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HOST Class 4

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Soil ProfileHost Class 4

hard fissured Dalradian, Cambrian or Ordovician limestones or sandstones. Some well weathered intrusive and metamorphic rocks (England and Wales only).
Landforms - Limestone region -
Few areas of true Karst, predominantly undulating with ridges (eg Lismore ), rocky knolls or craggy outcrops on steep-sided valleys. Much of the land has been extensively glaciated.
Landforms - Sandstone region -
varies from gently undulating lowlands (e.g. Black Isle) with few rock outcrops to the rock-dominated hill tops of Sutherland and Caithness. In Shetland, the topography can be very rocky with a stepped appearance or strongly undulating lowlands.
freely drained (wetness class I) brown earths, humus-iron podzols, brown and podzolic rankers, brown rendzinas and lithosols. They are often shallow.
semi-natural grasslands and herb-rich heather moorland in the uplands to arable, improved pastures, coniferous plantation and occasionally broadleaved woodlands in the lowlands.
flow in substrate is mainly through rock fissures though some rock is porous.

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