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Commercial Work

Commercial Work
Our science delivers products and services through our commercial activities

Image of the James Hutton Limited logoJames Hutton Limited


James Hutton Limited offers scientific services and products to clients in agriculture, food and drink, industry, and environmental science. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the James Hutton Institute, a leading research centre in food security and the environment.

The company was established in April 2015 through a merger of Mylnefield Research Services Ltd and Macaulay Scientific Consulting Ltd.


Impact through science - supporting industry to meet the challenges of the future.


James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute

James Hutton Limited

James Hutton Limited


James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute

James Hutton Limited

James Hutton Limited


James Hutton Limited is a world leading company at the interface between science and industry, translating research into solutions, products, quality analytical and consultancy services to agri-food, environment and energy sector companies.  By understanding critical needs and challenges, James Hutton Limited helps inform our research in meeting emerging industry challenges and delivering innovation to the marketplace.

Board of Directors

  • Deborah Keith - Non-executive Director (Chair)
  • Derek Leslie - Company Secretary
  • Jonathan Snape - Commercial Director, James Hutton Limited
  • Robin Walker - Non-executive Director
  • Anne McColl - Non-executive Director
  • Colin Campbell - Chief Executive, James Hutton Institute
  • Bob Ferrier - Director of Research, James Hutton Institute

Legal Framework and Financial Statements

Other Information

James Hutton Limited Products

  • Spray Drying Kit
  • MicroResp™ (microplate-based respiration system for analysing soil, sediment and water samples)
  • Scottish Maps (soil maps, climate maps, forestry and agricultural suitability)
  • Digital Data (soils, climate, hydrology, land cover, land capability)

Consultancy Services

  • Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Land
  • Flora and Fauna Surveying, Monitoring and Assessment
  • Evaluation of Land Management Practice
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare
  • Land Evaluation
  • Coastal Water Quality Assessments
  • Visualisation of Coastal Developments
  • Impact of Climate Change on Coastal Ecology and Flood Risk
  • Habitat Restoration

Other Services

Project Management

  • Multi-partner scientific collaborations, including LINK and Innovate UK projects; EU projects considered

IP Management and Licensing

  • Identifying and protecting intellectual property generated at James Hutton Institute, including approximately 28 Plant Variety Rights and 3 patents. James Hutton Limited manages more than 500 licences to plant varieties in 21 countries around the world. Varieties bred at the company account for an estimated 50% of the world’s blackcurrants, 15% of the world’s raspberries, 5% of the UK’s potatoes and 40% of the UK’s swedes. In addition we have the number one blackberry in Europe. James Hutton Limited has considerable expertise in plant variety rights in the EU and elsewhere in the world.
  • Managing and licensing patents and preliminary freedom to operate patent searches to support project proposals

CPD and Training Courses

  • Short, specialist courses including X-Ray Diffraction and Lipid Chemistry and Analysis

Partner Searches

  • Research on emerging issues and suitable commercial partners for collaborative research projects, e.g. EU, Innovate UK, BBSRC IP etc

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.