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Image of Heather SoilAge:

Very old, but extremely interesting


Eastern and Central Highlands

Preferred Occupation:



Very light on top, much heavier below. Usually over a metre tall




Jekyll and Hyde syndrome


On the surface, this patient appears dark and often quite shallow but with some digging you get past her defences and she demonstrates hidden depths. Then her flamboyant nature is exemplified by the colours she exhibits. No sign of water retention. In her natural state, grows very valuable and interesting hair.

Health advice:

This patient has had a lot of treatment since birth and nowadays can often be mistaken for Sandy. Medical opinion is divided over best treatment of Heather – farmers will add lime and nutrients to her, whereas gamekeepers want to singe her hair.

PDF file: Heather Soil Health Profile (1.81 MB)

Take a look at the Pedologist’s (soil doctor) reports on the soil characteristics for Heather.

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