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Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)

LEAF brings together thousands of individuals and organisations to deliver a shared vision for the future of farming and food.

LEAF Linking Environment and Farming promotes environmentally responsible farming. LEAF brings together thousands of individuals and organisations to deliver a shared vision for the future of farming and food.

The James Hutton Institute combines activities in its upland and lowland experimental farms to form its LEAF Innovation Centre. The farms offer long term research platforms, dedicated to putting the science of sustainable farming into practice.


Update on the Balruddery Catchment Study at News and Views. Read the news: Hundreds visit Glensaugh Farm on Open Farm Sunday. This year Open Farm Sunday was held at Glensaugh near Fettercairn - date 10 June 2018. More information, a poster and links on this site at News and Views. We are moving to Glensaugh for Open Farm Sunday this year to display the breadth of land use and science covered by the James Hutton institute.

Boost Business Success through Biodiversity This year's 2018 LEAF Integrated Farm Management (IFM)-event will be held at a LEAF Demonstration Farm - Elveden Farms Ltd, Thetford, Norfolk. The event will explore ways to foster biodiversity to make farming more sustainable and profitable. Details here.

LEAF Marque Summit 2018 on "Metrics, measurables and market place: making positive changes in global food and farming systems" on Thursday 22 March 2018 held at Odney, Maidenhead, Berkshire. Details here. The James Hutton Institute is LEAF Marque certified for potato.

The Hutton's Glensaugh Farm has joined the Dundee (Mylnefield and Balruddery) Farm's role as a LEAF Innovation Centre. Information to follow. For enquiries contact Euan Caldwell (see below) and see Glensaugh and Hartwood.



LEAF news

LEAF's summary of achievements and aspirations in 2017: A Year in Review.

Visitor numbers at Open Farm Sunday 2017: nearly 273,000 people visited one of 358 farms - a great achievement.

LEAF has attained full membership of ISEAL, the global reference point for sustainability standards. See more on ISEAL at

Integrated farm management IFM videos on Integrated Pest Management, Cover Crops and Filter Fences at the LEAF video library

Join LEAF's online community through these links and web sites - LinkedIn, LEAF's BlogFacebook, and YouTube. Sign in to LEAF's EBrief. There's also Twitter. And Alice Midmer's Sustainable Soil Management Blog. Wow!!! How do our friends at LEAF do all this - they must be superhuman.

More about our role in LEAF

Memorandum of Understanding between LEAF and the James Hutton Institute - the memorandum was signed by both parties in October 2016, formally cementing Hutton's role as a LEAF Innovation Centre.

You can find more about LEAF in general and find out how to get involved at the LEAF UK website.

Contact for the Hutton LEAF Innovation Centre science: Geoff Squire

Contact for the Hutton LEAF Innovation Centre farms: Euan Caldwell

Learning & Resources

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.