As a department we care about making the results of our work available to all our stakeholders, and in formats which are accessible and relevant.

The outputs of our research are available through a number of routes from formal scientific peer-reviewed articles, conferences proceedings and governmental reports, radio and TV appearances to brochures and leaflets. Many within the department teach on university courses and play their part in both national and international peer review and advisory groups including for policy makers, businesses and research funders.

The Centre for Sustainable Cropping: This platform was established in 2009 to test the long-term impacts of an integrated cropping system on whole-system sustainability.

Living Field: Aims to enhance public knowledge and awareness of the importance of agriculture and the environment in our daily lives using a wide range of materials, methods and technologies. It includes a community garden, a study centre and an interactive educational resource.

The UK Alpine Ecology Network was formed in 2018 as a means of bringing together scientists, conservationists and land managers with an interest in the ecology of alpine ecosystems across the UK

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The insect collections – a research resource: A short film about the insect collections underpinning the national capacity project.
Gin and Vodka from peas – The Nadar Story: A brief introduction to the development of Nadar Gin (and Nadar vodka)
Against the Grain: This story behind the utility of adopting underutilised crops to help realise more sustainable distilling (and brewing)

An introduction to some of the peatland research at one of our SCO2flux sites, with some of the experts from our world-leading multidisciplinary peatland team.