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The ENDURE Network – a major European collaboration in Integrated Pest Mangement

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Providing information, tools and services to scientists, policy and farm advisers, and trainers concerned with Integrated Pest Management

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The latest ENDURE News was circulated towards the end of June. The first article - The James Hutton Institute joins ENDURE - contains an account of our aims and aspiration in beoming an ENDURE member. The editor writes "ENDURE is delighted to welcome a new member into its ranks, Scotland's The James Hutton Institute. The Institute was created in April 2011, bringing together the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and SCRI (Scottish Crop Research Institute), both of which have illustrious histories. Here, Geoff Squire and Nick Birch, of the Institute's Ecological Sciences division, explain the reasons for joining ENDURE." And you can read the article here.

Other items include Networking IPM Field experiments which introduces the launch of a new ENDURE project that aims to establish a European network of long term field experiments on Integrated Pest Management, our Centre for Sustainable Cropping included. Read the article here.

Read the whole newsletter on a PDF file (96kb) ENDURE News Issue 17 June 2013. You can sign up here to receive ENDURE News electronically. 

[Latest update 2 July 2013]


ENDURE began as a European Commission funded Network of Excellence  launched in 2007 for four years (2007-2010).

The ENDURE Network was maintained after 2010 by a core group of partners, whose aim is to provide support to extension, policy and research in all aspects of integrated pest management. The James Hutton Institute is joining ENDURE as a core partner.

The ENDURE website gives full details of activities in ENDURE and links to a range of publications and downloads. This page on the LEAF Innnovation Centre site will give information and links on ENDURE matters relevant to local issues in sustainable crop production.

The James Hutton Institute has been working with ENDURE partners for some time in topics such as the potential for a network of platforms across Europe, future funding in IPM and the special contribution we can make to ENDURE through our regional site networks, contacts and infrastructure.

Agronomists, advisers and farmers

The ENDURE Information Centre is a point of dissemination for information and advice, allowing searches by crop, pest, measure (e.g. decision support / legislation) and country. Try it out at See   .  See also the Pla See 

  Publications for Advisers and extension services - including the first leaflet from the Training in Integrated Pest Management series. Available free at the ENDURE publications page 

ENDURE Network of advisers - one of the main tasks of ENDURE is to create this forum for sharing knowledge on crop protection. Membership is open to all and is free. Find out more and register at the ENA web page

 See also the Plantwise Knowledge BankSSeeSeeSeeeseStudents - Summer Schools

The International Summer School in Agroecology held at the Ecole Nationale de Formation Agronomique in Toulouse, France runs from 7-12 July this year. See the web site for course information and lecture notes from previous years at the ISSAE web site

ENDURE also holds its own summer school. The last one in October 2012 was on 'Agroecological engineering for crop protection'. Further information will be posted here.

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The James Hutton Research Institute is the result of the merger in April 2011 of MLURI and SCRI. This merger formed a new powerhouse for research into food, land use, and climate change.