with an interest in the fu ... Read more

Pathogen impact on bathing waters (Research Page)

Pathogens from agricultural run-off and sewage effluent are transported to beaches where they can cause non-compliance with bathing water standards. Intensification of livestock-based agriculture and climate change may exacerbate ... Read more

Visualisation and coastal developments (Research Page)

The link between natural environments and their restoration has been the focus of much research including its importance for human wellbeing. We are carrying out a series of studies looking at community perceptions of renewable en ... Read more

Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social Research on Natural Resource Management
+44 (0)1224 395313

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Current research interests

  • How are efforts for adaptive (co)governance shaped and constrained by existing institutions and ways of working? How do the various goals for environmental governance - i.e. to be more joined up, to more effective, to be more efficient - interact? What are the implications for adapting or reforming existing and policy and governance arrangements?
  • When might it make sense to adopt new concepts and instruments for environmental management? How can we best understand the challenges and consequences of implementing such new concepts, especially those - such as the 'Ecosystem Approach' or 'Nature-Based Solutions' - that aim to holistically connect multiple issues?
  • How are different knowledges produced and used in collaboration and decision-making? If and how do concepts (such as 'ecosystem services' or 'natural capital') or tools (such as scenario-planning) influence processes of knowledge co-production, including in science-policy interfaces? How do monitoring and evaluation programmes reflect and shape expectations of knowledge use?
  • How do efforts to encourage more collaborative and participatory approaches in environmental management and governance play out, and what are the tensions and interactions with other drivers and approaches?

Kerry's main ongoing research projects

Kerry's current work predominantly uses qualitative research methods, e.g. collecting data from semi-structured interviews, workshops, participant observation, analysed using both inductive and deductive approaches.  She also has expertise in quantitative methods for primary and secondary data collection and analysis. She has an established track record in project management, stakeholder engagement, line management, student supervision, data management and research ethics.

Kerry currently co-supervises 1 PhD student: Kirsty Holstead, who is building understanding of community water governance, funded by a Hydronation scholarship, with Dr Shona Russell at the University of St Andrews. She previously co-supervised Sam Poskitt, who is exploring the potential of scenario-planning to support learning for sustainable development, joint funded by ESRC and the James Hutton Institute, with Dr Andrew Ainslie at the University of Reading. Sam obtained his PhD in March 2018 and now works at the University of Reading on the participatory extension work in developing countries.

Kerry is a trustee of the Orskov Foundation, a charitable foundation that supports students and communities to develop sustainable land use to support livelihoods in lower-income countries.

Past research

She jointly led research with Kirsty Blackstock to understand the potential and challanges of implementing the Ecosystem Approach, funded by the Scottish Government RESAS Strategic Research Programme 2011-2016. Click here to visit the webpage of the Ecosystem Approach Review. This and several other projects have explored multi-level constraints on adopting more systemic and/or participatory approaches to environmental management, including: exploration of the barriers to implementing natural flood management in Scotland; analysing the first round of River Basin Management Planning for implementation of the Water Framework Directive in Scotland; and appraising the factors that can act as barriers to improving water quality.

She has explored the potential of scenario-planning to support natural resource management: she first explored scenarios of future change environmental, social and policy change for FP7-project REFRESH, then for COMET-LA (an EU FP7 project on Community-based Management of Environmental Challenges in Latin America) she explored if and how scenario-planning can assist communities to identify and develop sustainable community-based management. From 2012-16 Kerry used this knowledge to support Malawian villages and district-level planning for integrated natural resource management in two projects called "Water Futures: Towards Equitable Resource Strategies" aimed to improve the resilience of Malawia's water management, whilst successor project 'MAJI' focused on how to take account of climate change.

Kerry has expertise on knowledge co-production processes relating to environmental management: she co-led WP2 for the FP7 project ‘SPIRAL’ (Science Policy Interfaces for Research Action and Learning, for biodiversity). She has used this expertise to help support practical science-policy connections in later projects such as MAGIC. For example, she helped designed the ESPPI:CREW project to evaluate science-policy and practice links for the Scottish Centre of Expertise in Waters and was involved in CATCH II, an initiative which aimed to try to better connect policy, practitioners working in and for integrated catchment management. In 2017-18 she a multi-partner collaboration "Monitoring and Evaluation for Ecosystem Management (MEEM) - Comparing theory and practice across Europe" to assess the extent to which adaptive management is supported by the monitoring driven by key European policies. This was funded as a 'High Impact Action' funded by ALTER-Net, Europe's ecosystem research network.

Prior to working at the James Hutton Institute Kerry's PhD research, carried out at Imperial College London 2006-2009, examined how combinations of individual views, culture and local institutions could influence the outcomes of community-based conservation in developing countries. In addition to policy-relevant work with NGOs, her prior experience included social research into attitudes towards nature resources in Trinidad, as part of an MSc from Imperial College. Her first degree is a MA in Natural Sciences, from Cambridge University.


  • Young, J.; Waylen, K.A.; van den Hove, S.; Watt, A. (2016) SPIRAL Improving science-policy interfaces for biodiversity., In: Martinuzzi, A. & Sedlacko, M. (eds.). Knowledge Brokerage for Sustainable Development. Innovative Tools for Increasing Research Impact and Evidence-Based Policy-Making. Greenleaf Publishing, Saltaire, UK, pp275-290.
  • Blackstock, K.L.; Waylen, K.A. (2016) Delivering ecosystem services at a national scale: institutions and governance., In: Brooker, R., Hester, A. & Pakeman, R. (eds.). Ecosystem Services. The James Hutton Institute, Craigiebuckler, Aberdeen, pp18-19.
  • Waylen, K.A.; Blackstock, K.L. (2016) Concepts: 'Eco' terminology., In: Brooker, R., Hester, A. & Pakeman, R. (eds.). Ecosystem Services. The James Hutton Institute, Craigiebuckler, Aberdeen, pp4-5.
  • Waylen, K.A.; Gearey, B.R.; Blackstock, K.L. (2016) Peatlands and cultural ecosystem services., In: Bonn, A., Allott, T., Evans, M., Joosten, H. & Stoneman, R. (eds.). Peatland Restoration for Ecosystem Services. Ecological Reviews Series, British Ecological Society, Cambridge University Press, Chapter 7, pp114-128.

Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Researcher in Rural Social Science
+44 (0)1224 395301

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Current research interests

 Learning and Change Through Monitor Farms

This research explores principles underlying learning and change in relation to facilitated peer-to-peer learning opportunities, such as Monitor Farms. In this work we reflect on features associated with successful on-farm demonstration events by focussing on three key areas, which allow us to look in detail at how and why farmers might implement new innovations and practices. These are: conducting soil assessment as an example of best practice; working together in innovative ways; and opportunities associated with different host farms and farmers. This research has being undertaken as part of EU H2020 ‘PLAID’ project (Peer-to-peer Learning: Accessing Innovation through Demonstration) (2017-2019), the Scottish Government Environment, Agriculture and Food Strategic Research Programme (2016-21), and in association with EU H2020‘NEFERTITI’ project (Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake Through demonstration) (2018-21).


Co-operation and Co-operatives in Scottish Agriculture

Co-operative enterprises are not well understood in Scotland or the wider UK, despite their long history as a business model founded in principles of co-operation and shared economic benefits. This project was commissioned by SAOS (the Scottish Agriculture Organisation Society) in association with SEFARI Gateway to improve understanding of the value of co-operatives in Scotland in terms of their contribution to the agriculture sector and related supply chains; and their potential to generate economic and social benefits for those involved and the communities they are based. The findings will contribute towards these organisations’ aims to support a more productive, sustainable, competitive, and market-oriented industry. The project is being undertaken as a collaborative fellowship with Caroline Whitfield at SRUC (2020-21).


Adding value through agritourism at Glensaugh Farm

This project is a scoping study (2020-21) which aims to accumulate understanding of what Glensaugh farm has to offer consumers, tourists and other visitors by building on its ‘story’, past, present and future. The aim is to add value to the Climate-Positive Farming Initiative – which itself marks a significant moment in the Glensaugh story – by accumulating knowledge, experiences, and ideas relating to sustainable and sensitive agritourism and other product development. A range of voices representing the farm, research, history, and local area are being included and we envisage that those involved will have ongoing vested interest in the outcomes, in terms of product development and/or collaborative relations.

In a second phase of the project (2021-22), research will be undertaken in the Scottish Government Environment, Agriculture and Food Strategic Research Programme to investigate the consumer perspective, including demand for different types of agritourism across Scotland. This work will support sectoral development in Scottish agritourism though new understanding of the products and markets that make the sector unique, and the ways that agritourism providers can add value through interaction with farmers, farming environments, processes, and produce.  


Mountain Valorization through Interconnectedness and Green Growth (MOVING)

MOVING aims to build capacities and co-develop policy frameworks across Europe for the establishment of new or upgraded and upscaled value chains, contributing to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas, valorising local assets, and delivering private and public goods. Working with partners across Europe in this Horizon 2020-funded project, I am part of the Hutton team responsible for delivery of Work Package 4 (Participatory appraisal of vulnerability and performance of value chains).


Past research

Collaboration in machinery rings

This project explored machinery rings as a form of agricultural cooperative, which have emerged and evolved into large collaborative institutions since they were introduced in Scotland in the late 1980s. This formed part of a wider investigation of transitions in agriculture being undertaken in the EU FP7 FarmPath (Farming Transitions: Pathways towards regional sustainability of agriculture in Europe) project (2011-2014) and RESAS Environmental Change: Land Use research theme (2011-2016).

Developing social capital and reciprocity in agritourism communities

This project explored various aspects of social capital development and capital conversion towards understanding the role of social learning groups in supporting small businesses and the people behind them. This formed part of the RESAS Environmental Change: Economic Adaptation research theme (2011-2016).

Developing and applying a framework for agritourism

My PhD project first sought to enhance conceptual understanding of agritourism through development of a theoretical typology, which I then applied in Scotland to explore what drives different types of agritourism and how that can help to understand the public and private benefits generated. This project was funded by The Macaulay Development Trust (2008-2011).

Exploring economic and legislative aspects of deer management

This project included investigation of collaborative practices, venison production, and legislation to better understand the drivers and barriers affecting deer management in the UK. This research was undertaken as part of the RELU Collaborative frameworks in land management project (2006-2009).


  • Kuhfuss, L.; Piras, S.; Flanigan, S.; Hawes, C.; Begg, G. (2019) Pro-environmental practices among farmers at a landscape scale: why and how? An interdisciplinary review of the literature., Report for RESAS (143b, deliverable D6), Interdisciplinary Review of Existing Landscape Scale Interventions Delivering multiple Benefits, 37pp.
  • Sutherland, L-A.; Flanigan, S.; Brinks, H.; Kleshcheva, E.; Micheloni, C. (2018) WP3 Synthesis Report with supra-regional summaries., PLAID, EU Deliverable Report 3.4, Month 19, 32pp.
  • Flanigan, S.; Matthews, K.B. (2013) Planning to succeed agritourism (2011-2014). Mid-programme evaluation., Report to Scottish Enterprise, June 2013.
  • Matthews, K.B.; Artz, R.R.E.; Birch, A.N.E.; Blackstock, K.L.; Brooker, R.; Brown, I.; Cummins, R.; Flanigan, S.; Hallet, P.; Irvine, R.J.; Kenyon, W.; Pakeman, R.J., Prager, K.; Slee, B.; Squire, G.; Stutter, M.; Sutherland, L.; Thomson, K.; Towers, W.; Vinten, A.J.A. (2012) Developing agri-environmental measures for the next Scottish Rural Development Programme: a summary of relevant research findings from the James Hutton Institute., Report to the Scottish Government, Natural Resources Division, SRDP Technical Working Group (Agri-Environment), 11pp, 25 June 2012.
  • Flanigan, S.; Holstead, K.L. (2012) Results of focus group discussions to explore members' perceptions of machinery rings in relation to change, collaboration and sustainability., Report to Borders Machinery Ring (BMR): Summary of findings for machinery ring stakeholders.
  • Flanigan, S.; Holstead, K.L. (2012) Results of focus group discussions to explore members' perceptions of machinery rings in relation to change, collaboration and sustainability, Report to Ringlink: Summary of findings for machinery ring stakeholders.
  • Flanigan, S. (2012) Planning to succeed agritourism: Participants circumstances and expectations in year 1., Report to Scottish Enterprise, The Collection Limited and Planning to Succeed Group.

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