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Image of Rusty SoilAge:

Very old but cosmetic surgery has changed his appearance over the years


East Scotland

Preferred Occupation:

Arable farmer


Weight increases with depth. Height depends on his parents, but usually over a metre




Generally friendly, but reacts badly to certain individuals


The patient demonstrates an easy going, warm nature, which makes him popular with the plants. His surface appearance is consistent with his nature. Hard working and the picture of health.

Health advice:

Although healthy, Rusty requires some periodic feeding to keep performing well, but care is required not to overfeed him as this can be bad for both him and for his neighbours (particularly the Waterbodies). He likes to be stimulated by ploughing but don’t let him run into rivers or lochs.

PDF file: Rusty Soil Health Profile (1.81 MB)

Take a look at the Pedologist’s (soil doctor) reports on the soil characteristics for Rusty.

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