Epidemiology and disease control

We aim to mitigate threats posed to key agricultural crops by new, emerging and endemic pests and pathogens.

Robust scientific evidence, tools and approaches are employed to underpin plant health resilience, policy decisions and the uptake of integrated and sustainable crop protection strategies.

  • The development of new diagnostic and surveillance technologies including metabarcoding and next-generation sequencing for improved detection and identification of pest and pathogen risks.
  • Integration of mapping, genomics, experimental and modelling techniques to improve our understanding of the abundance, diversity and spatiotemporal dynamics of a range of key pests and diseases and the potential impacts of climate change.
  • Exploring viable non-chemical disease control options and assimilation of these into in-field integrated pest management (IPM) strategies, towards the goal of environmental safety and crop innovation.
  • Delivering translational research of relevance through an understanding of the acceptability of solutions and barriers to uptake by employing a strong programme of stakeholder engagement.