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Rough Grazing

Land capable of supporting only Rough Grazing (Class 6.1 to Class 7)

Map of rough grazing classes
Distribution of land capable of supporting only rough grazing in Scotland which covers 4.035,800 hectares or 51 per cent of Scotland's land area.

This land has very severe limitations that prevent sward improvement by mechanical means. This land is either steep, very poorly drained, has very acid or shallow soils and occurs in wet, cool or cold climates zones. In many circumstances, these limitations operate together. The existing vegetation is assessed for its grazing quality (Class 6.1 is of high grazing value for example) but Class 7 land is of very limited agriculture value. Nonetheless, this ground often has a high value, for example in terms of storing carbon in its organic soils and supporting rare species and habitats.

Rocky hillside
Steep rocky ground under rough grassland provides high quality rough grazing.

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