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LEAF Technical Day for Farmers 9 June 2016

Demonstrating the soil carbon app at LEAF Technical day 2014
The LEAF Technical Day for Farmers shared knowledge, best practice and practical advice.

The Institute and LEAF will hold a Technical Day for farmers on 9 June 2016 at Balruddery Farm near Dundee. See below for flyer, invite and contacts.

Latest ...

See LEAF's blog on the event ..... featuring Euan Caldwell's Magic Margins blog ...

LEAF's Caroline Drummond and Alice Midmer will be joining us for the day ...... look forward to seeing you both.

We've just heard the Agribot will materialise on the day ..... will it take out a tractor .... memories of Robot Wars?

Ewen Mullins will be joining us from Teagasc, Carlow, south of Dublin to relate his public relations efforts on GM blight-resistant potato (and of course present the results of AMIGA field trials).

More on the exhibits

Faba beans for new green beer - by Pete Iannetta - more on this site at News and Views.

Format of the day, flyer and contacts

LEAF Technical Day 2016 will take a similar format to our first technical day held in 2014. A few exhibits will be laid out around the central steading and grain stores but most will be at various locations around the farm. Guided tours will begin at 1000 am and take place in the morning and afternoon. Lunch will start at 12.45 and offer at least an hour for informal contact and networking. The day should end around 4.30 pm.

Summaries of the exhibits will be made available here.

The following PDF's give further information:

Invitation: LEAF 2016 Invitation (pdf file 360 kb)

Details of location and exhibits: LEAF 2016 Technical Day Flyer (pdf file 825 kb)


For the event: Pam Cassidy

The farm: Euan Caldwell

LEAF science: Geoff Squire

Learning & Resources

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