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CREW, Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters, connects research and policy. CREW delivers objective and robust research and expert opinion to support the development and implementation of water policy in Scotland.

CREW is a partnership between the James Hutton Institute and all Scottish Higher Education Institutes. The Centre is funded by the Scottish Government.

A journey from source to sea: travelling along the River Dee (News)

Scotland boasts a hugely varied coastline and a rich offering of inland waters in both rural and urban settings which host an amazing array of riches, come in all shapes and sizes, and are greatly valued and cherished by communiti ... Read more

Climate change may put Scottish private water supplies at risk of running dry (News)

The latest UK climate projections show a trend towards drier and warmer summers, with the west of Scotland set to become wetter and the east drier, plus more frequent instances of heavy rainfall. New research by the James Hutton I ... Read more

Awards for innovative CREW water research (News)

Two research projects conducted by Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) have been awarded prizes in recognition of excellence and innovation in water research. The project “Surface water flood forecasting f ... Read more

Delineating critical zones of riparian processes and setting effective buffer areas using spatial data (Research Page)

Introduction The riparian zone occupies the critical interface between land and watercourses where processes have great potential to influence stream and river biogeochemical and ecological conditions and is a key management loc ... Read more

Forecasting coastal erosion and mapping the effects of climate change (News)

The damage that climate change could cause to nearly one-fifth of Scotland’s coastline, and the steps that could be taken to mitigate it, will be forecast in a new two-year research project funded by the Centre of Expertise ... Read more

New report on river restoration and biodiversity launched (News)

A new report on river restoration and biodiversity, published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and by Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW), describes the importance of rivers in the UK a ... Read more

Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Environmental and Biochemical Sciences
Senior Science Policy Specialist
+44 (0)1224 395151

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


Current research interests

Joanna combines her in-depth knowledge of environmental legislation and catchment processes with the use of GIS techniques to bring scientific research into policy-making. Joanna’s experience allows her to evaluate evidence from a variety of scientific disciplines in relation to current and emerging policy perspectives in Scotland and internationally. Key to her work is liaising with colleagues, regulators and stakeholders from varying backgrounds to achieve the best possible outcome. To date, she has led and supported a wide range of projects on drinking water supplies and river basin management to address specific policy challenges facing the Drinking Water Quality Regulator (DWQR), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), such as:

  • Governance and management of small rural water supplies in EU and internationally
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the Rural Diffuse Pollution Plan in Scotland
  • Supporting the development of the Scotland Rural Development Programme (SRDP) 2014-20 to deliver WFD objectives
  • Benefits of private water supply grants in Scotland
  • Reviewing techniques for monitoring fine sediments in streams supporting pearl-mussel beds
  • Radon in groundwater drinking water supplies in Scotland
  • Water quality and radon in Scotland and internationally
  • Assessing the combined effectiveness of Scotland's rural diffuse pollution measures in reducing FIO from a livestock catchment

A Review of the state of the art in scenario modelling for environmental management: potential for application in achieving the Swedish environmental objectives


  • Thiermann, F.; Akoumianaki, I.; Hughes, J.A.; Giere, O. (1997) Benthic fauna of a shallow-water gaseohydrothermal vent area in the Aegean Sea (Milos, Greece)., Marine Biology, 128, 149-159.

Innovative forecasting trial could help flood risk communities (News)

CREW, Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters, has today (12 March 2015) published a report commissioned by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), on the successful delivery of an innovative pilot project to impr ... Read more

Policy and Research Briefs (Research Page)

The briefs described on this page are either hosted on the knowledgescotland website, or are available for direct download (pdf format). ... Read more

Soils@Hutton - Soils and water security (Research Page)

Soil and water security ... Read more

Review of the economics of sustainable land management measures in drinking water catchments (Project)

Project aim The aim of this project was to review the economics of sustainable land management measures in catchments where abstraction for the provision of drinking water takes place. Funding was provided by CREW (Scotland&rsqu ... Read more

Piloting a Water Restoration Park in Scotland (Project)

The aim of this project was to support Scottish Water pilot a restoration park to reclaim waste water and market it to non-household water users. Funding was provided by CREW (Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters) and t ... Read more

Developing a method to provide data on culverts for the Scottish Detailed River network initiative (Project)

The aim of this project was to assist in producing a Detailed River Network as required by the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009. Funding was provided by CREW (Scotland’s Centre of Expertise for Waters) and it ran fr ... Read more

Evaluating CREW (Project)

This project was commissioned by Scotland's Centre of Expertise for Waters (CREW) with the overall purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the centre’s work. CREW provided the funding for the project, which runs from ... Read more

Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences
Research Assistant in Environmental Governance
+44 (0)1224 395406

The James Hutton Institute
Aberdeen AB15 8QH
Scotland UK


I am a post-doctoral research assistant working in the Societies, Institutions and Governance sub-group of the Social, Economic and Geographical Sciences group here at the James Hutton Institute. I have a research and teaching background in resource management, conservation biology and habitat modelling for species conservation in the UK and overseas. I then moved, via studies on wildlife related human conflict, to researching issues around stakeholder attitudes, collaborative processes and governance structures in relation to natural resource management challenges.



  • MacMillan, D.C. and Marshall, K. (2004) Optimising capercailzie habitat in commercial forestry plantations., Forest Ecology and Management, 198, 351-365.
  • Welsh, D.; Scott, D.; Staines, B.; Stiolte, A.; Marshall, K. (1995) Monitoring the effects of fencing out red deer at Ballochbuie pinewood. Report for 1994 and 1995., Institute of Terrestrial Ecology Report, October 1995, 18pp.

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