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Structure of the HYPRES database

HYdraulic PRoperties of European Soils

Overview of the structure of the European soil hydraulic properties database HYPRES. Each column represents a separate table linked by geo-reference and horizon.

HYPRES Version 1.1 has 5 additional fields in the BASICDATA table; FAO (1994 soil classification), COORD_TYPE (local georeferencing system), VEG_ORIGINAL (original V1 land cover description), VEG_RECODE (a reclassification of the original land cover in a hierarchical system), PM_RECODE (a reclassification of the original soil parent material in a European hierarchical system).

gridref gridref gridref gridref gridref gridref
name horizon horizon horizon horizon horizon
FAO_soil top_depth dmvg_sat psize flag flag
country bot_depth dmvg_resid pcent head ind_var
localngr structure1 dmvg_alpha   theta var
local_soil structure2 dmvg_n     cond
localseries clay dmvg_m      
top_depth_gw silt  dmvg_l      
bot_depth_gw sand dmvg_ks      
sitedescrip ksat theta0      
sampledate satwat theta10      
annrain bulk_den ..theta16000      
ave_jan_temp particle_den cond0      
ave_jul_temp porosity cond10      
contact_name org_mat ..cond16000      
contact_address mvg_sat        
email mvg_resid        
publicn mvg_alpha        
comments1 mvg_n        
comments2 mvg_m        
keywords mvg_l        
number_hor mvg_ks        
rating flag_50        
rated_by comments        


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