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Image of Claude SoilAge:

Very old but has changed in appearance over the years


West Central Scotland 

Preferred Occupation:


Livestock farmer 



Average height but often rather overweight






The patient complains of a blotchy appearance when going outside, which may explain his dour attitude. Patient is a bit of a damp squib, and many complain he is hard to work with and can come depressed when under pressure. Well known throughout the region, but with feet of clay. 

Health advice:

Patient should be careful not to undertake certain activities when it is wet as there is a serious risk to their health. Water problems can be rectified by insertion of drains but this is very expensive and no longer available on the NHS. Could work hard if treated correctly, and is at his best in dry summers.

PDF file: Claude Soil Health Profile (1.81 MB)

Take a look at the Pedologist’s (soil doctor) reports on the soil characteristics for Claude.

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