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Gallery of VLT Events: VLT@Finmill

Residents in the vicinity of Finlathen Park, Dundee, school pupils, and planning students, identify benefits associated with different areas of the Finlathen Park greenspace, options for future uses, and develop a spatial plan for the park and its surrounding area. Visioning exercise used aerial photographs and modifying a virtual reality model of the park and surrounding area in the Virtual Landscape Theatre (Finmill, Dundee, September 2012). 

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the participants in the workshops at Finmill Community Centre, and the staff for their tremendous support, and the youth group and school coordinators who organised the visits. This work was part funded by the Rural & Environment Science & Analytical Services Division of the Scottish Government, Optimizing Land Use (WP3.5) and the Scottish Government GreenHealth project on the Contribution of green and open spaces to public health and wellbeing.

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