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Peat Bog and Wetland distribution
Peat Bog and Wetland distribution
Wetland is characterised by land with water-tables at or near the surface for prolonged periods of the year. Generally low lying and frequently in association with stretches of open water, wetlands contain a wide range of plant species but three distinctive vegetation communities are widespread. On some wet flushes, for example within non-cultivated areas, rushes may be dominant and consequently this category can be gradational to smooth grassland with rushes. However, in areas adjacent to open water, next to streams, pools and ditches, aquatic communities with reed-grass, yellow flag iris and reeds can also be present.

Often willow and alder are present as tree species but their density does not exceed 50%.

Top - Wetland On River Spey Bottom - Aerial Photograph of same area
Wetland On River Spey Aerial Photograph of same area


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